Jesus Speaking:

“Beloved, the wind does blow fiercely, but the chain that is holding you up, anchoring you from being blown away by the strong, debris-filled wind, is the Word you are attached to. The wind blows and tells you to let go and that things won’t be so hard for you –with the chain of the Word pulling you forward and the wind pushing you in the other direction. But then the wind will just knock you down flat and render you of no good. Flat, and ready for the running-away hordes to trample you, as they are going in the opposite direction to where the Word is leading you.

Don’t give up your link that is attached to the chain that is attached to the vessel that is forging on ahead. When you make it through the storm and wind and you are beckoned up to the vessel —a very large and strong ship— you will feel at home, and on to the Kingdom you will fly. For the ship will take wings, and you will enter that vast and glorious Kingdom, leaving the filth far behind.

Keep moving forward as the Word tugs you onward. Don’t give that up.

Why are they running? Why do you risk being trampled? –Because there are folks that are scared that they will be pulled aboard the ship of God’s Nation heading to realms they never knew, far away from this 2D realm they call their home.


“It will be hard work to be aboard that vessel,” they think. But they are running on ice floes really and soon will drop into the very icy water. Down they will go. It wasn’t flat and stable ground they were on anyway. When the heat is turned up just a bit, the ice cracks and melts, and boy, is it cold in those dark waters. Only those aboard God’s ship will be safe. And only those who are linked to it by attaching themselves to the Word of the Redeemer will be sure to not fall into the water and drown. The line of the Word of God that He speaks all day, even in your sleep, will ensure you progress. It will reel you in closer and hold you up against the awful, fierce and very chilling arctic-style winds that are blowing. You can’t hold yourself up, but you can hook the chain of the Word onto you and let it pull you along, no matter what comes at you in the opposite direction.”



“Be brave and keep going. How do you do that? By linking up with the Word and letting it pull and tug you along.”

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“If you feel remorse over the past or worry about the future, call on the keys and I will give you faith instead of fear, and peace instead of turmoil.”


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