Jesus Speaking:

Call, My loves; call for the final key. For you, My children, are at the door. Yes it is time, indeed it is time. Look at your watch (The Watch)…see how late it is. I now know that you will not turn back, for you are committed to the cause of David and to the fulfillment of prophecy. Each little decision to yield and each little decision to say yes have been like the small keys spoken of in the Assembling of the Final Key. It is My promise to David that to his children will I give the honor to slip the last little key into the massive final key that will release the power that will be required to finish the final act of the final play of this era. The end must come. I have been waiting for your obedience, your simple childlike faith in the Words of David. I have not been waiting for the mighty or strong, not the Saul’s but the David’s, those that know they are nothing and nobodies. Even now, as you stand before Me, you see yourselves as nothing special, no one of significance, just street missionaries, going about with pieces of paper like insignificant newsboys and girls, performing what you believe to be your Master’s bidding. I will not lie unto David. I will not turn My back on My promises to him. If you will but obey and do your best to fulfil the Words of David, I will hand you the final little key that, when slipped into place, will begin the greatest show of power this world has ever seen.

Read the prophecy “Assembling the Final Key” and you will see that I have reserved this moment in history for you, not you, but you –you of the children of David, who through obedience to My Word, come to the place where you now stand. What are you but worms? –but it is through your obedience and faith that this key is now being placed in your hands. Go now, and in spirit, insert the key that lies in your hand. For I tell you plainly that the hour is upon the world, the hour that all creation, since the beginning of time has groaned in anticipation for.

This is the hour of your destiny; this is the hour that your faith and obedience have brought you too. This is your commission, and this is My promise to David and to his children. It is almost finished. In performing this task for Me, one more mate hath found its fulfillment. Doubt not. Be not faithless, only believe. Go and do. Sound the trumpet! Sound the charge! Insert the key, and it will begin. I stand on My Word, and I cannot lie.

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“Read the prophecy “Assembling the Final Key,” and you will see that I have reserved this moment in history for you, not you, but you –you of the children of David.”


Keys are Our Wilderness

“When you call on the keys, the powers of evil lose their sway; sin, disease, and fear give way. Satan’s power cannot withstand the power of the keys!”





Keeyp powering on

“Each specific key is like a little window into the spirit world. And even if you can’t see it or sense it, you are letting My power into your realm. My magic power comes in and does its work.  If you call on the key of healing, healing is taking place, if you call on the key of open doors, the doors are being opened. There is always action when you call on the keys. It might not always be exactly as you expected or in the way you are asking, but something is happening. All the power is building up. You are using the smaller keys in the smaller locks and eventually there will be an explosion of My awesome power

The key, My loves is to rise above the flesh. The flesh is so ever-present. It gets tired, it gets sick, it gets hungry, it suffers so many trials. The spirit of this world is so heavy and it drags you down. But you can rise above it all with the keys. You can keep your eyes on Me and have a touch of the Heavenlies with the keys. They are keys for opening. They open the spirit world to you. They are like the light that shows you the way when everything is pitch black.

They are like small little handles, you can hold them in your hand and in your mind, you can use them by calling on them. You can’t hold the whole Bible or all the Word in your hand or mind at once. But you can hold a key. And so I have given you these keys because they are a like a little access code. A little code or a little key can give you access to great power and riches.

When you use them, you are showing faith in My Words, you are showing faith in Me and what I have given you. And so the power flows, the light pierces the darkness, the miracles of supply happen, the healing power is given, the strength to endure is poured out all of this through these tiny little keys. They are like a password to an account. Those who have the password have access to all that is in the account, like those who have a password to a bitcoin account.

