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What will your choice be?

Prophecy for a young disciple…19th June, 2022

(Prophecy) My love, why are you skulking around in the shadows? Why are you drinking of the cup of every foul thing? And why must you deceive and hide your comings and goings? It may seem that it’s not hurting you. Well, at least, that is what you are telling yourself, that it’s just for a time. “It’s not harmful and at least it’s relieving my loneliness, so that’s a good thing. It’s something quite easily doable and it’s ‘helping’ me soo much.” 

My son, there are many things you do in quiet that no one notices, or you hope no one will. If they do, your smile wins them over. I have given you warnings, but you shrug them off. They did not even halt you in your track, because you just do not fear Me nor do you want to give up your pleasure.  My son, do you want to be one of the dead ones that the enemy doesn’t even have to worry about because he’s already bagged you? You may feel it is harmless, but if you were really honest with yourself, you would know it has made you to wane on getting Word time or truly fed in your Word time and even on getting prophecy. The hunger has diminished greatly. You gave up the fight; you got tired of the waiting, the pain, the sacrifices, and you lost heart. Life has become a chore to you. You have lost your savor because you have lost your Source of Life. You’ve lost the vision and have turned your face towards the valley, hankering for the things of the world. You may not think so. You may tell yourself that it is just this one thing, but it is the beginning of the road back, My love! One thing leads to another, and slowly but surely your spirit is tainted, not even slowly, My love; those close to you see the subtle changes even though you try so hard to hide it.

You have been as surely stung by a lethal scorpion but the difference is, the poison is still in you!  I would that you be hot or cold and not this lukewarmness. I need you to be a torch aflame in My hand burning brightly. But your eyes have wandered, and you question what the point of such hardship is and that you don’t see much for all you have to give up. But this is the test My love; to let your will go in order to fulfill Mine. You may not even see any results, but you should never say it wasn’t worth it because actually you really don’t know. When your face is up against the tree, you can’t see the whole picture. And this whole earth-life thing is simply beyond your perception, yet you are just on the verge of it, of breaking through the veil. You have been given spiritual insights like no other. You have all the knowledge of the sages of the past, and you have the keys and the Blue angels. But your connection has been severed, and you are running out of power. The cylons are upon you and are draining the life blood out of you. They are sucking you dry.

Your spirit is changing as you are losing touch. You lose your ethereal qualities in exchange for the carnal, see now, feel now. It may feel like you are satisfied for scattered moments, and that it eases the burden, but it is a lie, just like the whole lie of the Devil’s offer of immortal life. He does not deliver on his promises. They are empty and false, and you will be found so despairing for having fallen for the lie. His therapies are so insidious and dangerously addictive and most alluringly appealing to the flesh. It feels soo good. What you are allowing in, what you have unknowingly given permission of entry, are sirens, to wreak havoc on your heavenly utopian spirit, your haven, which was supposed to be Mine and yours. He has desecrated our sacred place.

The light is fading, My love. That is why mankind has mostly fallen for the lie of accepting the abomination, without even a blink of the eye, into their holy of holies, because for so long they have been deceived and taken in the lie. They left Me and would rather follow the ways of the rest of the crowd, having been totally brainwashed by the delusion. It seemed easier at the time, so they took it. The Devil’s offers are so slick and shiny and enticing; so fun and appealing to making you feel good. They take the fight right out of you and render you very quickly a plug-in to his program. It’s utterly fiendish! And more the so because you have at your fingertips the weapons to destroy him, but yet… you have put them aside to gather dust and become dull. My son, your spirit helpers are standing there at the fray waiting and wanting, but your stubbornness and obstinacy is keeping them at bay. It’s the rules of how it plays out. It is witch craft afoot here. You may say that others do the same, but they have made their choices.


What will it be with you? What will your choice be? In My mercy, I am giving you ample time to turn around. I understand the difficulties and why it is so easy to succumb to the easy way, but yet still, I require and am calling you above that. Yes, to a harder way; a much harder way –but the right way! It is your destiny; it is your very high calling, but you have become familiar with that and spurn it as an unwanted trinket when My intention is to adorn you with jewels of great beauty and wonder for all, in time, to behold –it will take their breath away. It’s surreal what I am asking of you. Yes! And that’s why so few take up My offer. Only the few. Only a few select. Most aren’t even on the potential list, but you are.

