Prophecy, Spirit Helper speaking:

“If you haven’t learned to receive and believe the New Wine from your channel of prophecy –and that on a daily basis– it will be very very difficult for you to make it through the dark days that are now quickly falling across the globe. This is a very important message that must be gotten across to everyone. The days will soon be upon you when you really will have no choice but to use prophecy for every step you make. When digital-everything hits your country, how are you going to pay your bills, visas, shopping, or whatever, unless you take their system? But if you do take it, then you have stepped out onto the road to full registration –just like all the rest of the people in this world. If you are telling yourself that you are going to make a stand when the time comes, then it makes perfect sense to earnestly hone the gift of prophecy now, to hear from us on every count now. Don’t be like the foolish virgins who slumbered. The world is full of these types. They tell themselves and others that the time is not yet and that world conditions are not serious enough, “Go back to sleep everyone.”  Lethargy is hard at work now. He has been commissioned to round up all those that still linger outside of Satan’s trap. Those trying to make a living off-grid are his target, and he is serious about gleaning all he can. If he can’t get you to give up your off-grid life, then he will make sure you do nothing but physical preparation. His poisonous gas of deception will dull your mind to what we are trying very hard to press home in this message.


Prepare, beloved Children of David, prepare. You have all the weapons necessary to stay off-grid permanently. There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it. Beloved, that way of escape is listening to us, following our every lead.


Are you that confident in your channel that you could drop everything you now lean on, all the different crutches, and follow us out the door into a new life of faith tomorrow? We are telling you that it may very well be that sudden. You must understand that it isn’t so much that you start using, for example,  the QR code, but it is all about your dependence on the arm of man, the every day. It is all very normal and just so simple to follow the system he has set up. You know it is a trap, but the trap has been made so easy to walk into that you just become lazy, complacent, and you lose that healthy fear you had when you thought you’d be on the run from AC soldiers whose mission it is to catch the revolutionary Christian rebels. This is the work of Lethargy. He has used his time wisely and worn everyone down, and now most are asleep within the system. Sometimes they wake up from their slumber, like during the COVID crisis. But that has passed and everything has normalized again and most, if not all, have drifted off into dreamland again.

We see him working tirelessly on the world’s population. Yes, he is a very busy fellow and his diligence is paying big dividends. If he can get you to a point where you just can’t be bothered anymore, then he has captured his greatest enemy. He wants to hear you say, “It’s not worth resisting anymore. What’s the point anyway?” Come on, you are the guys that are going to drop the bomb on his head. Satan is furious that you are still operating behind the scenes. He truly thought he’d won the day. He thought the Reboot was the straw that broke your back and he was then free to go on and claim his prize. And as we told you sometime back, he pressed the green to-go button that began the last seven years. If you count back from the end of 2022, 3.5 years, you get around the middle of 2019, that is a significant date for the Warrior Band. These are very exciting times you are living in. Yes, there is great pressure on you all. Satan has missed his step and has been caught on the wrong foot, and sooo close to the End too. He knows he can’t turn around; your prayers are making sure of that. Our forces have him cornered, so there is nothing else for him to do but to make war with the saints. He knows the scripture says he will overcome them, so he’s trying. But he doesn’t know the deeper magic of the Keys. The Keys are keeping a spiritual fog around a lot of your activities. He is unable to penetrate the force fields that surround your prophecy conduits. Therefore, he is not able to learn our plans. Your Key-powered prayers are also protected by us, so he is defenseless. He can’t stop them from doing the damage they are inflicting on his forces. The Keys are vital to final victory, but you have to use them. And again without prophecy, you will not know how or when to use them. Please, dearest beloved children of David, the time is coming and is almost upon you when these warnings will be of no use, because the last few hours will be underway and there will not be time to hone anymore. You will be using the weapons that you have on hand whilst on the run, believe us, this day that we speak of is very very close.  


Watch out for sleepiness, that feeling of wanting to settle down and rest from your destiny. That is the danger sign of once again letting your bottle become old, rusty, and useless.


Prophecy must not be second nature it must be first nature. Prophecy is not a natural thing, it is supernatural, it is given by spiritual beings, whilst you are in spirit. This simply means that you have to walk in the spirit all the time to receive directions daily, hourly or by the minute. I’m giving you warning: up ahead we are going to be giving what may seem to you, pretty wild directions. Of course, those directions won’t look that crazy from here, that is because we can see around the corner and can see that there is only way to avoid what is waiting around that corner. We need you to appreciate the fact that you are going to be asked to perform some pretty far-out moves, just like Moses was asked to head for the Red Sea when he could have taken the king’s highway along the coast. Thank God he obeyed, right? Well, let the same be said of you one day in the future when a teacher is looking for an example in his history book of a good follower.

Look at the time…no, not at the clock on the wall, but at the time you are living in. Now look outside…no, not at the trees and the sunshine or rain or whatever your carnal eyes are seeing, but look outside with the eyes of the spirit. What do you see? Yes, it is dark, very very dark. Okay, now that you are focused, what do you use to light your way when you go outside at night in the dark? A flashlight, of course. Don’t use a candle, it will be blown out by the gusts of wind that sweep across the landscape during a storm. Use a flashlight. The Old Wine is like a candle; it most definitely lights the path during those days before the storm hits. But when the storm hits and you are in the midst of it, that is when your flashlight of prophecy is the go-to. If your batteries –now this is a modern version of the lamps and oil— if your batteries are low, or God forbid dead, then YOU are dead, literally.

Your carnal mind is a stronghold of Satan; that is what that video MB made called Mind Wars was all about. It’s a shame that not more people watched that video, but still. Let’s move on because that has been, and it seems will be, the way of things right up to the End. People just don’t take notice of the weather. They don’t discern the signs of the times, their carnal mind gets in the way. It truly is a historic fact. But you are going to be different, aren’t you? You are not going to be the normal, run-of-the-mill systemite, are you? We warned you about Lethargy already, so let’s keep moving with this prophecy. There is only one way to keep the battery in your flashlight at full charge.

So tell me how.

…By using the flashlight all the time. That way you will always have it on charge, because you know for certain that nighttime always comes and you will have to go out into the darkness some time during the night. Okay, would you like some Word to back up all that I’ve been speaking to you about? …that’s good, real good. Here we go then! (end of prophecy)

To be continued…

  “The changing power of the keys will form new habits within your mind and heart, turning you into an avid Word lover and diligent student of My New Wine. As you wield the keys, they have the power to withstand all evil, enabling you to read, absorb, and apply My Words, so that you can live in My Words and do what I ask you to do.”


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