Words From Jesus on War



“To Me, war is man’s way of saying, “I know better.“

War must be the answer, as we have so many of them.

“If war could save a soul, we’d all be in Heaven by now. Oops, I spoke too soon.
Man hasn’t finished yet .

When I think of war, I think of  the red horseman in  the Apocalypse. Also the black one. And the pale one. By the way, the white one is the spiritual warfare.

Why do we only understand when explained to us in terms of war? The war against hunger. The war against poverty & disease. The war to end all wars?

We fight war against evil –because we are so good?

Why are the richest & the most powerful the most right ?

The greatest victim of war? The truth, of course.

The argument for war? We should have started earlier. We weren’t vigilant enough.
Peace didn’t work.

Who funds war? Debt. We haven’t profited enough, so we’ll just get a loan.

Who fights our war? The poor.

Who defends our reasons for war? Our leaders & politicians. Our news media.
Our churches.

Who condemns? Those who are censored. And the victims.

“From whence come wars and fightings among you? Come they not hence, even of your lusts? James 4:1

Surely war will be the end of us.

Give us our cities, we’ll give you our sons, even our daughters.

How can we speak of saving the environment while destroying it with war?

Why do they spend so much on war? Just to save us?

I don’t blame the innocent. I just blame the guilty.

Another cause for war: the money changers in the temple. Darn them. We should have gotten rid of them a long time ago, Oh, the love of money .”

Note: Jesus was making it clear to me that He has a lot more to say about this. Maybe He is saving that for others. I believe so .

Submitted by David


“As you weep in prayer for those who are downtrodden, the keys stir up the power of Heaven to answer your heart cry and fight on behalf of those who cannot fight for themselves.”



3 thoughts on “The Greatest Victim”
  1. Dear Jesus . I just want to pray for the poor victims of war . The children , and the innocent . And the not so innocent who were sucked into the spirit of hatred and revenge . Our hearts cry for them . And your heart cries for them . War is such an evil machination of the enemy , and gloats so much over the suffering he has caused to mankind . I pray that you smite his face , that men may know that only You rule and reign in the kingdoms of man . That we shall know that his doom is sure . And please , Lord , keep raising the dead bones , even if many reach not their full potential . In the name of Jesus and the Keys of the Kingdom . Amen .

  2. War is such a sad tragedy . I pray the Lord gives us more Words on this and that the sheep see and hear His truth .

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