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(Jesus:) When you use the Keys, you are unlocking more and more of My Kingdom and bringing It down to Earth—therefore weakening the Devil’s hold on this world and bringing on the End quicker. The Final Key will be the culmination of all that you and others have done through the Keys of Heaven. That great and final Barrier of power will burst forth and usher in the Age of the Spirit upon Earth! The Devil will then be defeated and be cast into the bottomless pit. We will have won the victory and finished the course. So the more you use the Keys, the more quickly I can come and open that Lock for you. I need conduits, My love, to bring about this power. I need Key wielders, opening all these doors and bringing the Spirit Realm down to earth. Just as My Father needed a conduit—My mother, Mary—to bring Me down to earth. And just as I needed a vessel—your Father David—to pour forth the Words of the End. So do I again need vessels to take hold of the Keys and open the windows of Heaven, so that My Spirit can have a gateway to come back and take over the World.




prophecy Bites

New Key promise:

 (Spirit helper speaking: ) Abolish the old with the keys of faith, and then you can walk on the water of whatever stormy seas you must cross without a care in the world. Knowing that you have abandoned all makes you grasp tightly on to Jesus and know that you are eligible for all that He wants to give you.

Increase your faith by claiming key promises and see the power of the Lord work miracles for you and yours. Those who pray in faith see more answers to prayer than those who simply go through the motions of prayer, but don’t really expect anything to happen.

One way to activate your faith more is to pick a needy situation and claim victories for it, and keep knocking on the door of Heaven until the keys have done their work and changed things for the better. Just a fast little prayer, once in a life time for a myriad of details may help, and does indeed work; but for your own good and that of others, sometimes focused and repeated prayers by you, will allow you to see and take part in the miracle more personally.

Like that quote: “What can prayer do? Anything God can do.” So, wanna be God’s hand at work today? Or more like His mouth? Then pray, and take whatever steps are needed—such as praising and claiming the power of the Keys of Heaven, then miracles can and will come your way. Help to speak what He wants said, so the miracles can form in the world around you.



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Going deeper into the Spirit

The carnal mind just  cannot  understand the things of the spirit. The things of the spirit don’t make sense to the carnal mind.  They seem illogical, wrong, off on a tangent, and  unreasonable.

In some ways it shows that you are still children in spirit. But that’s okay. I understand. I lived on Earth and I often had to reconcile the difference between the spirit and the flesh. I too had to make that leap of realizing that the spiritual had to have dominance in My life because I was going to live eternally in the spiritual world, the real world, whereas the physical world was just for a time.

So My  Father helped Me to make the leap and to live in the spirit whilst upon Earth. You are having trouble making that leap away from your carnal mind and living the principles I’ve asked you to live in the spirit. In the carnal world, things are solidified into categories. If you are thinking in your carnal mind , it doesn’t make sense.

I want you to make the leap. No, you don’t have to make it, and I will still love you if you choose not to. But I want to make the point clear that if you don’t make the leap into the mind of the Spirit, well, you have done just that-you haven’t made the leap out of your carnal mind. I’m not condemning you for this‚ but you do, for your own sake, need to realize that you are being led by your carnal mind in that   decision.

“The carnal mind fights, absolutely fights, against the Spirit of God. That’s what is happening in your minds and why you are facing these questions‚ dear friends of Mine. The carnal mind just  cannot  understand the things of the spirit. The things of the spirit don’t make sense to the carnal mind.”


“The Keys are our Wilderness”

“It’s simply important for you to know that there are worlds beyond your carnal mind that are open to you if you want to grow and take that leap.”





Rising Above online GN 02

Why Is Rising Above Important

You don’t have the strength in your self to face the last days.

Rising above is the secret to success. It’s the difference between forging ahead or falling behind, between success or failure, victory or defeat!

Rising above through the power of the keys is your future.

How To Rise Above

It starts with obedience

* Start with a clean heart.
* Make the decision you want to rise above.
* Know you’re weak and rely on God’s mercy.
* Shun all wrong and ungodly attitudes.
* Depend on Jesus.
* See every difficulty as an opportunity to rise above.
* Let the Spirit of Jesus rest fully on you.
* Live in the Word.
* Be a doer of the things the Word says.
* Ask Jesus everything.
* Give no place to the Devil.
* Let His divine nature rule in you.
* Call on the power of the keys.
* All of these. Yet it all comes back to yieldedness.

 Based on “It Can Happen This Year…1992” ML# 2738,39,43,45…….  PROPHECY SESSION ON IT COULD HAPPEN THIS YEAR…2022 (see misc. column)