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Review of “Full Possession” #3376

Consider all I have spoken to you, My loves. Do you think the feats I have said you will perform and your role as My chosen of the End are possible without giving yourselves completely to Me? If I am to live, think, and move in you at My will, to perform greater miracles in these Last Days, do you think that this is possible unless I have full control? No, it is not. This is the crux of the matter, My loves–I must have full control, full possession.” (Full Possession #3376)


“Jesus my love, my dearest dear, my heart and soul, my breath, my Husband and intimate Lover, I love You. When I consider the above question from You, when I go into my heart and search for answers, when I look deep into the reason I am here at all, all I find is my desire to do Your will above anything else. I would love to come to Your side and spend eternity there, following you withersoever You go. There is nothing on this earth that appeals to me, and if given the choice –family responsibilities aside– I would go right now. Everything here is a cheap substitute. I know I have so much to learn and I doubt so often the promises You have given those of us that have given our all to You. Because when I see the weaknesses of my flesh, it is difficult to differentiate between what is Your mind and what is mine. So much foolishness comes out of my mouth –it would seem. I don’t want to be so sober and pious either, because that too is only false humility. I’m having a difficult time understanding full possession, even now. It would seem such a simple thing, yet when I listen to some of my words and witness some of my actions, I doubt if You are in full possession of my whole being. How am I to tell if You are or if I’m making progress in this very very important part of my whole purpose for being here on earth? I know pride is there, and that really makes me sad, because I don’t want to be a fake lover, yet at times I really seem to be, because when I try to spend time with You, it is so shallow and empty. I also don’t want to go by feelings, but when there are no feelings there at all, it gets to be very dry and forced. I love You, Sweetheart. You are my most precious possession. If I could morph into Your spirit right now, I would. The Devil tries to tell me I would miss being me and my own person, but deep down I know that is not true. Just talking this out, Sweetheart, is so good; You are such a wonderful listener. I actually feel You listening and giving me Your full attention.

The world is so empty. People seem so far from truly knowing You and Your ways, and very soon You will return. What a mess the people of earth have made of Your creation. It is all so sad, and yet I have played a part in creating this sad planet of apes. Why can’t everyone wake up at the same time? Then the earth could have this great big renewal and time of restoration. We seem to have had such little impact on the world over the past 10 or so years, yet You promise that this will change when the Endtime hits high gear. But as I was saying earlier, I feel –and I’m sure other folks also feel this– we are so inadequate and inferior to the task that You have said you’ve given us. I’m so sorry You have such poor vessels to work with, my Love, my beautiful forgiving and understanding Jesus. Why You chose us, the silliest of the silly, the poorest of the poor, the weakest of all the saints, is beyond me. I feel so incapable, and like I’ve cheated someone more worthy out of their place. I’m sure this is the case when I look back over my sordid life. If there is anyone that has tested Your love and forgiveness to its limits, it would be me. And yet here I sit having this conversation with You. I see you smile, my Lord. That gorgeous smile sweeps across Your face and lights up my tiny little universe. What a patient Lover You are. You have so much passion, and within You is contained all the force and power of the whole universe, yet You wait patiently for this cracked clay jar, me. Well, I don’t know if I am getting anywhere, but I am sure enjoying talking to You like this, my sweet Lover. Having said all that, I kind of know what You are going to say, but I’d still love to hear You say it because there is nothing I love more than to sit with You and hear Your voice. When You open Your mouth, a waterfall of love pours forth, I can strip naked before You and bathe in Your luxuriant waters of life. Please speak, my Love. I have said more than enough and You have been more that patient with my ramblings.”

Jesus speaking:

“My sweet wife and lover, you know what I feel because we are one. Our relationship is deeper, much deeper than that of an earthly union, in that I am free to move within your very being. The thing I want most of all is for you to be free of your worries that you are not adequate enough to fulfill My greatest dreams. Right now, in the halls and homes and offices and parks and nooks and crannies of the Heavenly City, there are many thousands upon thousands of saints, all praying for My team on earth. You are the centerpiece because you have remained true and faithful to the Words of David and now that the stadium has come into sight, it has lifted the spirits of Heaven’s prayer warriors.

This race will not go to the strongest or the smartest or the best practiced. It will go to the faithful. To the faithful goes the prize and that prize is Me coming into them fully right at the exact time in history when they have nothing left. To those that have hung on and reached this point in the race, it has been promised many times over that I will mightily use them. They will be My witnesses unto this world and unto the wicked rulers that have forced themselves on the people of this world. All I ask is that you believe, and I know it is not easy after having been tested over and over and over again and then asked to just trust that the big miracles are right around the corner. You know this is not an unusual thing that I ask of you, My Father asked the same from Me. My last test didn’t come in the Garden of Gethsemane. Although that was a very difficult test and the Devil was allowed to try Me terribly almost at the last hour, I still went on from there to face My trial and punishment. It was very hard to continue all the way to the last sip of vinegar, but I did. Now I know all things; as you will come to know them …if you hold on and pass the finish line of My will for your life.  

I cannot make this any easier; you know that. This is the life of faith, the test of faith. You must continue to believe even if you never see an angel or your wonderful spirit helpers; you still must believe they are there and are helping you. The understanding will come and with it the fullness of knowing you have accomplished what very few have ever accomplished in this life. The Words of David have been given to many, but as you now see, only a very few have held onto them through the testing and trials of the post-reboot years. Fight on, My bride, for we are here, and you must know that you would never have gotten this far without our help. No man alive could have passed through the years and trials and tests My true brides have passed through without supernatural help. So keep that knowledge close to your heart and run on dauntlessly.”


“Your instructions are simple: just keep using the keys, especially the blue key. It has to be shiny and hot with use. It will enhance our relationship, and also the other keys will feel the power of the blue key as they do what they have been requested to do.” Blue Angel speaking

VIDEO: In Sight of the Stadium

“The keys of the Kingdom, My love, and the Word are one-this great power of the universe can  conquer all evil, solve all problems, and forgive all sins.”




    The Stadium

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