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Greetings! I am the commander of this region. I am also personal body guard of you know who. I was created as a warrior angel before the great war. Those were days of peace, and war was the furthermost thing from anyone’s mind, except of course, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost; being omnipotent and  all-knowing they were in preparation for the soon-to-come rebellion. I was in training at the time and was called to the front lines of battle as soon as it all began. The fighting was fierce and no quarter was given or expected. This situation remains today. It is a fight to the finish.

As in any war, there are casualties, however, unlike the physical realm, we cannot die, but there are losses on both sides. Some of our own have defected to the enemy’s line and some of the enemy’s forces have slipped back over the line into our camp. The ones that come back to the Father and Son are, of course, not immediately taken back into confidence, but must pass through a time of renewal, confession and forgiveness, somewhat similar to what happens within the physical church. Once accepted back into fellowship, they are given lesser positions with little or no responsibility and are very closely monitored.  They are not trusted on the front-lines for a very long time, but instead serve in the rear in more of a servant capacity. There has not been desertions for some time now because as the war lengthens, so does the resolve harden of those for or against the Father and Son. Believe me, those that go to hell for their deeds will have surely earned their punishment.

Here on the front line, life is constant vigilance. We not only stand in the gap for those warriors in the physical realm, but we must also stay very close to Jesus as at any time the enemy can launch a surprise attack on our position. My responsibility is relatively simple. My first and foremost job is to make sure, “you know who” is protected and safe. I have a second beside me whose job it is to fill in for me when I am not available to perform my second job of overseeing the region where we are presently stationed.

This small pocket where we have been placed is very dark and enemy activity is constant. His attacks are vicious and therefore we are kept very busy. Your Key-powered prayers have been a tremendous asset in assisting us to uphold our sector of the front line, a front line which is now global. The forces of Satan have been pushed further into a corner and his choices are being very closely monitored and controlled. He feels the noose tightening and is raging mad. It won’t be very long now before the Key’s power will play an integral part in the overall war. That is why you are feeling the need to press in on learning as much as you can at this particular time; because before very long they will be the prime weapon in this war to end all wars. In fact, without the Keys you will not be able to meet the forces of darkness head on.

We are heading into the last few months of “normal” although things have not been normal for a long time. The peace will soon be broken as the enemy opens fire on our lines. Please spend as much time as you can honing the gift of the Keys. Use them constantly and with as much precision as you can. The Keys hold the future and those that hold the Keys hold the outcome of what is about to come into the world.

“Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! For the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” REVELATION 12

I consider this assignment an honor –to be working and fighting beside one of David’s mighty men in these last hours. I feel I’ve been given this responsibility as a reward from our King for faithful service. I have no desire to be loosed, and as long as it remains the will of the Father and the desire of he whom I serve, I wish to continue to serve as guardian and protector to this one.

Within your heart and spirit lies the power of truth, the power of love, the power of David, the power of God. When this power is alive in your life, activated through the keys, you have all you need to become a mighty witness, evangelist, teacher, and pastor, and there will be no stopping you.




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