2022 will see many, if not all, national puppet governments imposing mandatory vax on their people. Call it what you will; this long-planned and well-orchestrated international registration of the entire world’s citizenry is well documented in the book of Revelation.
As this internationally stimulated pogrom develops, any person/s resisting will be denigrated then denied basic government services. Persecution will come, and over time, dissenters will be made classless or exterminated. This is also well documented in the Book of Revelation as well as other apocryphal books.

More from the “seeds of david”

“I help to stimulate ideas of things your heart might wish for, and then bring some of these things to pass. If I know something is coming up down the line, I might work to give you a passion for it or an interest in it, so that when it’s time that you do or experience something, it brings you joy in some way. This joy is then translated into praise which helps to ward off the enemy.

So really, moving your heart and mind to enjoy things is a battle tactic that I use. I fight with pleasure, but only in those things that will bring you closer to the goals that Jesus has laid out for you. It’s all for the cause of the living Savior being fulfilled.

So if you get a hankering for something, turn it into a prayer for the Lord’s will to be done in His time and in His way. Trust that if it will help to bring about His will more quickly, then precisely at the right moment, that desire will be fulfilled. –For the desire was created to make you do something more easily in the future. We made you crave to have it, and you committed it to the Lord to make it happen in His time and not prematurely. But if you try to just take and grab whatever you want as soon as you think of it, that doesn’t work out well. You won’t have the fun thrill that you get when it’s clearly a God-granted gift, like a flower opening at just the right time.”

“There is nothing that we have that we weren’t given. So if you want more then ask; but in the spirit of humility and faith.”



all David’s men

“There is no stopping the man of faith who holds the keys firmly in his hands. He sees miracles because he believes and receives My power.”





Submitted by Victoria

Rise up fair ones, & take charge. We have sounded the trumpet!  

Closer & closer we get, out of the boxed-in walls we climb!

New horizons yet to cross,

Fearless men with maidens,

Gypsy caravans full, pull up the stops.

There are no frontiers that can’t be covered! 

Only shed the dirty doubting robes,

Let the light, free-flowing garments, the Holy Spirit lead

The way into the Promised land of Possibilities. 

Rise up from your former position and change the old

Even the names that keep you bound      

Shout the Victor’s songs of glorious triumph                             

And wave the banner of David once again

For these are marching orders, to advance,

Take what to you belongs, 

Make straight paths for your feet,

The day of march has come.

Oh fair and valiant ones,

Though you have suffered many a day at satan’s hold,

I, your Commander in Chief, fear him not.

The day of his final defeat will be,

Just as We have proclaimed.

And you will be in place when I return,

To take you home again..

Lead On O King Eternal

Lift high confining wall,

March across the finish line,

Bravely heed the call.

We wrestle not with flesh and blood,

These demons on the sly,

My charge is in great demand,

And God, My Chief will cry,       

-Attack! Advance!

My fearless children,

Go in, where angels fear to tread,

I sound the trumpet battle,

My lead will cause a win!

Fear not those who challenge you

They only have a bark,

It’s you that have the vicious bite,

With keys, you’re trained to fight!

Become the one who’s God am I,

Who’s truth reigns in the sky,

I bring a sword; it’s time for war,

There’s pow’r on every side.

Keep your focus on the keys,

Love the fight upon your knees.

Never doubt redeeming grace, 

And I will keep you in your place.

Strength and might of laser power,

Never yet been seen,

Greatest time to ever shine

Spirit helpers scream,

It’s time, My love, you have the vision,

Now you have been shown,

The greatest story ever told,

Has not yet been sung.

I place within these humble souls,

The future set in stone,

The banner flies in fields and plains,

My brides this is the hour.

“To rise above you need to be fully possessed by the spirit of Jesus.”



David’s Might men

“A house that is crumbling can be rebuilt, a ship that is sinking can be salvaged, a work that is near ruin can be restored, and every heart that desires change can be born anewall through the miraclerendering, supernaturally empowered keys of the Kingdom!”





Submitted by kaye

(Note: ) It was interesting, that the day after receiving the message about the “Green angels” telling that “man lives not by bread alone but by the Word of God”, l got an audio from MB where they tell of someone who is learning how we don’t really need food. I have found the same: that I am not hungry and do not need food as long as I have the Word intake strong and fresh from Heaven.

(Question: ) Anything to say on this “not actually needing food”? That is, that You Lord can make it not be a need when it suits You, or You can let it be a need when it suits You. Seeing as it shows us Your love and care, can boost our emotions, bring families together for fellowship, and provide a way to witness. It’s a means for people to be blessed by sharing with God’s children; it can even be a means of discipline, as in times of famine. But when people think and really do feel they have to have something in their stomach at all costs, they can do some ugly and odd things, like we read about in the Bible during times of a siege. People reached very low living levels. People were starving, yet Elisha was living there too hearing from the Lord, and he seemed to be getting by just fine. He was in no hurry to get food nor was he dying it seemed.

What are Your thoughts on it, since it’s a real thing right now with many going without food, and options for buying it seems could be limited too, with new regulations, etc.?

For Jesus’ answer download full pdf below

What to do when or if there is a food shortage?



Return of the keys

There is no stopping the man of faith who holds the keys firmly in his hands. He sees miracles because he believes and receives My power.”





whole soul entrance into my spirit

“Hello, My sweet valentine,

I see you all curled up, snuggled under your covers, hoping to keep safe and warm yet another night. I’m so near you that I’m all around you. I’m over you and inside you; there is not an inch of your vessel that I’m not interacting with in one way or another.

