School of the prophets part 1

Jesus Speaking

“It is your faith that pleases Me. So yes, I deliberately put a veil over the future, and with purpose, I wrap My promises in the paper of obedience and tie them tight with the cords of the unseen. It has always been like this, starting with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. My hall of faithful is full of men and women that believed My unseen promises and stepped out by faith and changed the world.

Why would My children of this generation expect to be given free something as and hard-fought-for, earnestly desired, sought-after, and prayed-for as to be among those to stand with the remnant at the end of days. I have kept the best presents for last, the biggest and grandest. They are wrapped in the most beautiful paper of My Kingdom and scattered all around you, My beloved of the end, My darlings of tribulation. Do not believe that I will delay My coming one second more than absolutely necessary once all the promises in My Word have been fulfilled. Do not box Me in. I am the wild wind of God, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning of creation and the end of Satan and all those that would usurp My authority.

In order for My pillars to stand strong through great tribulation, they must first be greatly tested. This school of faith is not for the carnal minded. No scientist, no math wizard, nor even a university graduate endowed with all the wisdom of worldly man could even sit in this classroom. Even those that do graduate to these “higher” levels of learning are tested and retested and tried and tested again. I make My “tried in the fire” tests deliberately difficult, but I’m not trying to knock My beloved students out of the race. I do this to strengthen them for the final lap, that auspicious time when the finish line comes into view and they find themselves still in the race, not as those who merely participated because their friends did, but as front runners, those special athletes, the elite, those that have passed through My school, those that passed through the many trials and tests of faith during the days of training. These are those that “know” they were destined to be front runners, those that would lead the pack through to ultimate victory. These are those that will be ready when the “for real” tests begin, when My boys and Satan’s boys round the last bend, when all heaven and all hell stand in that great stadium of the end, craning their necks to see who comes through that main entrance gate first. All the training, all the tests, the tears, the lonely nights and tedious days of learning, all the forsaking and all the wearisome days of waiting for My promises to unfold will come to bear in that final hour.

When you My beloved hear the sound of your enemy’s footsteps behind you, thumping out their challenge of conquest over you as you lead your team into the last 400 meters, you will know you have reached the final lap, the lap you’ve trained so hard for. This is the lap that you have kept in your mind’s eye, sometimes in clear view, sometimes hazy, but always there in that substance called faith in the unseen.

Hold on My loves; don’t let go of that vision of glory. The cost is high, but so are the rewards. Those of your brethren that ran before you are waiting at the finish line. They line the final lap. They have been with you all this time you’ve been running and training, and when you line up for the starter’s gun, they will be there coaching and encouraging. They are holding out those liquid spiritual body salts of My Word for you to refresh yourselves as you come to a particularly strenuous section of the race. They will be there holding the bottle out to you, so don’t be so focused on your race that you ignore them, and don’t think you can make it up the next incline without that mineral intake. Your coaches are strategically placed along the course, so don’t be so intent on the pavement at your feet or the back of that opponent in front of you that you miss their outstretched hand. Always be looking for them, don’t miss that vital opportunity to snatch that bottle of spiritual energy being thrust at you. The hand behind that bottle has run this race too, and has lifted you many times along those many miles of training track.

I have told you before that the stadium is in view, that the entrance gate is very close now. Would I lie unto My servants the prophets? No, My Word says I would not, and I keep My Word. I am not as man, who cannot keep his word. I have said that the generation that sees the signs that you are now seeing will be the last generation. Keep reminding yourselves of My promises, both in the Bible and those in the Words of David and Maria…this generation, the first generation of David’s children will not pass till all these things, all these promises, be fulfilled.

“I make My “tried in the fire” tests deliberately difficult, but I’m not trying to knock My beloved students out of the race. I do this to strengthen them for the final lap, that auspicious time when the finish line comes into view and they find themselves still in the race.”


In Sight of the Stadium

When virtue has gone out of your loved ones and they feel like they’re drained of every last drop of strength, call on the keys of sustenance and revival, and I will infuse them with energy to finish running the race-and win!

The keys are slamming into place, the speed and frequency of each cylinder as it slides into its place is increasing. The final key is lining up. You must warn My children to awaken from their slumber. Do not allow the enemy to bluff you. Do not allow his jeers and doubts to sway you from what I have shown you. Take the next step; each step will get more difficult as you leave the dressing room and head for the starting line. If the enemy can get you to doubt your training, if he can get you to stop listening to your coaches, if he can dissuade you, if he can get you thinking you don’t have a chance against his men of the world, his star athletes, if he can get you to stop trying so hard, then you will not put your all into the race ahead. Once the race begins, although he will continue to shout all sorts of obscenities at you, race fervor will drown out some of the noise of his clamoring. He won’t quit shouting; he won’t stop trying to get you to miss that “boost your strength” point. He will try all he can to get you to miss that hand with that vitally important bottle of elixir.

Remember your training; remember the endless days and nights as the world went on with their nonsense, when some of those in the training camp gave up and went back to what they thought was an easier life, but you kept going. You kept stepping into each new day with blind faith. Remember as you walk out onto the track. Remember as the starter’s gun fires and you hear the clap of its report in your ears; remember as you leap forward into the race ahead. Remember, My beloved Gideon’s band; remember us. Remember that you are not alone. Don’t listen to the enemy’s lies telling you that your race is in vain, that you are fools for believing My promises, that you are so few.

At that time, I will open your eyes and you will see the stadium full to overflowing, not with Satan’s people, for they will be designated to the bleachers. The stadium is owned and run by Me and My angels. We hold the ticket gates. We hold the security checkpoints; we hold the snack booths; we hold the officials box, and we hold the camera booths. We announce the start of each race and we announce the names of the winners and the losers. So don’t listen to the father of lies, he is all bluff. What you see around you as you begin the race is all shadow. It is a movie script; there’s nothing but cardboard being held up with sticks and scaffolding. When you burst through that stadium main gate for the final lap you will begin to see glimpses of reality and what’s really behind the poorly designed facade of Satan’s make-believe world. It is then that his kingdom will begin to show serious cracks and signs of collapse. It is then that I will begin to shake him and his kingdom and his men and his whole team. And as you cross the finish line all will indeed begin to collapse, the walls and fake windows, the false fronts and cover-ups will begin to crumble. It is then that all heaven will burst into a crescendo of jubilation. The stadium will erupt into a universe-shattering praise of sheer ecstasy as you cross the line and I come to gather you and all My children into My arms to carry everyone away as victors of the Great Tribulation.”


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