Myrrh…a spirit helper

“Your lives are a living sacrifice, my dear, made to burn out on the altar of sacrifice. You have to keep putting it there every day, even every moment if you have to. If you pick it up again then, yes, burn it again you must. But our Husband knows your heart. He knows your love for Him, and He knows your desire to please Him despite yourself. It’s when you stop putting yourself or your baggage on the altar that things go awry. He knows your frame, and he is patient, oh so patient and tender to forgive. The secret is to love Him more than anything. Then it’s easier. Because you love Him so much and He is your Morning star, you search the sky for Him. Let Him be your star during the dark night, and he will light up your sky. Where He is you will be also. Run to Him as fast as you can. Let Him kiss you with the kisses of His mouth. Let Him possess you. Be as a cup of water, and He the sugar that dissolves as the two become one. Lift up your arms and be the incense, wafting and rising on high into His chambers where he will imbibe you and the exuding fragrance will be exquisite, because He will take you, dear, and come into you. He will inhale your love and your desire. Your thoughts will become His thoughts, and it will be your pleasure to do His bidding. This is the secret.

And do not be dismayed when you get hit right after you have spent time with your Husband and you are soaring on high and flying in the heavenlies, but rather know that the enemy knows you are a bride full of your Jesus. He (the enemy) knows you are a lethal weapon, like a bee overladen with pollen; take a care that he doesn’t take advantage of your ecstatic state. Surround yourself with the Keys and preempt his attacks on you. Be aware and as you come out of the wilderness leaning on your beloved, He will set you as a seal upon His heart. The valiant men of David will draw their swords and hedge you in, for you are His beloved. (End of prophecy)

“Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.” Hebrews 12:1



There is no greater love than to call on the power of the keys to lay down your life for another in unselfishness, compassion, sympathy, sacrifice, tenderness, and humble service.


(Jesus) So, My dear bride, I say to you to leave behind the fears that you can’t do it, that you aren’t good enough, that you will fail and are too weak and useless. Yes, that is all true. But …it is not you doing it. It will be Me, through you. So be done with this line and leave it behind you now. Burn this mindset, these carnal thoughts that it’s anything of you at all. Of course it isn’t. So stop that train of thought because the enemy will pull you down on that every time. Tell him that you know you can’t, but that your beautiful, strong, capable Jesus will do it through you. Be confident of this fact. For thus it is. This sniveling and whimpering and self pity is murmuring now because you know well enough that you are not able. So look to Me with your eyes fixed as a flint…and do not waver. Fiercely believe. Have faith in Me. Have faith I will answer your prayers the best I know how. Stop this incessant disbelief that I can use you. It is time to let that mindset flow away, down the river. It is a hindrance and a stronghold of the enemy. So that is what I want you to let go of.”


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May 2022


Sand of personal conviction



The vaccine is being forced upon you; what are you going to do? Personal conviction without the Word of God is like building your house on sand.



January 2021


it can happen in 2022 part 2



You have the gift of prophecy, you have the gift of discernment…look at the signs saying it is later than you think.



December 2021


modern day shad



If you are going to make a stand, then make it on the Word of God, that is where you will find Jesus standing waiting for you.



December 2021


divine image destroyed



A video produced by Christine Beadsworth on how the vaccine is destroying the temple of the Holy Ghost.