See, you are Mine, and I’m going to keep close tabs on you. I want to have the pleasure of feeling you too. Your heart’s thoughts, your emotions, your mood, everything you feel, I can too. I get a high when you are happy about the things I do for you; and yes, it’s a low when you feel that we aren’t as close as we really are and you are sad and missing Me so terribly. But if you turn that into a craving for Me and lift your thoughts up to Me, then it stimulates Me and I love coming into you more fervently.

And tonight I have something special planned. You didn’t ask for it; it was My idea, and I planned it all on My own.

Come. Walk now into Me. Make your entrance—your whole soul entrance into My spirit. Walk in like you would a door. Let your spirit fly out just a bit to enter My embrace. There we go. Now we are actually getting acquainted. This is how we do it. We meld and touch each other all over; we are becoming one—I in you, and you all the way inside of Me.

Hello darling. I’m touching every fiber of your soul, and it’s feeling so good. Be one with Me tonight and purge away the dross of anything that would hinder our full joining of soul with soul.

I’m glad to touch you in this way. To be one with Me can mean different things for different people, and different things at different times for the same people.

I’m just wanting us to really get to know one another, real close, where we can feel each other’s full being and love and nourish each other fully. I’m loving having you in Me so completely.

I’m going to cry a bit, because you are so empty now. It’s touching Me more deeply than you’ll ever know. You are so eager and hungry for Me and Me alone . You desire My spirit to fill you and do with you as I wish.

You are so nothing now. So hollow. Such a useful vessel. You’ve purged away so many things that used to be cluttering the inside of you; now there is so much more room inside for Me and how I want you to be filled.

Sweet treasure, I want this acquaintance to continue on as we move more into each other’s spirits. The way it makes Me feel to be inside your whole being in this way sends Me. Thank you for letting Me in. I know it took and is taking a lot of forsaking; but wow, it’s feeling oh so good.

Do you want to send Me in this way? If you only knew how very pleasurable it is, you’d know it was worth every bit what it’s cost you to get Me to this point of such enjoyment and relaxation and fulfillment.”

“Full possession means full joining of Soul to soul.”



Revelation 22

“The keys of endurance, when called upon, will then give you the grace to persevere.”





deep and soul searching honesty

“Gird up the loins of your mind and be sober. Take on the full armor of God so you can withstand the fierce attacks of Satan that come to batter you, first this way and then that way. It’s pointless just being “honest” about the same things, again and again, the same battles that you keep allowing him to use the land of your mind for.

You never actually get fully deep and pull out those treasures from the depths of your heart to be discussed and replaced as is needed. When you let the same surface troubles hit you, just because you aren’t willing to fight, you seldom get deep, really deep with the Lord in heartfelt, heart-to-heart communication –deep heart cleansing.

The more time you spend in the Word, the more you are going to get cleansed. Why? Because then the land field, battle-zone of your mind is more protected from the petty things, the repeated distractionary battles.  At last you can delve more deeply into what you actually should be dealing with, getting help and prayer for, and taking to the Lord for counsel and renewal.

If you let the little things constantly trouble you, the repeated issues that you are meant to forsake and put out of your mind, then you are just constantly distracted.

So if you find yourself talking to your Lord for the millionth time about something that wouldn’t be a problem anymore if you’d just at last yield to His will in the matter and give up whatever He’s asking of you, then maybe it’s time to have a reboot. It’s time to get “renewed” in your mind, so you can get a bit deeper and talk about some new things that might really matter to you but have been tucked away for so long.

How to get rebooted? Ask for it with all your heart and the Lord can refit your mind and give you new thoughts.

You can become a new you, if you ask. Wanna wake up tomorrow with a new mind and a fresh outlook and gain maturity at the same time? Let the Lord’s mind and thoughts become more your habit.  You can only do that with the gift of on-going prophecy, hearing from Him and getting His thoughts about the things you see and do each day.

Just letting His thoughts take over more will cause a mind revolution, which will start a heart revolution. And a revoluted heart is an alive heart that keeps going. It gets addicted to getting and keeping clean and being filled with new waters. It gets used to being right with God and wants to keep letting Jesus’ love and thoughts in deeper and more fully.”

“It’s time to have a reboot. It’s time to get “renewed” in your mind. Then you can get a bit deeper and talk about some new things that might really matter to you but have been tucked away for so long.”




“Defeat the Evil One’s puny power and efforts through the power of the keys.”





This is discipleship

Whether first or second generation, each person must decide if they want to be a disciple.If you make this choice, that means you must be willing to live the life of a discipleforsaking all, following Me daily, going into all the world to preach the Gospel, sharing all your worldly possessions, and being separate from and having no part of the evil worldly System. Each disciple of Mine must decide who he will love the most. If you are My disciple, you must be willing to keep Me in first place in your lifeand what that means is, My wish is your command.

What I’m looking for is a strong band of disciples, those who are dropped out and fully dedicated to the point that they’ve lost themselves in Me. You might think this is a very ordinary and general answer, but it’s the most radical commission on Earth! It’s the most costly profession, and the one with the fewest applicants. There are so few people in this whole world who are willing to love Me more than anythingmore than their husbands, wives, children, lands, possessions or reputations

“You will come across some tremendous challenges and spiritual attacks and battles; that I promise you. And things in the world, and the atmosphere around the world, will only get darker and worse with time. So it’s not that things will get easier; they won’t. The battles will be more violent and bloodier in spirit. So get ready.”



David’s Mighty Men

“If you feel you’re too old or your bad habits are too deeply ingrained to change at this point in life, just let go and let Me do it through the keys.”