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May 28..Podcast “The Royal Law of Liberty”

May 27..Podcast “Third War of the Antichrist”

May 23..Podcast “I Believe Cause God Said It”

May 22..Podcast “Testimony From An SDA”

May 20..Podcast “My Millennial Seed Stock”

May 18..Podcast “Living The Words Of David”

May 16..Podcast “The Pen of a Ready Writer”

May 15..Podcast “The Final Act pt 3”

May 14..Podcast “The Final Act pt 2”

May 12..Podcast “The Final Act of The COD”

May 10..Podcast “Satan Attacks New Wine Bottles”

May 08..Podcast “A Letter From John”

May 07..Podcast “The Cave”

May 06..Podcast “Choose The House of David”

May 05..Podcast “Not a Sermon But a Sample (Updated)”

May 02..Podcast “Refurbish Those Blue Swords”

May 01..Podcast “When Everything Goes Wacky”

April 29..Podcast “Know Ye That Summer Is Nigh”

April 28..Podcast “That There Card You’re Holding”

April 27..Podcast “Behold The Bridegroom Cometh”

April 26..Podcast “The Straight Gate To The Ford”

April 24..Podcast “Working In The Spirit”

April 21..Podcast “Summary of MO Letter 2222”

April 20..Podcast “The Light Of Israel”

April 19..Podcast “The Reality of the Unseen World”

April 18..Podcast “A Photo Of My Beloved”

April 17..Podcast “All The World Is A Stage”

April 15..Podcast “Passionately Following Jesus”

April 14..Podcast “Let The Battle Begin RU Ready”

April 13..Podcast “The Lonely Mountain”

April 12..Podcast “The Discipleship Path”

April 11..Podcast “Conversion of the LDS”

April 10..Podcast “Endtime Prayer Warriors”

April 08..Podcast “1993 to 2023”

April 07..Podcast “Don’t Hide the Light”

April 06..Podcast “There’s Life in the Words of David”

April 05..Podcast “Forget the Past”

April 04..Podcast “Paul tfi and the serpent”

March 30..Podcast “Loving Jesus Intimately”

March 29..Podcast “My Pawns The First Line Up”

March 28..Podcast “Secrets 4 Wilderness Walkers”

March 26..Podcast “The Alarm Clock has Sounded”

March 25..Podcast “Don’t Cover The Flame”

March 23..Podcast “Endtime Dreams”

March 20..Podcast “Warriors of Intercession”

March 19..Podcast “If I Had a Thousand Wishes”

March 18..Podcast “Prophesy Son Of Man”

March 17..Podcast “Testimony From John”

March 16..Podcast “The Last Seven Years”

March 15..Podcast “What Is Your Fruit”

March 10..Podcast “Wilderness Prophecies (Submitted)”

March 09..Podcast “Focused Prayer”

March 08..Podcast “We Are Still The Jesus Revolution”

March 07..Podcast “The Breach is Repaired”

March 06..Podcast “Pope Francis The Fraudulent”

March 05..Podcast “A New Spiritual Army”

March 04..Podcast “Working in the Spirit”

March 03..Podcast “The Jesus Revolution”

March 02..Podcast “The Tree and the Horn”

February 27..Podcast “This is the Destiny of the COD”

February 26..Podcast “That Lying Dog”

February 25..Podcast “Going Proactive 2023”

February 24..Podcast “Discipleship is Discipleship”

February 23..Podcast “Our Crown Awaits Us”

February 15..Podcast “And Michael Stood Up”

February 14..Podcast “LookToMeAndMyWord”

February 13..Podcast “Metanoia or Revolution”

February 11..Podcast “Man will take the rap”

February 10..Podcast “Purging out the Poison”

February 08..Podcast “Thunderings Lightnings & an Earthquake”

February 08..Podcast “Guardians of the Flame”

February 07..Podcast “Shun Carnal Mindedness”

February 04..Podcast “KM and God’s Will”

February 01..Podcast “More Than Necessary Food”

January 30..Podcast “Living in the Endtime”

January 29..Podcast “New Wine on the Endtime”

January 27..Podcast “A Tsunami of Evil”

January 26..Podcast “The AC is Moving”

January 25..Podcast “Preparing for the Road Ahead”

January 24..Podcast “Our Exodus”

January 14..Podcast “Wilderness Access and Travel pt.3”

January 13..Podcast “Wilderness Access and Travel pt.2”

January 12..Podcast “Wilderness Access and Travel”

January 11..Podcast “The Flame Of Revolution”

January 10..Podcast “The Flame in the Wilderness”

January 09..Podcast “Searching for Your Portal”

January 06..Podcast “The Elerian at the Gate”

January 05..Podcast “Breaking Through the Illusion”

January 04..Podcast “Entering Deeper into the Gates”

