vision of the plant of god’s word

Dream vision: submitted by Esteban

Jesus spoke to me this morning. As He was speaking, I could see what He was talking about. I call it a dream vision, because I was not completely asleep.

He told me: “I want to share with you a parable of the Root of the Word of God and the difference between the verses in the Bible and the New Wine and the promises of the Keys.

It is good that you memorize the promises of the keys and the New Wine. The old promises that are written in the Bible are the foundation that all My promises begin with. So My word in your heart is like a plant. The more you eat from My mouth and drink from the River of Life, the more that plant will grow into a great tree. It will never be thrown down and will be a protective home for many peoples and creatures.

The solid ground in which the plant of My word will be planted is your heart. If the ground receives the water of the Holy Spirit and My seeds of life, it will become a beautiful garden with all kinds of trees and bushes for the delight, feeding and well-being of many…to continue reading, go to full PDF version DOWNLOAD

the plant of god’s word


“If the plant didn’t have the foundation of the Bible, it wouldn’t have that strong root to keep it growing straight.”



Keys To The Kingdom

“Me, My Word and the Keys are one, together, we are your vital companions in this last days, don’t say a prayer with out the Keys.”





Prophecy bite

(Spirit helper speaking: ) Oh, how beautifully it unfolds, this flower of their life. One petal at a time, it opens up to reveal the lovely creation it is. You watered them with your tears, prayers, words, loving and nurturing. Now is the time it opens and others see what has been growing all this time.

The coloring of the flower came from your heart. The shape of the petals, from the experiences they had. The length of the stem, from the choices they made to do this or that. And what is in the center of this unfolding flower? You don’t really know yet. It’s still unfolding.

 (Spirit helper speaking 🙂 You can’t always predict where they will take the flame of light that you have entrusted into their hands; the flame being the truth that you have given to them. Sometimes it seems they veer off the pathway so far, and you can hardly see the flame they carry; so much so that you wonder if they still have a light at all guiding them. But you’ve done your part, and now you can trust the One who is overseeing the full game and knows where all the players are; to keep watch and to bring them around to the best place they are to be in.



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Prophecy bites

Jesus speaking 🙂 The boat is in gear and turning into the main part of the flowing, running river. We are moving swiftly forward, partly because the hour is right, and partly because you are more willing now than ever.

So keep cutting the strings that have attachments down into the water that give a bit of drag. Keep cutting loose so we can zoom to our destination before night falls.

(Q: What strings?)

The string of stuff.

What did sailors do in storms to keep afloat and not drown? Let the stuff go.

“Regard not your stuff.” (Was said to Jacob and his team as they traveled to save their lives in time of famine.)


(Jesus speaking 🙂 The place I come into best is in your mind. I can’t love you with so much clutter. Your mind really does get cluttered with physical things around, to jog this or that memory. But open up to Me in purity and love, as you push aside all else.

There is more that I will require of you, for this is only the beginning.

It is the season of forsaking.

I will hold you as carefully as a chemist mixes this and that, and holds vials that he wishes not to drop, as I complete the work in you.

cut the strings


Laborers needed for harvest

My darling love, you are lost without Me as I am lost without you. I, Your pillar, need you to shine forth My beauty, My power, My love.  (Crystal Pyramid) I would that you draw all men unto Me. Well, as many as you can, My sweets. Pull as many as you can out of the gross darkness that is upon the earth. It is the time of the harvest. Many have tasted of worldly bounty and have been found sorely wanting. They are left as empty and dry as the parched desert. Bring them in; I implore you, Bring them in, as many as you can. Continue to pray and send your power on high through prayer -to raise the army, to raise the Children of David. Oh, what a harvest there will be.

I need as many laborers as possible to bring them in. There will be so many lost and needy. So keep plodding, My loves. Your routine life will not be in vain. There is a reason for it all- the battles, the trials, the testings, the purging, the difficulties of choosing to yield and do what your flesh personally doesn’t really want to do. There is a wonderful, wonderful end to all the toil. So, My sweet brides, please turn your mourning into dancing and rejoice and praise Me;  lift your hearts on high, because there is a wonderful purpose to it all – I need you to gather as many of My beloved children to the Light as you can  Yes,  it means laying your all on the altar of sacrifice –but it will be worth it all, because you will be pleasing Me;  you will be doing your Husband’s will;  you will be dying to your SELF so that others may live. That is the ultimate, My brides, and what will make Me truly happy as you do it all for Me. I love it! I love you. I will honor you as the stars forever and ever. You will have fulfilled your mission, My warrior-band soldier brides. (REVELATIONS 3: 6-13)

Endtime Harvest

“It is the time of the harvest. Many have tasted of worldly bounty and have been found sorely wanting –as empty and dry as the parched desert”



Sucker For Love

The system has nothing to offer but conformity and death. It is never too late to step out on God’s promises and head for the high ground of His will; and whilst you are heading, invite some lost soul to follow you to freedom.





prophecy bites

 (Message from the Eternal Spirit) [submitted  to MB]

I, the Lord of hosts, am your Creator.

I created Heaven and Hell and the uttermost parts of the earth. I created them with My hands and move them wherever I choose. I created the heart too, and the mind to give help to the heart in this lowly plane of the spirit. .

But the heart has gotten used to listening to the mind. You, My creation, have chosen to believe what you can see with your eyes and hear with your ears. But you were made by My hand before the  foundation of the world. Before there was speech, I created you.

I come now to give you back what you lost in the beginning of the world. To be fully possessed is what you were created for.

Come now, and I will teach you the first things. You must not speak to yourself anymore, only to Me. Is there ever knowledge in an empty vessel?

Ask and you shall receive the things that you hunger for- seek out of My mind.

Stop with unprofitable things. Have I not given you all these treasures and spirit helpers, even My word that is My spirit to guide you in all these?

Do the difficult things in the flesh and you will see that you will be able to see in spite of the darkness that covers this world full of devils. But to do this you must let Me in fully and let Me guide your thoughts completely.

When you start to ask your carnal mind about things good or bad, you open a channel for the darkness of this carnal world. You start giving glory to yourself, and it directly takes your attention to your enemy’s channel.

There is no such thing as your own mind. That idea –of thinking your own thoughts– is a lie. Your mind is spiritual and your heart as well. So if you put your thoughts on yourself, and your questions are directed to yourself as a carnal being, the lord of this world will be able to capture your mind. So, put on the mind of God. Ask Me every question, and do not be yoked with the bondage of this world.



blog bites

(Jesus:)  I have given you the power of life and death through the Keys of the Kingdom.

Do you want more? Get up; don’t just stand there. Tell the world the truth that I have given you. Get up, soldiers! Get up, dry bones!  Rise up, My angels! I am calling, and through My command you will start moving. Your bones will grow meat and tendons, nerves and blood vessels, skin and hair.

Now I can pour My life-giving blood upon your sleeping bodies.

Life is come to your dead soul. Rise up O dead soul, come alive. Speak, mute mouth.  Listen, deaf ears. Feet and hands, move. I have formed you, My son, and for this I have created you: to bring liberty and truth to this oppressed earth. Rise up and tell others what you have seen and heard from My spirit.

Tell them the day of the Lord is at hand. Repent, oh wicked generation. Give ear to the words of   salvation. Give ear to the word of the Lord, for He comes from His place with power and great glory to break the nations like the metal rod breaks mud vessels.

I will tell them, this is My son, hear him.

Says the Lord.

(Read: Jeremiah 25)