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“There are many keys to many doors, but the first is the Key of Humility, empowered by the Blue Key, because unless you see the insufficiency and the helplessness of self, you will not go looking for more. Unless the Keys of Humility unveil your eyes…you will think you know quite a bit and will lack the desperation to search and search for more. Your scales of pride have to be removed, or you will think you are pretty smart and will be content to stay at the level you are. But to keep climbing, you must be open to the dying of self. Yes, the higher you get, the more of self you will have to leave behind, but that is positive and very good, right? Some cannot go further and desire not to leave all of self, but this is the highest calling. With it comes great sacrifice, laying down of self to where you no longer live, but Christ that lives in you —transparency. So ask for death to self. Ask us to bring you very low so that when it’s time to raise you up, you will be propelled much higher into the realm of the Spirit, –that is, until it’s time for another dying and laying down and crushing. To gain us you must give all, and to win Christ there must be humility and utter desperation. Seek always to be little and desperate, and hang about your neck the Key of Humility. There’s much more to come, little one. Stay hungry for us and stay empty for us and we will come to you!”

“The more you use the keys, the less hold pride will have on your life and spirit, for in calling on the keys you acknowledge your own weakness. The keys embody humility and conquer pride.”




You become part of the dynamics of the spirit world



“You can know the full, unvarnished truth because you have the keys. They reveal the secrets of the universe and without them and their power you can’t really know the whole truth. The negatives in the world are ever so many. They tend to latch onto you without you realizing, and without the keys’ positive balance to wash it away, you can pick up a lot of nonsense. It is dangerous to be My child in this world without being aware of the intense spiritual warfare. So many of My children, unawares, have believed some lie. Those who aren’t aware of the keys I do try to protect, but often they walk around a bit oblivious of the spiritual warfare.

There are those who do try to fight for Me, and I bless and protect them, but very often they have taken in some lie and don’t know the whole truth. So My loves, see and know that you can see things as they are because you have the keys. You have the opportunity to be whole truthers and that means you are of immense value to Me in turning this world around back to the Light.”

“As I said to you, it depends how much you desire to avail yourself of this power. Yes, I have given it to all the Children of David, but look at where some of them are now.  You can “have” this power but still be not going on as you should be. It is given to you, but where will you go with it? The difficulties will continue to increase in this world, but those who have really grabbed ahold of the keys will not see it in this way. They will see it as the necessary training and will meet it with desperation and will not be troubled or distressed by the increasing difficulty. I will up the requirements to remain My disciple. As the End draws even closer, this will happen in the world drastically. Just to remain a Christian will require a great deal of conviction. But it will begin here, in your lives, and if you don’t take hold of Me in earnest and really desire to move forward, you will see the greater battles as something unfair and too hard. You must cleave unto Me today, prove Me today, prove the keys today. Be those special ones and prove My Word to be true.”

“One reason the keys were created was to restore everything to its true and proper state. They begin by leading you, My children, through the Endtime, through the Great Tribulation‚ and through the tests to come, into My Heavenly Kingdom, and back to the perfection of the world as it will be in the days to come.”

“The keys of revolution give you the power to root out, pull down, and destroy the works of darkness in this land.”



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It Can Happen 2022


We Are Responsible to Keep the Keys Active



The Keys In Prophecy…Jesus speaking:

“Through the power of the keys, I have given you, My brides, the means to dominate all forces at work in My spiritual realm, according to My will. This is My power, and the power is always on, but all those who have access to My power must do their part to tap into the power and keep it flowing out to fulfill its purpose. I do My part to keep the power in motion‚ My spirit helpers do their part, and you must do your part to keep the dynamics of the spiritual realm moving forward. You must keep the keys active at all times.”

As Key Bearers

“You are part of the team responsible to keep the forces of the spiritual realm in motion, active, changing, and progressing at all times.”

” Do not be tempted to think this is too great a responsibility, My loves‚ for the end result is far beyond what you can conceive with mortal minds. I knew what I was doing when I entrusted you with the power of the keys. I am counting on you. By right of possessing the keys of the Kingdom, you actively join forces with Me; you become part of My heavenly task force. I have called you friends and lovers, and also comrades in arms. This is our quest, to free those held in bondage by the dark forces, and I trust you to do your part to this end.”

” David taught you that prayer is powerful; that when you pray, things will happen and things will be different. So it is when you activate the keys, things happen, things change, things are different. When you call on the keys for one purpose, things shift and change not only for the one person or situation you prayed for, but many other things are also influenced for good as a result of your activating the power of the keys.”

