wilderness walker



“… hidden in your wilderness, in the cave of your heart. Fear not; for the sound of My voice is not in the howl of the wind nor in the crashing of earthquakes and tornadoes and other natural signs and wonders, neither in the sensational news of the evil Elites comings and goings, for it is not there! These events will be hurled at the world, but you shall be still and listen…Listen, My wilderness walkers …and hear My voice in the quiet of your heart, in your cave. It will be My quiet whispers that will tell you, as you cover your face with the mantle of David and listen to His voice at the entrance. You have hidden his words in the cave of your heart, so fear not and tremble not for the tidings of the evil queen Jezebel, the whore of Baal, for her reproaching of  ‘You will die if you defy my system!’ You have been set apart. You are in another dimension, one of the signs and wonders of My miraculous care and love and supply and protection. As you come apart and step through that portal, the portal of stillness, I am able to speak to your heart, My intimate bride, and tell you all you need to know and all you need to do, where you need to be and every aspect of your walk with Me. Your decisions will not be by the news or the forces of nature but by My instruction to your heart. You may be tempted to tremble and fear, but as with Elijah of old, I will never leave you. If I have called you to come apart and it looks like your ministry days of going into all the world are over, then think not that you are in disobedience to My call of  telling others about Me, for My voice is in the stillness right now. I have commanded you to be still and quiet and to listen. Know who I am. Go deeper and you will learn more of Me and of the spirit world and the Keys. Believe Me when I tell you more will be ‘accomplished’ by staying in the depths of your cave. That is My will for now. Hear My voice in the stillness. It will strengthen your channel. It will deepen your trust in Me. It will give you greater faith! As My beacons, you will silently hold your flame of Israel high for those who wish to see by your sample of living by faith. It will be as an audible silent message calling them back to the Words of the Endtime prophet, David, as those Words resonate in their hearts. And don’t worry, you will face your Ahabs when the time is right…meeker and wielding the Keys and prayer and hearing My voice whispering to you all your instructions. You will know what to do, and you will go in the power of My still small voice, because you have learnt to sit still.” (End of prophecy)


  “To grow in working with your helpers in the spiritual realm, call on the keys of insight, faith, spiritual sensitivity and openness. You will be fully possessed by Me and helped and guided by them, and will become a new creation in My sight, for My glory.”



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