Illuminus speaking:

“I am Illuminus, and I work in the area of your mind. That is where my enemy Pan lurks; he loves the dark unyielded parts of your mind, those areas that are not fully yielded to our Lord.  In the shadowy places of your mind, he directs your thoughts away from the Word and onto the things of this world. Pan loves to confuse, to muddy, muddle and weaken the mind of man. He is the enemy of the Word; the Word brings light and life, so I fight by illuminating the muddy waters his darkness and dark thoughts bring. I work with the FAF (Fairy Angel Fighters).

These are fairies, angels of intense light, and they bombard Pan and Arakan like bees of light. Their buzzing is particularly annoying to these demons. Like bees protecting the honey of God’s Word that you are trying to store in the honeycomb of your mind, the FAF are fearsome protectors and will not relent whilst you have the mind to put the Word of God first in your life. The enhancing power of the Blue Key  makes these fairy fighters aggressive. They become killer bees to these demons of dark thoughts and dark alleyways and secret rooms of the mind.

Call on us when the filthy polluted waters of the river of death begin to flood your mind. We know who is at the sluice gate upstream. We will go on your behest and destroy that gate and chase these mind destroyers back into the darkness. Use the Keys of Light to enhance our fighting ability, for these demons are strong. They are surrounded by Satan’s darkness. It is thick and gooey. But I fight with light. It is like a light sabre to his cloying blackness. 

“Illuminus is an advocate of Your light to fight the darkness of Pan. Pan attacks the mind with his darkness–his lies, deceits, doubts, depression, discouragement, and all that opposes the light of Your Word. Illuminus’ power to defeat Pan is released and activated through prayer and a person’s choice to take in the Word.”


You Begin This Charge

“Call on the keys of acceptance if you feel like My will is too difficult for you, and they can change your mind and heart and bring you joy in your labors.”


“The Key of Light is a source of infinite power that can counter the darkness with which the Devil tries to shroud people’s hearts and minds. Call on this key to turn on “floodlights” in the hearts of those you love and care for, and it will illuminate the things of the spirit in their life.”

Your part is to put on the mind of Christ through deep desire for His Word. His honey Words give light and life to those dark corners and hitherto closed rooms of your mind. Fling the doors open, unlock the window along those corridors and allow us full, unhindered entrance. We will sweep clean the cobwebs in those corners and mop up the slime and filth left on the floors and walls by the receding flood waters of Pan and Arakan.”


Downloads for you

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November 2021


Who’s who



A library of spirit helpers, angels and departed saints all ready to help us during these days of tribulation.



December 2021


Eagle’s wings


Join MB in a Bible study on Revelation 12



December 2021


divine image destroyed



A well presented video by C. Beadsworth showing how the vaccine is an attack on the God-created temple of the Holy Ghost.



December 2021


Divine image destroyed



Join MB in a discussion held about C. Beadsworth’s video of the same name.


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