Is the Tribulation About to Begin?

Jesus speaking: My importunate brides, you seek for some indication, a sign of My impending return. My loves, just follow the little doggy line, and you will see so many signs and indications, which I have placed along the path of My will for you. It takes faith to believe them; it takes faith to talk about them with others. It takes a forsaking of old ideas and teaching. You risk being laughed at, or made a fool of, if what you share with others does not eventuate. I don’t fault you; but My faithful ones, please, I ask you once again to step out by faith and give what you are now hearing from our world. I have promised that I will not give you a stone if you ask Me for a fish. I will give what is in My power to give, so allow Me to share with you a short recap before taking you back to your year 2020. (see link at the end of  article for the Mo letter along with prophecy updates)

In 1968 your Father David began ministering to the youth at the Light Club. That is fifty-four years ago, *(54=5+4=9)  and through the power of My might and strength he started a revolution called the Children of God, which in turn delivered to this world its last and greatest witness. (Matthew 24:14). (End of message)

*(Internet of things) Nine is finality or completion. The first example of its use is that infinitely sealed first verse of the Bible: “In the beginning God” which in Hebrew is: “Brayshith Elohim,” which has the numeric value of 999. The very next statement, “created the Heaven,” is also sealed with 999.

The number nine is endowed with a peculiar quality: it is finality in itself. Not only is it the final single number, but if you multiply it by any other number, the addition of the resulting figures will always revert back to nine (2 x 9 = 18; 1 + 8 = 9, etc.)

Note: Whatever scheme the Devil has concocted in his attempt to play with or change the figures or final result, he is merely tinkering. The resulting figure will always revert back to nine.  Example: 999…If you turn the nine around it becomes a 6.  696969…6×9=54; 5+4=9; so the Devil’s 666 vaccination/registration system can never be final even if he is trying to use it to enslave God’s children. Okay, let’s see where this thought leads as this article continues.

There are nine basic gifts available to the Christian believer through the power of God’s Holy Spirit (1Cor.12:8-10). There are nine basic fruits which should be evident in the life of the believer (Gal.5:22-23). The work on the cross was completed at the ninth hour when Jesus said, “It is finished.” The shedding of His blood was final. It saw an end to the old system of animal sacrifice to atone for sin. The word “blood” used in this sense occurs 99 times.

It’s interesting to note that the Jew or they that call themselves Jews look upon the Christian as Goim meaning cattle. David the Endtime prophet once said the following about the Daily Sacrifice: [The Jews  ] have already resumed their sacrifices, and we are it! It’s been a long time since [they] were strong enough to persecute Christians the way they’re now persecuting us. They have been persecuted. But now the times of the Gentiles are being fulfilled in the very end, and it’s getting to be just like it was in the days of the Roman Empire! And what were [they] doing then? They were sacrificing Christians. In fact, they’re the ones that sacrificed Jesus Himself. He was the sacrificial Lamb. (Daily Sacrifice #2902)

“Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, “Yea, hath God said?” When God said on the cross that it is finished, then that is it, it’s final. I believe the vaccination is the last step Satan will be permitted to take in his attempt to discredit the Word of God. I believe we are about to see a “shortening of the days” because this vaccination, somehow, is an attack on the cross. Not only that, but it is, according to what we’ve learnt from the internet of things, going to kill a lot of people. This vaccination is integral to 666 and his attempt to thwart the final result. Apparently, 69 is a magic sex number in the dark world of Satanism. I can’t fully grasp the meaning of this, and perhaps I don’t need to, but when I look at the number 69,  I see the Devil trying to turn over the finality of 9, to make God’s Word of none effect. He uses all sorts of people and even things that God has created to twist and change what God has said. Jesus said to the church leaders of His day; “By your traditions you have made the Word of God of none effect.”69 is a sex number, again I see it as the Devil trying to turn the beautiful creation of sex and love making into a dirty, perverted thing that must be hid. And the church has swallowed this line, with the sinker and the hook –just as they are swallowing the vaccination line. Can you imagine pastors telling their congregations to take the vaccination? By not standing for or against this cursed, deadly jab you are in effect sitting on the fence, and in your lukewarmness you will lose the power of God needed to resist. Without the Keys of the Kingdom, you will not stand a chance when the enemy comes in like a flood, in what I believe, is the world’s final hour.


“THE MOST SPECTACULAR NATURAL PHENOMENON ANY OF US WILL SEE IN OUR LIFETIME” will be the appearance of a huge new comet called “___________?” during December and January of this coming Winter!.”


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