Will you wile away My most loving request for a mess of pottage? The regret will be so great; you will wish for oblivion and not find it. Living for the here and now is the great test; the ultimate. But just think about it…there are hundreds of deaths a day. Why would that be so, if your life meant so much to Me, if I am the loving God I say I am? It must mean that death is not what the Devil has made us to believe it is with all the utter fear attached. There must be something more than “be born, live 60 or so years then die.” There is something more. The truth really is in “Where, death, is your victory? Where is your sting?” This life I gave you was meant to be given back to Me as your free-will offering, here on this earth, as the ultimate gift to Me. I have chosen you to have the opportunity to do that. Death in this earth life is just a passing onto something better and not to be feared. You are not meant to hold onto the here and now and to settle. See how strong the sirens of this world are. They are deceiving you that this is it and that there isn’t anything else. They want to deny you the truth and render you useless, for they wish to destroy as many as they can. And you are a threat.  Can’t you see what I hold out to you and the privilege bestowed upon you, My children of David? But that is also part of the test. You are all in the running, but it is each one’s individual choice. And the clincher is: it is all by faith. That is the key to enter the Halls of Hebrews 11 and to find your way back Home to the Warrior Band Hall.


“My son, do you want to be one of the dead ones that the enemy doesn’t even have to worry about because he’s already bagged you?”

So, My young warrior, wake up now from your delusion, from the spell the enemy has cast on you. Embrace again all that you hold dear and ignite the power by picking up that which you have laid down. It will take great resilience, but with the Keys holding you up, they will be as the conductors for you to connect again so you can power up. Take this warning with all earnestness. It is dire. If you do not heed, My voice will slowly fade; My spirit helpers will take a step back and watch from a distance unless …you call on them. (End of prophecy)


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YouTube…David’s Mighty Men

“The power of the keys will place a bubble of protection around your heart, keeping it separated from the world. Use them and you will always be a part of My ecclesia.”



come in for drink of new wine


June 2022


Matthew 24:15 part 2



June 2022


Matthew 24:15 Eternal Life Solution



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“Help me to find You now in this moment of deepest grief, My darling. I want to be with You, heart to heart, face to face where all I see is You and Your beauty and Your majesty. I need to see Your eyes now, so desperately! When You look at me, You see deep down into my soul; You search me and You find me in my despair. You know my heart inside out. You see my need and the hurt, even when I want to blame You and question Your ways with me; even when I say, “It’s not fair!”  Oh, My Husband and my King, my best Sweetheart, my closest Friend, the One who never leaves me, never gives up on me, I want to be single-minded. This is my desire, but sometimes –I’m so sorry– I falter and fall and stumble and find myself in the dirt again. I feel so hurt, and again that it is too hard. I lose all my resolve, and it seems impossible all over again. So tired, but I can’t sleep. Hungry but can’t eat. Feels like I’m in reverse –falling… like there’s nothing to hold onto. How quickly that crack floods my mind. And yes, right when my galleon is full…full of blind obedience and just saying yes, the test comes, and I fail so miserably…I’m so sorry my Jesus…but where shall I go from Your presence; where shall I flee from You, darling One? You are right with me lying in the mud. You are willing to lie down in the mud with me and get all dirty too, dear sweet Jesus. Oh Jesus, you are with me when I make my bed in the dirt. You know my frame, how so very hopeless I am without You. I don’t want to turn my face away from You, my sweetest ever! I really do want the truth in my inward parts; you know that –despite my wanting to just disappear and not have to face this unclimbable mountain before me. It is too high, too steep, too rocky, too cold, too windy, not enough oxygen!”

Prophecy…May 04, 2022

“A lot is happening in the spirit world right now. There are battles being fought in the personal lives of your young people.  The enemy and your spirit helpers clash over and over as choices are made or as you pray for them. When you claim the keys and pray desperately for them, it gives their helpers more influence and power of the keys to drive back the evil ones and the doubts that would strangle the life out of them. So keep up your prayers for them and My helpers will hold them up during this time of weakness when they feel like they can’t even fight for themselves. There are choices to be made, and the enemy would love to sift these. He is wicked and horrible and his doubts are insidious. He and his demons have no qualms about beating you when you are down. They are like hyenas or other horrible creatures of the netherworld that pick on the weak or sickly animals of the herd. But the rest of you can protect them to some degree by your prayers. You can hedge them in until, though weak and wounded, they reach up for their own sword and begin to charge back into the fray.

There are other things happening as well. The keys are continuing to open up the treasure chest of Dad’s letters, and as you begin to move up that mountain, more things are becoming clear. Not only do you see things happening on the world scene, but the Word is opening up and revealing new revelations because that “time appointed” is now. Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom, to others in parables …that seeing they might not see and hearing they might not understand. But anyone who has their eyes open and is willing to take in the New Wine will be able to see and understand. It’s that opening your eyes with faith that reveals the “mysteries of the Kingdom.” Some of these treasures have been hiding in the Mo letters just waiting for these days when they would meet their fulfillment, and now you know that a prophet has been among you.


 Continue to follow the little doggy line. Even when you look at that dream about the little doggy line, you see fulfillment. At the end of the dream, Dad looked back and saw that no one was following, and he wanted to go look for the “kids”. Indeed, many have fallen away. But thankfully in this actual fulfillment of the dream when he looks back, he sees you and those few who have kept the faith and are still following his words. You may be a ragtag bunch of nobodies that know that you are nothing, but that’s what makes you listen so desperately to him and all those in the spirit world who accompany you through this last part of the journey.”


