Jesus Speaking:

The gift I place in your hands will be one of inestimable worth to you in these Last Days, for it is the gift of greater thought power. I will activate My thought power within those who meet the requirements. If you will allow Me full possession and will put on My mind, our minds will meld. And as you take on the totality of the mind of God, your thought power will be increased; your mental and spiritual power will be greatly enhanced. For in putting on My mind, My Spirit will flow through you in greater degree. Your thoughts will be more fully energized and guided by My Spirit. You will be more finely tuned and in sync with Me, and this will enable you to perform great miracles in the name of the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.

You will become known as the people of the keys. You will hold the power of the keys high; it will not be a secret. So it is correct to say “you will perform miracles in the name of the keys,” for as you call on the keys, as you use their power, it is in their name that the miracles will be performed. Your lives will be living testimonies to Me. You will be known as My brides, and it will be known that I have given you the keys of the Kingdom. It is a very great honor, and I rejoice that all the world will know of our intimacy and this beautiful, priceless treasure I have bestowed upon you–a token of love, an honor above all, an unlimited credit voucher for anything you might need or desire as My pets, My chosen ones. So yes, miracles will be done in the name of the keys, for as you call on them you will be loving Me, and in the eyes of those who witness it, the miracles will often be done in the name of the keys; but they will know at the same time of your intimacy with Me and that that is what grants you this unlimited power. (End of message from Jesus.)

In fully uniting your spirit with Mine, as you allow Me to fully possess you, as you reject carnal-mindedness and put on My mind, as you allow Me to more fully live in you, as you live, breathe, and think My thoughts, then I am able to activate a greater capacity of mental and spiritual powers within you. Your mind has tremendous potential, for it is spiritual, and when your mind is yielded to Me, you are able to generate My power. You become generators of the power of God and nothing will be impossible to you! (Gift of Heavenly Thought Power #3377)


Question: How can we become generators of the power of God? How can the power come from us? We are not God. Wouldn’t it rather be that we become conduits of the power of God? Please help me to put on your mind so that I am able to understand what is being said in that line.

Prophecy: I see a picture of the blue angels surrounding the cone-shaped apparatus that the plasma stream is funneled through. They look at me with much friendlier eyes than what was portrayed in the original vision when the WS channel first looked upon this same scene. They know that I am one of them and therefore I am of no threat. They know I am here to understand one of the millions of deep secrets that is held within the library spoken of in the vision about the generators of God.

Question: Are you generating the power that is flowing through that ring you seem to be supporting? Why are you there at all? Does the plasma stream need you, or do you need it? What is that coming from your chest? Are you generating that smoke, mist, or whatever it seems to be?

Prophecy: We are the conduits of the Word of God; the plasma stream represents the Word of God. It is His Word that we are both the protectors and conduits of. If you were to be exposed to the raw power of God, His Words, you would not be able to handle it. We are like a step-down, from full power to useable power. Much like how a step-down transformer works. It takes in full power and reduces it to useable power.

To answer your first question: to be a generator of God is very possible. One way to look at it is the way a turbine works. A turbine is designed to generate power. However, to be able to generate, it needs some force like water or air pushing on its internal apparatus. In the case of the Generators of God vision; the plasma stream is like the stream of water that passes over the little blades inside the generator. The water is the Word of God, the spirit of Jesus. Whoever hooks into the Word of God (plasma stream) becomes like a little generator that gives off light and power. It is not its own power, because without the Water of God’s Word, there would be no force to push its little generator blades. The closer the generator stays to the Water of God’s Word, the faster the blades turn and the more powerful the light it emits. And likewise, if the generator moves away from the stream, the slower it turns. If it moves away altogether then it stops emitting light and power and becomes dead and powerless. The plasma stream flows throughout the universe. It is part of the earth and its make-up. It not only created the earth, but it keeps it balanced and vibrant, even in spite of all Satan and his followers are doing to destroy it. Without the constant flow of God’s Word running through creation, creation would cease to exist. It would return to darkness, as it was at the beginning of time. Genesis 1:2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. (End of prophecy)


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“The mind of God is powerful, and as you reject the thoughts and reasoning and conclusions of the world and put on My mind, My Heavenly thought power can then be activated within you. “


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