It’s because of your love and faith that you hold these keys. Like I have told you before, not anyone can use them. They only work for those who are My brides and those who love Me and have faith in the Words that I have given them. For you who love Me and serve Me, they are a link to all of My love for you and all the power I would work on your behalf. They are a gift I have put into the hands of My loving loyal bride. I know you will see the value and appreciate this gift I have given you, this key that I have put in your little hand. The more you use these keys, the more they become part of you. That keys sinks into your hand and becomes engraved there. Then whenever you raise your hand you are wielding key power. It’s like the key promise, they also become incorporated into your mind and then your thoughts become key powered swords that can cut the enemy and his lies to pieces. The keys can become part of every fiber of your spiritual being.” (Jesus Speaking)



Greater faith will come

“What am I trying to accomplish by giving you the spiritual weapons and training you in their use? Im giving you avenues to partake of strength, wisdom, insight, and anointing. Im giving you access to My mind. Im putting at your disposal all the spirit help youll ever need to win any battle you might come up against. Im giving you tools that will cleanse you and protect you from the negative influences of the world. Im giving you a way to rise above the problems and difficulties and to keep My perspective. Im giving you ways to strengthen your faith. Greater faith will come by using the keys. Call on the power of the keys and your faith will grow. Seeing the doors the keys unlock will help your faith to grow.”

“Build your faith by regularly spending time with Me in the bed of lovereading and meditating on My Word and applying it to your life, resting in Me and casting your cares on Me, and loving Me intimately as My bride, speaking words of love to Me and receiving My seeds, which are manifested later in the form of prophecy.”

“Those who get on board with the new weapons are those who allow Me to do the work through them. Those who refuse to fully embrace the new tactics of warfare are those who try to fight the war on their own, in their own strength, their own power, their own wisdom, and by their own works.”

Jesus Speaking

Theres power in the spoken word, for it becomes a testimony or declaration of faith. It has creative power, and it can push back the lies of the Enemy.


Return of the Keys

“Soak in the keys, bask in their power, and be cleansed from all that is of the world.”




Calling on the Keys to the kingdom

My dear, you are not too far from the truth, just a little longer, just a little higher in the spirit, just a little closer to the End and you will see the Lord, our King and Husband, our Lover and Bridegroom come in all His glory. This is not a work of the flesh; this is not a work of man but a work of God. I know it can be frustrating and downright discouraging to see the spiritual state of people in this world today. But what is that to you? Just keep following the little doggy line.

Spirit Helper: Don’t give up in your mind. Hand it over to Jesus; it’s all in the mind, get it out, throw it out, just keep turning it over to Jesus. That is what Heavenly Thought Power is all about. It’s like a default button. Every time the world tries to fritz you out, just hit the default button and in an instant your mind becomes His mind and you are thinking His thoughts. Situations, conditions, things that seem impossible will not affect you because you will be seeing things through the eyes of Jesus who stands not in this world, but in the spirit world, the world where all things are possible and where nothing is impossible. Call on the keys, every single time you feel the ways and thoughts of this world pull on you. You will rise above those waters rushing about your feet, and instead of going under, you will be walking in the spirit.  And as the flood waters rise, which they will, you will stay just out of their reach. You will see the rushing waters taking many away, but you will not experience what they experience because the keys will continue to lift you above the waters of this world. You are in the world, but not part of the world. Jesus was in the world but not part of the world. He was other-worldly. He walked amongst the people; He felt their pain. He experienced their experiences but in spirit was just above the waters that they struggled through each and every day. Only with great faith in what the Word is telling you, will you  be able to accomplish this rising above. You must exercise total faith in the power of the keys. You must exercise great faith in the Words of David; you must think no other thoughts but what the power of the keys give you. They open the door to Heavenly Thought Power and Rising Above Power and Mind Melding Power; they open the doors to an incredibly miraculous life. That is why they were given to you. So use them because you will sorely need them in the days that are almost upon you. Remember the default button: when everything gets confusing, when nothing makes sense to the carnal mind, then hit the default button because you need to put on His mind. If you are thinking and responding with the carnal mind, you are thinking like the rest of the world is thinking; and they are sinking. So if you don’t want to sink right along with them, then hit that default button and by so doing you will eventually go into constant default mode. I’m telling you, and the Word is telling you that there is only one way, only one escape and that is the Keys to the kingdom. Read those words and hear: Keys to the Kingdom. The keys have been given so that you have constant access to the Kingdom of God and all that it has for you: all power, all miracles, all supply, all healing, all the love you need, all the wisdom you need, all the understanding you need, all the strength you need to complete your mission on earth. The world is constantly, relentlessly pulling on your mind; call on the keys to escape this pull, this disease really. Carnal thinking is a disease that causes worry, fear and lack of trust in an all-powerful God. Get out of the carnal world of man by using the Keys of the kingdom. Move up a level into the dimension that is just above the world of the flesh and of worldly man, and start working in the spirit today. Walk with us more; we are surrounding you constantly, day and night. So right now, today –this instant– begin madly hitting that default button to allow the keys to give you access to this dimension. You’ve heard the saying, “This is not rocket science.” Well, that quote aptly fits what we are talking about here. All you have to do is hit the default button. Call on the keys and things will start working in a spiritual, miraculous way and you will surely walk on water and not in it.


