70 years revelation: A key to the Endtime

Prophecy: In the letter “The Index” there was mention of the “70 years revelation” being a key prophecy, a Key Word. That letter is truly a key to understanding the many events and many prophecies that followed  in the pursuing years. What many people don’t realize is that if  a person, due to carnal reasoning, stumbles at any one of the keys, then when it comes time to open other doors further in, the task to take it by faith will be more difficult for that person.

REMEMBER WHAT I’VE OFTEN TOLD YOU ABOUT HOW THE PROPHETS SEE THE FUTURE? It’s often like looking over a range of mountains. We used to drive out in Arizona & you’d look far across & you’d see this range here & this range here & another range here & another range here, just the tops of them. And in the haze of the distance, about all you could see was the skyline then & it looked like all one range of mountains. As you kept driving closer & closer all you could see was the range in front & you thought that was it, but when you climbed up that mountain & you got to the top, some of those mountains you thought were the same range were another 20 or 30 miles away!…from “Leave Yourself Open” DO #1934


On the 18th of February 1919, a very great and important prophet was born into the world, who was to “be called David by divine anointing, and to whom it was given to perceive the number of years which, according to the prophet Jeremiah, would pass before “the End of Desolations”.

In 1966, the same year she received the famous Warning Message Prophecy of the Great Confusion, David’s mother prophesied that the Lord would reveal to him the number of years unto “the End of Desolations”, like He had to Jeremiah.  

David said of this revelation:This sounds like the Lord means that The End will come after the end of that 70 year period, or sometime after the year 1989, the predicted year of the end of my life, or “the days of my years“, as it says that these 70 years will pass before the End of Desolations, perhaps just shortly before.”

**Unless of course, The Children of David were not yet “fully prepared” for the coming End of Days. Maria’s time to shine with her ministry of getting out a comprehensive training program for elite Endtime warriors was yet to come! The elite army of David began receiving the “new weapons” in preparation for their calling as Endtime warriors. The Reboot, in 2010,  was also a very necessary part of the elite’s preparation. It did away with earthly leadership, making way for a more complete anointing to fall upon those that continued with their training in the use of the new weapons. 


According to David in his interpretation, “the days of his years”, passed in 1989. Reflecting on that statement it would seem that although his birth and life were important, what was far more significant was his ministry as the anointed Prophet of the End, which the Lord was indicating would end in 1989.

There were some noteworthy events in 1989…”Lament in the Night” was published and many missionaries were returning to their home fields. This event seemed to be part of David’s ministry of “millions for the billions” coming to an end. His dream of pushing Papa’s posters was coming to a close.  I’m reminded of Matthew 24:14 when I think of the millions of pieces of literature distributed by The COG/Family since the birth of David’s ministry. As was mentioned, his dream culminated in the distribution of full-color posters worldwide. What a truly supernatural witness to all nations.

“When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand).” Matthew 24:15


Prophets of the end

The keys of the Kingdom can change your spirit, your mind, and your thoughts, so that you’re in My Spirit, using My mind, and thinking My thoughts.


What I’m suggesting is that Matthew 24:14 may well have been fulfilled in 1989, and according to David’s interpretation: “The End will come after the end of that 70 year period, or sometime after the year 1989” (note the words “sometime after”)

David’s death was an important event, but not as momentous as his ministry as the Lord’s anointed Endtime prophet; a ministry that I’m suggesting found its fulfillment in 1989 and was prophesied by Jesus in Matthew 24:14.

fwiw: Another interesting observation regarding David’s destiny: the Lord told David that he had called him to give America, and indeed the world, the message of Jeremiah (the message that started the Jesus revolution!) According to history, Jeremiah preached to Jerusalem for forty years. What’s interesting about that number is if you add 40 to 1968 you get 2008…the year the “Change Journey” was written, which, for me, kind of “sealed”  the end of David’s ministry. But, as was mentioned earlier, a purging of the “old church” was to begin and then end with the rebirth of a new, Endtime ecclesia. (see An Elegy By Jesus: Mystical-bible You Tube video)


Obviously it was not given to David to fully understand the 70 year Prophecy of the End; he even said in that same letter: “Just please don’t go around telling everybody that I predicted these dates, because I didn’t—the Lord did! And if they don’t happen just like this, don’t blame Him—but blame us for not having interpreted His predictions properly, but personally‚ I’m inclined to believe that these dates are mighty close, if not exact, and if there is any error, it is due to the frailty of our human understanding, and not to the failure of God!”

To quote David’s own adage, “Mountains viewed from far away seem like one mountain range”. It is never good advice to put times and dates on future events.

By keeping to the spirit of Matthew 24:36, being that no man will know the time of Jesus’ arrival (at least not until a certain signal is given…Matthew 24:15…which incidentally is slotted after the suggested fulfillment of David’s destiny of Matthew 24:14), we would keep ourselves safe from making the mistake of numbering the year of the return of Jesus.

To quickly summarize: it would appear that the 70-year Prophecy of the End is stating that the “End of Desolations” would come about after the end of David’s days or ministry. So don’t plan around any specific year, but instead keep looking for the signs of the beginning of the final desolation.  Matthew 24:15 and Revelation 13:16 are excellent pointers.

David Brant Berg 1919-1994



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    Hi ,Good work on the 70 year prophecy…In the mid 1990’s when praying about this letter and how it all fits, I was reminded that David’s baptism in 1938 and the Powerful boldness he received at that time, to 2008 was 70 years, at the time I wasn’t sure of my interpretation and my view on this and 2008 was a long way off at the time, for sure, when I saw your Change journey as the end of David’s Ministry in 2008 ,WOW Neat ,GBY Love and prayers Thomas

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