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Call on the Keys Now!



The keys are music. They are like the harp of God: when strummed, they awaken the spirit of God in something, anything really. Have I not said that if these be quiet (The Children of David) that the stones would cry out My testimony? You cannot keep the Keys quiet; they will praise My name. If they can raise up David from deep within the system, then they can raise the stones to glorify My Name.

Even if you just call on “the keys of the Kingdom” or “the power of the keys” you are unleashing great and mighty spiritual power. But as you hone your gifts of using the keys and learn what specific keys to use, you will unleash even greater power, and you will also have the satisfaction of seeing specific answers to specific prayers, which will strengthen and  increase your faith. The keys can be used to varying degrees, but I want you to use them to their greatest power. I want you to hold them within your grasp and learn the beauty and power of each one; to become masters of the keys, skilled in their arts, opening each and every door that you desire to enter.

And now I tell you a mystery, dear loves: The keys to the Kingdom and the Word are one. The keys are not just the Word; they are many things and they take on many forms. They are, however, one with the Word. Through the keys you find entrance to the full counsel of God. The keys open up My full Word power to you. You need not try to understand this with your carnal mind, but only believe. (Focus on the Power! [#3374])

Prophecy Continues:

The Keys are everywhere and have many names, but what is in a name? A name is a handle for the carnal mind; a key is only a representation of the real thing. A key opens things; a musical note opens the mind, heart and soul, for good or bad, for love or hate. The time of the Keys has arrived, if you read and believe, then it is the Keys calling you to use them to call others. You who hear and believe and act upon these Words will do miracles, powered by the musical keys.

(Focus on the Power! [#3374]) If you want to focus on the power, My brides, you must learn to do as I did and adopt a “do it now” policy. This will help you stay focused, because in doing what I tell you without delay, you will be declaring your faith, and through this stand of faith, you will ward off the distraction of other things, carnal reasoning, and the impossibilities that try to bring you down. You must hear from Me and take immediate action, nothing wavering, without so much as even considering any other possibility or alternative other than calling on the power of the keys. If you stop to consider other alternatives, this will lessen the power of the keys, for in so doing, you open the door for the -Enemy to get a foothold in your heart and mind with temptation to waver and back down. You must not look to the right or to the left. You must not even consider any other course of action. You must look straight on to Me alone and the things I tell you to do. You must simply follow through on what I tell you to do. This is focusing on the power. It’s not letting your focus get interrupted with other alternatives, with carnal thinking, with temptations of doubt, with negative input of the world, with anything other than My sure Word. 

Prophecy continues:

Time has run its course; time is no more. The kingdom of man is running on borrowed time. It is their faith that keeps this dead thing alive. But it is the Keys that will destroy the works of Satan and dispel the lie and break the spell he has put on the people. He fears the Keys more than anything on this earth and in heaven. The music of the Keys is an antithesis and opposite force. The music of God is disassembling his kingdom, and the Keys God plays will eventually modify his very being and bring him down to the sides of the pit.  



(Illuminati and Witchcraft) THE FIRST THING WE WANT TO POINT OUT ABOUT LUCIFER IS, WHEN HE WAS CREATED HE WAS THE COMPLETE SUM OF ALL BEAUTY & WISDOM. You see, God wasn’t created, but never had a created creature ever been created with such beauty & such wisdom, & that was Lucifer, “Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God, every precious stone was thy covering”–& it lists the stones & gold. And on down it lists, “The workmanship of thy tabrets & of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.”–He was created with musical instruments embedded in his body, that’s how he was created! YOU SEE, LUCIFER IS TRYING TO BE A GOD IN THIS PROPHECY, & we’ll go on in it. He’s trying to be a god, he’s trying to be as great as God. He’s trying to build a kingdom in the sides of the mountain of the North & so on, & it’s a description of God’s Kingdom. He knows that music was created for God, dance was created for God. He knows that if he is going to be a god he is going to have to have music. YOU CAN’T BE A GOD WITHOUT MUSICAL WORSHIP, SO HE HAS CREATED HIS OWN MUSIC. It’s not just Rock, I get sick of people saying just Rock. I’m down on all music except the music that is created for the Lord. The reason I’m particularly down on Country & Western, & if you ever listen to it, it’s worse that Rock! It’s more about lust, it’s more about drinking, it’s more about fighting than any other thing, & recently it’s even begun to be about witchcraft. 

Ezekiel 28:15-19 Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day of thy creation, until iniquity was found in thee. By the multitude of thy merchandise, thy inner parts were filled with iniquity, and thou hast sinned: and I cast thee out from the mountain of God, and destroyed thee, O covering cherub, out of the midst of the stones of fire. And thy heart was lifted up with thy beauty: thou best lost thy wisdom in thy beauty, I have cast thee to the ground: I have set thee before the face of kings, that they might behold thee. Thou hast defiled thy sanctuaries by the multitude of thy iniquities, and by the iniquity of thy traffic: therefore I will bring forth a fire from the midst of thee, to devour thee, and I will make thee as ashes upon the earth in the sight of all that see thee. All that shall see thee among the nations, shall be astonished at thee: thou art brought to nothing, and thou shalt never be any more.