Do not limit yourself by ignoring the keys, but call on them and give Me entrance to fully possess you.



Keys are our wilderness

“My thoughts are your thoughts through the keys. Claim the heavenly thought power key!”






Say not you are christian

Jesus speaking:

I love you that have kept My true words and have treasured them more than fine gold. In the power of the Keys you will liberate every soul that is in search of its true shepherd. Just by your touch, their eyes will be opened. Just by looking into your eyes, their hearts will make way for My love to come in. 

You will not need to convince them like the Christians do. Because you are more than Christians. You are who you are, the sons of God. Say not that you are Christians, for you are made for this task, to be a living tree, a shining light. 

You are the brides of Christ; you do not need any label to show off who you are. For if anyone will ask thee: from where come ye? You shall say, “My strength comes from the Lord which made heaven and earth. I am the son of the spirit of light that has sent me to show his love to everyone that thirsts after righteousness, peace, love, mercy, change, security, life and truth. “

If you tell them My Words that I speak through you, with no fear of rejection, they will believe you, because that word is already written in their spirit. The spirit knows what the body ignores, they will recognize the truth when they hear it and see it in you. So, be a true friend and lover to the world. 

They are looking at your every move. 

“Thus saith the Lord, As the new wine is found in the cluster, and one saith, Destroy it not; for a blessing is in it: so will I do for my servants’ sake, that I may not destroy them all.”



keys are our wilderness

“The keys change hearts and habits.






The Keys are our wilderness

It’s dark now My love, but remember you are not alone. I am with you. I surround you, and in My love for you I give My Word to comfort you. You have many there with you in spirit. It may not be the same as having someone in the flesh, but I promise I do compensate for the loss you feel, the lack of fellowship that you once had but that now feels so far away. I want you to go deeper into the spirit with Me and those that surround you night and day. You are one of us, we are one in spirit and as you continue to let go of the things of this world you will see that the life you have chosen, that of following Me as one of My elites, one of My very own, My wife, will be one of wonders and many miracles. You say you cannot live by faith there, but I say that My Word is full of examples of My men and women of faith that lived under very difficult circumstances by following My still small voice in their hearts. I have allowed you to be alone at this time for this very reason; to draw you into the world of the Spirit.

The Keys will take you there. They are indeed your wilderness, just as they were Moses’ wilderness. Look what they did for him in the Wilderness of Sin, that wilderness was not much different than the wilderness you are now in. Look to Me, My precious lover, listen to My voice and your faith will grow to such heights that nothing of this world will touch you. Do not look at your situation or conditions there in Europe; they are the darkest they have ever been since the dark ages. I realize it is easy to look around you and see that there is no way out, that is the way Satan has painted it. His dark brush of complacency and hopelessness blinds all those of the world. But it should not be so with My beloved; My bride is full of light and those out there are looking for that light. Shine on My love, shine on in faith. Let those in the darkness see your light, My light in you. Let your light shine out into the darkness that is Europe. I am but a whisper away, come My love come to My bed and let’s love passionately long into the night of these last days. Our love will shatter the darkness and you will see the portals and the Keys clearly, and they will show you the way in which you must go. Forever by your side…Jesus.

“The Keys will take you there. They are indeed your wilderness, just as they were Moses’ wilderness.”





When others see the boldness I give you through the keys, they will marvel and know that you have been with Me.”