“Things in the spiritual realm interact, so when the keys take action, it always has a ripple effect and works to fulfill My purpose. When you wield the weapons of praise, prayer, and the keys, the forces of the spirit world are set in motion. When you call on the keys and use them in conjunction with My will, a chain reaction kicks in.” (Prayer Primers #3567) 

You hold the most powerful force in all existence in your hands.

 “This force is not meant to be still; you must keep it active. There is no standing still in this war. You are either going forward or backward. If you don’t use the keys as I have ordained them to be used, then you can lose ground. There is stagnation and regression, both in the spiritual realm and in the physical.”                                        

“The keys of wisdom and insight are spiritual eyeglasses that will improve your vision and help you to see things in radical, fresh new ways.”                                         




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Destroy Lethargy



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Blue Diamonds


By inserting the blue key



 (Blue angel speaking) You have been presented with a Key, a very beautiful Blue Key. It is unprecedented in its splendor. It glows with the power of the Blue Angels, and it was given at the time of induction into our ranks as a novice. This Key, if used frequently begins to embed itself into the user. It is the very power of God, His Word, and gives access to the generators of power. We are the protectors of the generators and it is we who give permission. It is we who are entrusted with the Key.”

“You have been told that they are a very special gift to you; this gift of the blue key has been given to you because of your calling. You were called, and you answered that day on that farm. A very great awakening happened, somewhat similar to the awakening your Father David received when he was called out of the system so many years ago. He responded to his cord being struck, and so did you. The cord reverberated around the Kingdom and the charge began, because at that time, that sound wave rippled around the universe and awoke many others, and they too rose from their slumber and came forth to the battle lines. You do not see it, but a very great army has been raised in accordance to God’s call to Ezekiel to go forth and prophesy to the armies of the past. The army of the dead have now been invoked on your behalf. You are not alone by any means; you are surrounded by millions of spirit beings, all charged and armed, row after row, standing in line taking their turn at the hottest part of the battle.”

Question: What relationship is there between the Blue Key spoken of in paragraph 40 and the Blue Key held by the Blue Angels? Is there any relationship between giving of the Blue Key to us in 2021 and the shortness of time, because in “The Assembling of the Final Key” it says the following:

Your destiny is to be the ones who have the final key to turn the final lock. No angel in Heaven‚ no spirit being has this power. This is your destiny–you of the children of David. This is what I am counting on you to fulfill.

You, the children of David‚ are the key bearers! Carry them proudly, loyally, and do whatever it takes by their power to overcome every obstacle, so that you might have the privilege of opening this lock. Many have sought this privilege, but it has been entrusted to you. You have been prepared, destined, and called to this mission. Complete your mission‚ finish the task, run the race, and receive the rewards that await you.


“Just dive off the high cliff straight into the
deep waters of prophecy, and the keys will guide you to the treasure chest of My priceless message.”




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(Blue Key) Activating the Final Key



March 2022


The False Prophet Revealed?


Jesus Speaking About Prayer



“Yes, time is short, and as the End draws near, Satan knows that he has but a little time. He will do battle and use all the forces of this world over which he has power–disease, plagues, pestilence, turbulence in the air and the governments of man. Yet greater is My power within you, for you have all the power of Heaven at your command–the power of prayer, of claiming My promises of protection, of provision, of supply, of great and mighty exploits in My Name.

As the world grows darker, it is more important than ever for My children to be beacons of light, and the only way that you’re going to be able to do this is if you shine with the light of My Spirit and truth and Word and love.

This is not something that can be generated from within yourselves. It has to come from My Spirit and be channeled through your spirits. Your spirits have to be fresh and clean, open, free from sin–not in the sense of being perfect, but in the sense of having regular cleansing in the spirit. You need a strong and healthy connection with Me in order to be the beacons of light that I have called you to be today, and even more so in the future.

You also need to be the warriors of the spirit that will be needed, and thus you need to be very adept in your use of the spiritual weapons. You need to tap into My power through praise, through proactive prayer, through intercessory prayer. So much is going to be required of you as you step into the future that I have ordained for you.”


Heaven is brimming with power–you simply need to channel it. Put Me on the spot, claim the heavenly assistance that is yours to partake of, and you’ll be thrilled with the results. Everything is in place for you to receive great and mighty things from My hands; simply speak the words, do your part to follow how I’m leading you personally, and trust that I will fulfill My end of the bargain.”