January 03..Podcast “Days of Noe and the Cathars”

December 27..Podcast “Third War of the Antichrist”

December 25..Podcast “The Watchers and the Cloud”

December 25..Podcast “Obeying the Letters or the Leaders

December 24..Podcast “Stay Away from the Goo”

December 23..Podcast “Enduring Faith”

December 22..Podcast “Entering in at the Portal Gate”

December 21..Podcast “Preparing the Elite Troops”

December 20..Podcast “Coming Division in the Last Time”

December 19..Podcast “A Question Of Logic”

December 18..Podcast “What Is The Image Of The Beast”

December 17..Podcast “The Prophet” Yuval Noah Harari

December 14..Podcast “More on the 1260 Days”

December 13..Podcast “Last Church linked to 1260 Days”

December 11..Podcast “Wildwind calls from the Wilderness”

December 10..Podcast “The Green Paper Pig UPDATED”

December 08..Podcast “The City That Moses Built”

December 03..Podcast “Be Still…We Are Half Way to Heaven”      

December 01..Podcast “What Your Flesh Wants”      

November 27..Podcast “Dream of Crossing Over”      

November 25..Podcast “Are You Loving Him”      

November 21..Podcast “Ezekiel 1:15 Generators of God”      

November 20..Podcast “COP27 G2O Summit World Cup”      

November 18..Podcast “What Happened to the Family”       

November 17..DOWNLOAD PDF “2022 The Pivotal Year”                  

November 16..Podcast “The Last Church The Last Covenant”       

November 15..Podcast “The Dual Layered Covenant”       

November 14..Podcast “Joseph and 2022 the pivotal year”       

November 11..Podcast “The Reason for Life on Earth”       

November 10..Podcast “The Almond Blossom”       

November 08..Podcast “This Shrinking Time Business”       

November 07..Podcast “Revelation 8 is 2022”       

November 02..Podcast “The Keys and the 35th Meridian”       

October 31..Podcast “A Human Symphony”       

October 27..Podcast “Updating The Watch”       

October 24..Podcast “A Cave of Blue Diamonds”       

October 23..Podcast “Ukraine The Heavenly Jerusalem”       

October 21..Podcast “Book Burning a sign of the end”       

October 21..Podcast “Exciting Revelation about 2 Witnesses”       

October 19..Podcast “TFI Important Announcement”       

October 16..Podcast “Blue Key Compilation”       

October16..DOWNLOAD PDF “Blue Key”                  

October 15..Podcast “Supers to Serf’s”       

October 09..DOWNLOAD PDF “Blue and Gold”                  

October 06..Podcast “Putin’s B-day 7 10 22”       

October 03..Podcast “God’s School of Submission”       

October 02..Podcast “No Will of Your Own”       

October 01..Podcast “Not your own”       

September 30..Podcast “Number of a Man”       

September 29..Podcast “Concerning the Daily Sacrifice”       

September 27..Podcast “Take No Thought”       

September 25..Podcast “Applying Prophecy in Your Life”       

September 24..Podcast “Trust and Obey Part 2”        

September 23..Podcast “Trust and Obey”        

September 18..Podcast “Dream of God’s Thundering part 2”        

September 15..Podcast “To the 2nd Generation”        

September 14..Podcast “The Final Act Begins”        

September 11..Podcast “Following by Faith”      

September 07..Podcast “Dream of God’s Thundering pt1”        

September 02..Podcast “David’s Tabernacle”        

September 01..Podcast “Sonoluminescense”          

August 31..Podcast “Obstacon and our Destiny”            

August 31..Podcast “Prophecies of David”            

August 28..Podcast “Recap of 2022 (full possession)”            

August 27..Podcast “Era of Action”            

August 26..Podcast “The Economy and the Antichrists”          

August 23..Podcast “A gift in our hands Heavenly Thot power”            

August 22..Podcast “A Full Circle Full Possession”            

August 21..Podcast “Revision of Full Possession”              

August 20..Podcast “Anniversary of Full Possession”              

August 17..Podcast “Time Space and Spirit”              

August 09..Podcast “Endtime Radio Script”                  

August 02..DOWNLOAD PDF “Blue and Gold”                  

August 02..Podcast “Gold Roses and Thorns”                  

August 02..DOWNLOAD PDF “Gold Roses and Thorns”                  

July 26..Podcast “According To Thy Will”                  

July 25..Podcast “Valiant A Warrior Angel”                    

July 23..Podcast “Spirit of the Words”                    

July 22…Podcast “Musical Key”                    

July 21…Podcast “Validating The Keys”                    

July 20…Podcast “Use The Keys Now”                    

July 18…Podcast “Call On The Keys”                    

July 15…Podcast “Obedience and Healing”                    