“Some of these treasures have been hiding in the Mo letters just waiting for these days when they would meet their fulfillment, and now you know that a prophet has been among you.”

The Antenna

“The people who call on the power of the keys will be strong and do exploits.”


May 2022


People Who Dwell Alone



May 2022


2300 Days



shall not be reckoned among the nations



Numbers 23:9 For from the top of the rocks I see Him, and from the hills I behold Him; lo, the people shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations.


“Strengthen your brethren. These amazing ones have heard the call and heeded. They stopped in their tracks that were leading nowhere. Having  fallen in the slough of despair, they saw the power of the light shining on the side of Heaven and put behind them the old, dying, empty world –their old life. As they desperately reached up to Faith, she took their hands and pulled them out of the cesspool and set them on their path again. They reached into their pockets and felt something pulsating and warm to their touch and felt the rush of affection for a long-lost friend and companion…the Keys of the Kingdom. As they caressed them, they again realized the power they held in their hands and that they had keys that could open any door. And how did they find these keys in the first place?…through the Words of David, the Endtime Prophet, a man who has been vilified and maligned and even dethroned by his own wife and Family! Few see and believe –beyond a few bedraggled, crazy insane believers. They don’t care because they know the truth. They have been given the truth, and they believe with all their hearts that David was anointed and that he truly was who I said he was! He was My mouth; he spoke My oracles. I promised him I would reveal the number of years & even the number of days of the things which are to come. I will not lie unto My servants the prophets. This is your lamp to light your path. Hold tight to these words. Hold tight to the Keys. You will find the hidden secrets. Trust and believe.”


“But little David with but a single pebble going forth in the power of My Might and the inspiration of My Wisdom and the Strength of My Faith didst conquer the giant and put them all to shame and saved MY Kingdom!”  (Prophecies of David! [#1363])

(Prophecy continues) “You, whom I have raised up, are as My little Davids, and although your task now of raising the bones of the Children of David seems daunting, you have the mantle of David. You may feel alone; you may be alone. You may feel that you are having little effect. You may feel old and slowed down, or you may feel in your youth that you have missed out on normal life experiences of having your own spouse and children or friends. You may feel hopeless and good for nothing. You may feel you’ve missed the boat. You may feel condemned for turning back and getting yourself in a pickle and losing precious time. You may be in AC territory, but My precious Children, you are here –in the circle of the Elite, and I am placing you right where I want you to be. When you are in the center of My will, then you have nothing to fear. All you have to do is follow My instructions, and I will keep you safe. You appear little in your own sight and good for nothing, but you are just perfect for Me! I love it that you have again turned your face up towards Me. One child of David is as 10,000 ordinary men, so as you pick up your weapons again, you are of inestimable value. Obedience and faith, that is the key now, and My keys of leadership and shepherding will fall on you. Hold these tight, for you will be much used in the strategic places across the globe where I have placed you –to help many lost find Me in these last dying hours. You have been called to raise the bones, My brave, courageous ones.  So stand tall to meet the challenge as I and Dad and Gideon, as well as many spirit helpers, the keys and prophecy, lead and guide you.  Be My conduits; open your vessels and let Me fill them. For you, the Children of David, are responsible to herald My coming and all the events that come before that long-awaited moment. Hold on; stay the course, My beloveds. I am with you. I will always be with you, My little Davids.” xxx (End of prophecy)


“IF THOU CANST NOT BEAR THIS LITTLE, what shalt thou do when I shall speak unto thee continually as the Prophets of old? But in that hour thou shalt be concerned with nought but My voice & My leading, moment-by-moment, & thou shalt do nought but listen & obey!”  (Prophecies of David! [#1363])