“Desperate prayer, working through the
power of the keys, will yield results. Pray for fruit in the power of the keys and you will find it. Pray to reach the sheep in the power of the keys, and they will come to

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Making Prayer a Focal Point



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Prayer a New Weapon



Be a New Bottle out of bounds prayer warrior
Full of Faith Extreme Prayers
Praying on Target
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Proactive Prayer
Put Me on the spot and get miracles

Keep Marching Forward



(Spirit helper speaking: ) Imagine in your mind’s eye a folded piece of white paper. You open it and write on the right side of it the numbers “2022” in wet ink. Then the paper is closed again and pressed. When you open it, you see that on the left side there are the marks of the wet ink you just wrote with, only backwards of course. The crease in the middle, where the paper is folded, marks the center of the symmetrical numbers. This is the date of today 2202 I  2022. (The 22nd of February, year 2022). The point where the left side, the backward numbers, end and the right side, where the forward numbers start, is the crease of the paper. The end of the wrong and the start of the right.

Jesus speaking: This year marks the end of an era and the fresh start of another, for never in world history has there been a time such as this one will be. “March forward” is all that I say to you. An army that advances not, but rather retreats, is a dead army, an already slain and lain in the dust troop, defeated by their own actions rather than by what the advancing hordes of Satan have done. Don’t kill yourself off by ceasing to round up the troops who are sitting to the sidelines, wondering whether to hide or run or do anything. Call them to join or be left to feel the boots of the advancing enemies.

Be wise My darlings, and by this I mean to get your instructions from the highest level, rather than from what your own senses tell you, or worse yet from what the enemy is broadcasting. Even the voice of so called “friends” can put out your fire,  throwing water on your passion for Christ –if their voice is filled with fear or with worldly wisdom. Like a friend grabbing the flame of your light because they are scared that the enemy might see it and come and rob you.

March on, doing what few things I have asked of you, and then repeat. Just like the body only has two legs, there might be just two main missions that I have given to you. If so, just stay faithful taking one step and then the other, and repeat. And then no matter what else is happening all around you, or who or what faces you, you just keep up the action of one step after the next, doing this and then that, as I command you. That is marching; that is moving forward.

What are the arms for? Arms, get it? They are to fight so that your feet can keep on marching. Use the weapons of the Spirit so that you can be enabled to keep doing the task you are called on to do. Advance, march, and keep at it, each one doing what few things I have both asked and enabled them to do. No, no one can do it, really, at this time in world history with this many enemies around, without some definite and very real help from My side. You have to both march and fight on with the weapons of Heaven.

And that is where prophecy becomes an essential part of the battle artillery. You have to know where I am leading you and how to fight through the challenges of each day, and it helps to expose the enemy so you don’t mistake a fellow warrior for some kind of disguised enemy and start shooting at them. Prophecy can reveal what is actually going on and who is behind certain skirmishes that are occurring right within the walls of your very living quarters.

Be wise—that is to say, look to Heaven to teach and instruct you, or you’ll end up in a fix, a real mess, if you simply were to use your own sense of direction.

Things are going to be getting tighter and more restricted, with less freedom to do this or that. But I will always give you a call and the ability to do something for Me. And what I say, that you must do, at all costs. Forward is the only direction you know—that is to say, obedience to Me. Sometimes it might look to you like you are marching in place and can’t do much, like you are trying but it’s hard and there is a lot of opposition. At least then you are  getting exercise, and of course you are still, at these times, using your weapon of prophecy and all the others that make hearing from Me even possible—such as faith and praise, loving Me, and giving Me your all, and the all-powerful undefeated Keys of the Kingdom that are pulling you through in these darkest of days.

You know why it’s called “dark”? Not just because it is bad and ugly, but because people can’t see. They can’t discern. They can’t even tell, many times, that there is a fight, a battle in the War of the Worlds going on. They go on business as usual, as much as the world will let them, and they don’t “discern the signs of the times.” They are then, by their own lack of observation, in the dark; blind and lacking the light of God to show them where they are heading.

Fear causes a lot of people to just shut up and shut their eyes. They don’t actually wish to see what is on the horizon for fear it will be just too much. And it would be if they don’t hold in their heart My promises to go through the fire and water with them and don’t believe that I have the means to bring them through no matter what besets them. If you lack the faith for what is ahead up the road, it’s easier to look off to the side or worse yet, get turned around backwards and look back so you can’t see it. It will be worse for you then, for you’ll be completely unprotected when the invading troops hit your backside.

The wisest thing is to hear from Me in advance on what is going to be soon upon you and not end there, but get from Me what My promises or instructions are to you so that you can make it through. My Words give you the faith and give you the way to behave so that you not only make forward progress and defend yourself but your loved ones as well. You preserve others while you are at it. That’s what My troops do. They don’t just try to take cover to save themselves, but take risks right in the line of fire to rescue and defend others who are around them.

“The fettered ways of earth, the worldly mindsets, the chains that keep you earthbound, magically fall off you as you claim the creative power of the keys.”



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