The Remnant of the children of David

Jesus Speaking: You, My loves, are part of the greatest army that has ever walked the face of this earth. You, My loves, are about to enter the greatest battle that has ever been fought on the face of this earth. You, My loves, are My Warrior Band. You, My loves, are My cherished ones, My darling ones, My ardent ones. This year, My dearest ones, the war of the worlds is going to swing into the final lap. How long this lap will take to run, is not in My power to divulge to you at this stage, for now right now you are running the race with faith as your partner. Soon enough will the veil be ripped open, and you will see the crowds and the enemy, but that is not yet. Run, My loves, My dears, with patience and faith as your running mates. They will spur you on until such a time as the veils falls from its place, the two worlds collide, and all is revealed. Fight on, My Warrior Band, fight on. Today the sound of battle; tomorrow the victor’s song.

It is your faith that pleases Me. So yes, I deliberately put a veil over the future, and with purpose, I wrap My promises in the paper of obedience and tie them tight with the cords of the unseen. It has always been like this, starting with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. My hall of faithful is full of men and women that believed My unseen promises and stepped out by faith and changed the world. Why would My children of this generation expect to be given free something as sought after and prayed for and earnestly desired and hard fought for as to be among those to stand with the remnant at the end of days.

“I see your hearts, My warriors. I see you are growing anxious, not due to fear, but to be on with the mission and to see My return. It is close now, very close. You feel it, and you want it to be so.”


an elegy

The keys of dedication have the power to keep you on the road of My highest will for your life.


I have kept the best presents for last, the biggest and grandest. They are wrapped in the most beautiful paper of My Kingdom and scattered all around you, My beloved of the end, My darlings of tribulation. Do not believe that I will delay My coming one second more than absolutely necessary once all the promises in My Word have been fulfilled. Do not box Me in. I am the wild wind of God, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning of creation and the end of Satan and all those that would usurp My authority. (continued)

The full pdf version of this amazing prophecy can be downloaded by following this link to John’s page in the wine cellar.

If you are wondering what the term Second Generation means  please follow this link.


When the mainstream media channels announced the arrival of Corona,Christians in our country fell in line with the rest of the world; they donned the allessentialmask, even though its ability to protect was documented as dubious.

The world & the christian

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