second coming

call and ask


Jesus speaking:
“Do you want the End to come? Call and ask, and it will be so. This is part of your destiny; just as inserting the Blue Key is part of your destiny. So call, and it will be so. The enemy has come to the end of the line. It is in sight for him. He knows now there is no way out. He has trapped himself and is in great wrath. You have exposed him that will be his host for the next three and a half years. You have exposed his prophet: the one My Word calls the false prophet.

A time of great apostasy has begun.

I have kept My immediate Word to you. You are now in your refuge as scheduled, and I am well pleased with your obedience. For if you had delayed or doubted or behaved lethargic toward My instructions, truly the outcome would have been very different. Already you are seeing prices skyrocketing; the repercussions will not be felt for a little while yet, but they will come, and then the masses will begin to react to the tightening of their belts. They will not be as you, for I have eased you somewhat into this stage of Endtime events, but they who would not listen or who didn’t hear will be unprepared and it will not be easy for these ones. Europe and America will fall into chaos, and Asia will become uncontrollable.

They will look to Putin for answers simply because he has proven that he can control a huge empire of many languages and cultures and time zones. He is the perfect choice for the man of the hour. It has begun, My dearest dears. You are exactly where I want you to be, and now I step back and allow the snowball to gather momentum.

Pray for those you love; pray for those who will be caught in the jaws of the beastly system. Pray for those that have not yet heard the truth and for those that will not know what is happening to them and the world around them. Pray for your fellow COD, that they may do all they can to warn those they come in contact with. Pray, pray, pray; do not cease to pray for the world and for what has come into the world. For the Devil has come down unto you knowing that he hath but a short time, in great wrath will he do away with many. So My loves, your duty now is to pray. Pray for all those who will pass through great tribulation.”

(Message from the spirit world)


“Through the keys you can make your calling sure and have a clear purpose, just as I had a clear purpose and calling when I was on Earth.”

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