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Jesus speaking in prophecy



“Was man, as in Adam and Eve, once a being of light?

Jesus: Oh yes, indeed! And that is what is so exciting about this whole revelation and concept I’m sharing with you now. I am the light and I absolutely love –no, I live– to share My light with whomever wishes to have it and in any amount they desire to have it.

Look at Moses, his face shone from being in My presence. That is true in part; Moses shone from within not from without, as some might suggest. He was full of Me, My Word; he shone from the Word that was in his heart, and it shone out from his face.  Stephen was the same; he shone because of My Word, Me, in him.


Adam and Eve lost that light and became darkened in their understanding because of disobedience/sin. The movie “Cocoon” illustrated the “skin over the beings of light” concept really well. So now that you have lost it, how do you get it back? Well, the Moses illustration should teach you that. You asked, “Why did the angels that didn’t rebel continue to shine with Your light, while the all the humans that have lived after Adam and Eve, who didn’t have anything to do with the original sin, didn’t retain the light?” Well, that is not completely true. I give a little light to every man that cometh into the world, (John 1:9). That little bit of light can guide you through life, but more importantly, to salvation, being born again. That is when the door is fully opened and My light bursts through and into a unenlightened soul. You see, the angels that didn’t rebel made a decision to retain Me, the Light. For man to enter that class, he too must make a decision. Once that decision is made, he then must choose to read My Word; and in so doing his soul/being begins to fill with light. The more he reads –and mind you, obeys what he reads, the more light is infused into his being. It is a continual process that must be repeated throughout existence; just like a battery must be continually charged by an alternator, and a light by a dynamo and a power grid by a turbine.”

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