how to live by faith…Hebrews 10:38

“My Word held true yesterday, it holds true today, and it will hold true forever—they that preach the Gospel shall live of the Gospel. Satan is always on the job, trying to persuade My children that it can’t be done today, that surely in these times when men’s hearts grow cold, and evil men and seducers wax worse and worse, living by faith is not to be expected; that surely in this new age, there is another way. I tell you, My children, it is even more imperative to live by faith in these times than in years past.”

“I have given you this plan—the plan of trusting totally in Me, the plan of living by faith in Me and Me alone—for I know that this is the only way you will survive in these troublous times when men’s hearts become hardened. The dynamics of My supply work the opposite of what you perceive with natural and carnal thinking. Just as I supplied for the children of Israel as they wandered in the desert, so I am able to supply for you in today’s modern world, and in great abundance!”

This is the day of miracles, and so will My miraculous supply be known. If you will obey, you will reap the good of the land. If you will seek Me, if you will apply the ask Me everythingmode of operation in your lives, if you will live by faith and look to Me alone, I will lead you in each case and show you a plan to follow that is tailormade for your unique situation.”

My promises hold true! They that preach the Gospel shall live of the Gospel. Living by faith is just as possible today as ever, and if you will step out and obey, if you will put Me to the test, you will reap the fruit of abundant supply. I am not limited by many or by few.





prophecy bites

Having lived by faith for so many years, should we now go back to the beggarly elements of the System for our support to have some sort of cushion for our old age or whatever? To put it simply, no. Weve always put the Lord first and Hes always supplied what weve needed for the future, and He will continue to do so. You may not know exactly how Hell do it, and you may have all kinds of questions about it, but the Lord just expects you to trust Him. He didnt say wed walk by sight; He said wed walk by faith. He didnt say wed understand with our carnal minds; He said that His thoughts are not our thoughts, and that His ways are as high above ours as the heavens are above the Earth. In fact, He instructed us to trust in Him with all our heart and not to lean to our own understanding. Thats not me speakingthats Gods Word, and its as true now as it ever was! And you can trust it now just as much as you ever did...



Prophecy: Not rich in worldly goods

After Reading From Secrets With Jesus This Morning. # 9

Jesus speaking: “It was hard to see people struggling, always struggling to have enough to eat, or to have something warm to wear, or to keep their farm and land going so it wouldn’t be taken away to pay off debts. I so wanted everyone to be free, free at last from the chains of the monetary society. That’s why it says is so often in the Bible, not to ‘covet’, to have nothing to do with the wicked side of the money system; to not get greedy, or steal, or try to appear richer than others for pride and vain glory. I hated the way I saw the people short-changing in the market place, especially when it was in the Temple area. I knew that was wrong.

“I could see there were basically two kinds of people—those whose aim was to live in this carnal world thinking like carnal man and getting as much materially as they could. Even a poor person could have these tendencies, whether they had the money or the means to get any, or not. It’s an attitude of the heart. Then there is another kind of person, one like my mother, and other good people I knew. They loved God and longed to serve Him. They focused on what God wanted to give them, and what they could give back to Him in return. Though not rich in worldly goods, they seemed to have what they needed to get by, and were much more at peace. They had a trust in their heart.

“You cannot serve God and mammon” I said in one of my talks. It was one or other. But sad to say, money has taken over the better part of the world’s system today, and is in the ruling seat. Everyone is a slave in some way to the scourge of Satan disguised as wealth-to-get. I knew early on that I didn’t want anything to do with it. I pulled more and more away from living my life to get more. It was with great gusto that My Father allowed me to do the Temple cleansing that day in Jerusalem. I had kept my mouth, keeping quiet about it year after year. At last, when the time was right and it would show the right people the right sample of what displeased God, I was let loose to shake up the place.”

The Secret Place Part 2

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“Even a poor person could have these tendencies, whether they had the money or the means to get any, or not. It’s an attitude of the heart.”



“They Got The Money”

Money is the bait behind the trap of the economic mark of Revelation 13:16-18