Jesus Speaking:

Gird up thy loins. Strengthen thy shield arm and grip tight the sword of My Word! Resist the devil and stand strong on the promises of God. Don’t waver, don’t doubt, and don’t let the battle feel routine in your heart! Sometimes it takes continued fighting,  a constant battle day after day with little progress, in order to win –especially when trying to break a bad habit. You know what you’re supposed to do, and you do it, but the results don’t come the first weeks, months, or even years, so you begin to think you haven’t done enough towards the war effort. You feel discouraged and like I have failed, and down you go. No, My love, look up. Look to My promises; look to the end of the tunnel. You’re living in the “now,” and the “now” tells you that you have failed, but hold on, for I have prepared for you a better tomorrow!

In that day, you will rejoice, and the things of yesterday will seem as only dreams, past experiences that have only made you a better and more hardened soldier. The feelings of now are so strong, so overwhelming –I know. I know how it is. They can seem like a blanket that totally covers your reality, your faith, your vision, your mind. Like a flood, they can seem to wash away your faith in all I have said ! But it is not so, My love. Focus on Me, focus on the power, reach up and grab My hand. Let Me pull you above the dark clouds that surround your situation!

There is a better tomorrow: a blue sky above, fresh waters ahead, and a song to be sung –a melody to the madness and hopelessness of the seemingly endless fight! Look to the heavens, look through My eyes and see the Heavenly Vision! Call on the Keys of determination, Heavenly Vision, Faith, Power, Fighting Spirit, Endurance, Strength, Love, and Trust! The battle is long, but I will not fail. The trials and the tests continue, yet you have not failed. Fight on and continue on no matter how monotonous it feels! Tomorrow you will sing!

It’s like a siege on an enemy city. You’ve got his city surrounded, and you’re waiting for his troops to starve. I’ve told you how to go about this battle, and you’re obeying. You’re fighting to the best of your ability: you’re calling on the Keys and hearing from Me. You’re not perfect, but you’re trying. So you’ve been waiting day by day, stopping any supplies from getting in, fighting off his raids, and keeping your troops on all the exits. But it’s taking time. You can’t see what’s going on inside, and you don’t know how long he’s going to last. You’re just obeying My orders to keep them in. Don’t give up on the long battle. There are great treasures of victory and spiritual progress to be had. If only you will fight on, you will have them! Fight, My love. You’re making progress. You’re learning and growing! Praise Me for the falls, praise Me for the battle, praise Me for the victories, I love your praises! Fight, My love, I love you!

(End of prophecy)


“There is a better tomorrow: a blue sky above, fresh waters ahead, and a song to be sung — a melody to the madness and hopelessness of the seemingly endless fight!”


Revelation 21

“All the power of Heaven and dominion over Hell is given to the children of David through the keys of the Kingdom, their reward.