Prophecy continues:

You are part of the Keys, the music of God. When you respond to His touch, it is as praise. Your obedience and faith are the musical notes that come from the touches of God…so many keys, so many notes. Focus on the Keys; focus on God’s musical notes. When He touches your Key, you must respond as David did. Without the Keys there is no music, so Satan hates the Keys. He hates you because you are yielding to the Keys and you believe in the Keys. You are, in essence, the Keys that God strikes. That makes you a type of musical note, making a positive or negative sound. The more yielded you are, the sweeter the praise, and the more Satan’s kingdom shakes and vibrates out of control. Just like a certain pitch can shatter a crystal glass, so it is with Satan’s discordant kingdom when the keys give forth their tone. Without a kingdom he is nothing; without his pipes and the music they play, he is no longer Satan. You are part of God’s orchestra, and when all the instruments come together in one final key, one final song, the kingdom of Satan will crumble. Each instrument must play its part, in unity with the whole. If you are the lowly piccolo then allow the praises of God to pour forth from your tiny throat, if you are a bass drum, then bring on the thunders of God and vibrate the very foundation of the dark kingdom.

(Musical Key [#0326]) IT’S ALMOST AS THOUGH IT LINKS THE HEART OF THE HEARER WITH THE HEART OF THE COMPOSER. It blends the spirit of the composer into your spirit. It’s almost like the composer is a spirit guide and becomes a medium and his music is his crystal ball! When you listen to his music you gaze with him into his crystal ball, and all of a sudden your spirits are united and you both see the same things.–You both see the same pictures. Music then is like a coded key: A combination of numbers or tone signals which work their way along the circuits of your nerves and over the various relays right into your heart and your spirit and your mind. LET ME TELL YOU, THE SPIRITUAL WORLD IS FAR MORE REAL THAN THE PHYSICAL! Music like that is like a vehicle, a crystal ball, like drugs, like electronic keying, tuning into your wavelength, radio tuning. If you’re tuned and that’s your wavelength and you’re supposed to get the message, then you get it!  THE ANSWER WAS THAT SOME LETTERS ARE LIKE LITTLE CHILDISH SONGS AND SOME ARE LIKE SYMPHONIES that are very difficult, very complicated and extremely intricate but nonetheless beautiful! Don’t you get that picture? You see, it’s just like the Lord gives me symphonies in words!I HEAR THE LORD’S MUSIC THAT’S IN MY KEY AND TURNS ME ON, AND THEN GOD GIVES ME THE WORDS TO THE MUSIC! Some of the music that particularly turned me on was really inspired and had something particularly significant in it about my own future. It’s just like it bore a message, and now the message is coming out in words. Now the Lord is adding the words to the music. That’s interesting because this particular piece is a symphony, not an opera, but a symphony without words. It’s like it was prophetic–prophecy in music! It’s almost as though the Lord is now inspiring the words and bringing out the message that was in the music, the real meaning of the story, in other words.  If we’re the Lord’s and we’re tuned to His channel and they’re on His channel, if it’s God’s composer and God’s music and God’s message, then we who are tuned in and keyed to the Lord get the message! THERE’S MORE TO THE “KEY OF DAVID” THAN WE YET COMPREHEND!–The keying power! The keying electrical impulses must be multitudinous to form a whole composition, like the hundreds of pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that make up the total picture. God is playing the tune, the melody and the harmony and everything, and when it’s all put together, every piece, it makes one gigantic gorgeous symphony! THESE ARE LITERALLY THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF NOTES WHICH MAKE UP A SYMPHONY. But when they’re all put together they can paint either a gorgeous picture or an evil picture depending on the source. They either transmit a hellish picture or a heavenly picture. Therefore, their effect on the individuals and audiences, and even on whole nations like Wagner’s music on Hitlerian Germany, either brings Hell on Earth or has a Heavenly effect. Wagner’s music was inspired, but I’m afraid that most of the time it seemed to be inspired by the Devil!

Prophecy July 20, 2022…Believe in the Keys

Shun the world and refuse to talk the talk. You have to believe in something; believe in the Keys. Believe in My Word. Don’t reject the only truth in this world today, your only salvation and the only portal open to those who wish to escape the “great confusion” –the lies, and half-truths, the sugar-coated pill of deception that is passed out everyday in the media and then passed from mouth to ear throughout the world by those who have no faith other than in the system they slavishly follow.

Those of the world have been swept away by the flood of confusing lies. They not only believe this poisonous flood, but they live it day in and day out. The lies are out to get you, to destroy your faith in Me and the Keys and My promises. The enemy desires that you, My bride, be carried away of the flood. These lies bring great confusion of mind and heart. They destroy faith in anything, even in My creation. A lie is insidious and like cancer eats away at your belief system, your immune system of faith. Only I, My Word and the Keys can counteract this malignant cancer. The lies are not only media fed, but the food you eat is in  a sense a lie. It is not the real thing but GMO or chemical-fed garbage that destroys and takes away life.

Feed on the Words of God. Feed on faith, feed on Me and take the Keys into the very fiber of your being, into every cell, into your brains, heart and soul. This great confusion, this flood of lies, begins as a seeming tranquil pool, but the pool leads to a deadly waterfall that will smash and destroy those lulled and stupefied by the peace prophets, politicians and professors and pawns of Satan.

Stop, My loves, turn around, swim against the current that is pulling all non-resisters to their death. Call on the Keys and start swimming for the shoreline of faith. Pull yourself out of those tepid waters of deception. The just, the Children of David, My true Children of faith must now, right now, live by faith in Me, My Word and the Keys. If you ignore these Words, then I cannot help you, My hands are tied, I am bound by My Word. End of prophecy  (Read “The Cesspool”)

“The keys are living. They speak. They move. They act. They have a life of their own, yet they cannot be brought to life within this realm without you. They need your touch to activate their power. So call on them, touch them, handle them, use them‚ learn about them, understand them. Then avail yourself of their power.” (Mysterious Keys, The – Part 3)





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