Jesus speaking:

At present the elites seem to be doing it without the Antichrist. Everyone is falling into line just nicely. Even the churches are doing what is expected of them, at least the pastors in your country are. The politicians and pastors are, in many ways, in bed together. A pastor that fights the government doesn’t go too far. So what about the Antichrist? All seems quiet on the northern front. What is everyone waiting for? Is it the crash that comes next, one of the wars of the Antichrist, or everything at once? Our forces are monitoring, and we know that something will definitely happen in 2022. The Devil will not stop. In fact, he cannot stop; he is pushing hard on all fronts. Vaccination of all people will not be halted, as the Mark of the Beast pushes forward, so do all his plans. He is working behind the scenes and is orchestrating much of what is happening around the world.”

“You will see the crash happen this coming year, and you will see the Antichrist. You will know who he is. It will be revealed to you, for you are My beloved brides, and it is given to you to know these secrets that have been hidden for millennia. I will make known unto My prophet brides what shall come to pass in the days ahead. You have been faithful to cherish the Words of David. You have come as close to Me as anyone since the beginning of time. You are called and chosen, a peculiar generation. My hand is upon thee, and I will lead and guide you as you walk with Me through great tribulation. My coming is imminent. I tell you it is real; it is truly happening. You will see Me coming in glory in the clouds of Heaven as has been prophesied. You have held on by faith all your lives, but then you will see. The veil will open, and I and My angels will come with a great and mighty shout that will shake the heavens and the earth. All the world will mourn when they see that I am real, that I am Jesus. And you, My loves, will rejoice with great rejoicing.”

(In the full letter, Dad was talking about changing over to a new cash money. See part 5)  And what are they changing it to now? Digital money –even if you get wind of it, there is nothing you can do about it. Cash is on its way out, and all you can do is wait for it to happen, knowing that you are trapped like a rat in their trap. It’s all coming to a head; first vaccinations, and then cashless society will close of all forms of buying and selling to anyone that tries to live outside their system –then you have the very possible revelation of the AC.

“Search the Scriptures; forget not the ancient landmarks. Your Father David had the anointing of Jeremiah and Daniel when he was with you. You now have Jeremiah, Daniel, John, and all My other counselors, as well as Me, to guide you into Endtime truths.” Jesus speaking:


Out of Memphis

When the Enemy fights against you with all
of his power, I will fight for you with all of My power. The keys will be your strength, your
salvation and your relief, your strong tower of protection from the raging battles.

Note from editor: And 2022 looks like the year it’s all going to come to a very ugly head. Then the 3.5 years will begin. Here is an interesting article about the date of the AC revelation from a Kabbalah Jew. Just out of interest, Putin is a Kabbalah Jew –and so is Trump, I heard.”

(sorry AC’s have taken this down)

 (Referring to full letter, see part 5) Could this be what is happening in Ukraine? No doubt the US is taking Ukraine’s side because anything Russia does, the US will be against it. Perhaps Ukraine will be the catalyst that will finally polarize all the players and as Dad said above, the 10 Kings will finally yield their power to the Beast. He really has an ace up his sleeve in controlling the natural gas going into Europe.

Seeing as everything seems to be coming to a head in 2022 and going along with Branham’s prophecy about the beautiful woman, I wonder if she will step into Biden’s shoes in 2022…and start pushing for war against Russia over the Ukraine problem.  Let’s see, we aren’t going anywhere, for now it looks like we are here till the bitter end. And then on and up with Jesus to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.


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