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May 2022


Prophets of God



May 2022


The People Who Dwell Alone



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“Life for Me, as a disciple, requires discipline. All your principles, all you believe in and all that you are training for revolves around a code of behavior. It means obeying rules and receiving punishments when you disobey. But it’s not just following the rules; it is so much more than that. It needs to be your way of life, your code of ethics, being motivated and having a desire to be willing, to want to move forward, to grow and to be open for Me or others to point out areas of needed improvement and correction when there are mistakes and wrong doing. Motivation needs to be there. Mostly a very deep closeness to Me needs to be there so I can have deep, open and honest communication with you. Your heart and spirit need to be open to Me so we can have a free-flowing, two-way relationship. You know you need Me, and you need Me to instruct you and lead you and guide you pretty much every step of the way. Many times it’s more than just some instructions; it’s opening your eyes to things you just haven’t been seeing and understanding. Usually hard stuff, probably because you were a bit off track and didn’t want to see them. Sometimes it comes in a flash of revelation, but other times, mostly, it is more of a slow dawning over time. Depends how surrendered you are. And then the next part after realizing or receiving what I’m trying to show you is enacting it. It’s the willingness to keep climbing the mountain. So My love, are you disciplined? Are you readily listening and motivated and encouraged to make perhaps painful steps? Yes, change is difficult, and it’s uncomfortable to be doing things differently than what you are used to. You could feel slighted; you could feel your heart hurting. It may not even seem fair. So what do you do then? When I bring along crises, they are for a purpose. There is a foothold there that I’m trying to get you to see, a discipline I want you to embrace so that you can take a step up higher. Look for the foothold, My love. Things don’t just happen for nothing. You can be learning and growing as much as you are willing to see and asking Me what that big rock in your way is. How are you supposed to tackle it to keep moving up the path? When your eyes are not open, when your spirit is closed and not sensitive to My touches, you get stuck on the rock and can’t move on. You are wallowing, My love, in that place. Wallowing means you don’t want to see. Wallowing means stubbornly hanging on to wrong attitudes and incorrect ways of seeing things. It means you don’t really even want to do what I’m asking you to do to get around that rock or move it out of the way. You feel you deserve to wallow a bit there in that place because what I am asking of you is just a bit too hard to do. It’s not something you’d personally choose and it might take some effort or it might be humbling and a blow to your pride. People might notice and what will they think? Or it may just be very difficult and painful on your heart and I might be asking you to lay something very dear to you on the altar of sacrifice.

Acceptance takes so much yieldedness, so much laying down of yourself and what you want. It’s so hard and so sad. But it reaches a point where you have to decide, otherwise you get stuck in that place and you don’t move forward. It becomes self-pity. But self-pity is luxuriating in self. You are basking and reveling and rolling in a selfish mud puddle of ‘you’. It makes you feel lazy and relaxed and you don’t really feel much like making the effort to get up and out of that comfy warm, soothing mud. It rather irritates you, actually, that you have been exposed and are being asked to clean up your act. You have been rather enjoying yourself and feel you deserve to be in that mud. After all, you think you have done enough, given enough. You feel justified in being there. You have sacrificed so much. And you don’t really want to get out anyways. So My love, what will it be? You have to choose. Can you see that your growth has been held back with feeling sorry for yourself? You just don’t move forward. You feel you deserve better. Better than what I’ve put before you? Self-righteousness is so restricting, so blind. It’s such a dead end. Why have you had so many battles? Why do you seem to struggle so and be continually entangled in your battles? It’s blindness to accepting what I wish for you to do. You so stubbornly only see it your way and fly off the handle in your mind and take that path that your emotions take you down, based on your feelings, which many times are wrong, probably because you have been slighted. You feel hurt. Yes, hurts will come. But they could be sorted out if you were more open and yielded. Maybe you are wrong. Maybe you are right, but you just need to forgive and accept the apology –quickly and not hold onto the hurt…ammunition, right?

Will Tribulation begin this year 2022?

USED ammo

Don’t use it on your friends

use it on the enemy!

“You are basking and reveling and rolling in a selfish mud puddle of ‘you’. It makes you feel lazy and relaxed and you don’t really feel much like making the effort to get up and out of that comfy warm soothing mud.”


March 2022


Spiritual Warfare



April 2022


Explosions 1



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Discipleship costs personal desires

“Discipleship goes beyond simply accepting the teachings and believing them; it is essentially a choice to become active in practicing and preaching the teachings. Disciples add action to their beliefs; they are “doers of the word, and not only hearers.

God wants everything—your heart, your life, your career, and your personal pursuit—to glorify Him, to lift up Jesus, to serve as a light on a hill shining to light the way for others, whatever your profession or career may be. 

The Bible tells us that “every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands [or anything you’ve had to or will yet give up for the Lord, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.” Jesus also said in prophecy: “Your sacrifices are in some ways like a down payment, the cost you put aside to ensure that My great blessings and rewards are yours. One day, once life’s journey is done, you will receive the full blessing that each of your sacrifices has earned you.

So there is payback. There are returns for our sacrifices, which means that the definition of sacrifice, applicable to Christians, is not “loss” but rather, we’re “giving up something valuable (our lives), for something we consider to be of more value or importance.” That seems to be the more accurate depiction of discipleship defined.” Peter Amsterdam

“Someone has said, “God has no grandchildren!” There’s no such thing as second-generation Christians! Every new generation either has to drop out or cop out—one or the other; bring forth new buds, or die on the vine and become dead!”

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One of Jesus’ most life-changing calls was given in just two words: “Follow Me.” 

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Will tribulation will start this year 2022?


March 2022


Preparing to Rule and Reign



September 2021


Spirit of a Man Sustaineth Him