July 12…Podcast “Keeping The Heavenly Vision”                    




Our Business is open for More Wine makers

 26th October, 2020

It’s a new day and there’s lots of new wine waiting to be poured. It’s fresh from heaven, and why not? Anyone can get it. It’s not an exclusive club. All are invited to the wine cellar. The Keys open the way. All you need to do is be is a New-Bottle, a desirous Bride who is thirsty for My sweet intoxicating brews. Step out by faith, open your pots wide, and I will pour down tasty wine to anyone who asks for it. Come in anticipation. Come, with your empty glass outstretched, in eager anticipation of the delights I will serve you, even the strange truths. Some are sparkly, some clear and sweet, some rich and red, and others with small creatures in them. There are all sorts to taste and savor. I will serve you exactly what you need each time you ask for more.

You need not have any fear of these fresh new wines, as the cellar they are pouring from originates from an old, well-established, renowned Wine-making family. The mother plant was grafted from a Royal vine. This wine -making family knew how to make top-of-the-line wines. Although their cellar lay dormant for a few years, up-and-coming third generation children of this famous wine- making family took on the business. So together with their parents, they have struck out again producing tasty, tantalizing brews pertinent for today. You are also welcome. Our business is open for more wine makers, and we wait in anticipation. Your brews will be much appreciated, for you were trained by this very same Wine-making family, and we need as many wine makers as will come. There is a shortage, and your skills are very needed. Please, don’t worry if it’s been a while since you’ve used your wine-making skills. All you need is a refresher course, and you’ll be on your way to making the tastiest wines. You can even start your very own cellar. Looking forward to hearing from you. (Personal Prophecy)

October 27, 2020—The New Vines

(Vision): I awoke in the middle of the night and saw an old root-stock that had been cut off at ground level, but out of the different old stems had sprouted these young new vines. It was a ground-growing plant like a squash or sweet potato. The young new fresh vines were growing, but they didn’t grow very much before they took on the appearance of older, mature stems that were ready to flower and hold fruit. I was then told to get up and write.

(Prophecy): It is time for the new wine; there isn’t time to stay young and fresh. The new vines must quickly establish themselves and send down their roots; their stems must toughen up, for the time to produce fruit is here. The vine must be hardy and strong in order to withstand the rigors of fruit bearing. Open your channels and conduits, for there is much new wine needed to feed the multitudes. Loaves and fishes are what’s needed. The young prophets must quickly become veterans, there is no time to stay young and fresh, the growing season is over, now it is time for fruit bearing. The Master is coming to harvest; a time of reaping is upon you. So send down those roots, toughen up those stems;  now Is the time to flower and to be pollinated and to bear fruit.

Excerpts from “Let’s Talk about Jesus”:

“WINE IS LIKE JESUS! THIS LITTLE BIT OF SPIRITS IS LIKE THE HOLY SPIRIT! YOU GET SO FULL OF IT–YOU DON’T EVEN WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF ANYMORE; you forget yourself, and you just are happy in spite of yourself!–and all you can think about is you’re happy and you don’t even care! It helps you forget the past, and yourself.

You have to KEEP YOUR EYES ON JESUS! You’ve got to BE SO FULL OF JESUS–LIKE BEING FULL OF WINE–that you’re so high, so drunk, so freaked out on Jesus, you don’t care what the hell happens! All you know is you love Jesus–Jesus loves you!–and that’s all that matters. That’s a fact!


I see a vision of the room, the little room of love, the one that I had to go through a doorway of pouring water to get to. Lots of tears. Yet this room is where secrets were shared, and lots of love was enjoyed. Now I see that there is a room adjoined to it. The bed of love was only the first base. There is more to learn as I go in deeper. I look in the door, and Jesus is sitting at his desk. It is a study room. I stand there, not sure what to do. He’s not inviting me to do anything. I’m a little uncomfortable being in here. We are so totally alone, Him and me. There’s no way to run out or go. We are deep in. He’s just quiet.

Then I hear His words, “Study to be quiet”.

I am then lying down on a couch bed, a white and gold one. He begins to pour water on my head and hair. It’s from this porcelain type of pouring vessel. He pours it and washes my hair and face with the drops that come down. Then He wipes them off.

“Study to be quiet” He keeps saying. He has a cloth and it seems that He’s going to wash me, bit by bit, my face, my neck, my shoulders. I am to lie here and have His cleansing, and just relax.

(Jesus: ) Wherever we are, we’re together. In the passion or in the stillness, together we’ll be. So sit tight and let Me do what I do best: Cleanse. Did you forget that was My main mission? To cleanse sin, and to cleanse with the Word. And to cleanse the world too. So don’t worry if things get a bit messy for a while. I’m with you, okay?  And I’m going to keep My hand on you.