Love is stronger than death

Jesus speaking:

“You are the delight of your Father, My beautiful Brides, My faithful ones, My obedient ones. You have wielded the Keys of obedience, and you have continually yielded and surrendered to Me your all, time and time again. After each fall, you rose up, smaller in yourself and greater in Me. Your love for Me enlarged as I set you in our large place, that beautiful realm, where our spirits dwell and you are safe. You have experienced that secret place and know of its refreshing regenerative powers that soothe and touch and heal your spirit and strengthen the bonds between us. You know this is where your focus needs to be now, that it is your escape, your safe-keeping; your strong tower of protection. It’s the promise “Keep your eyes off yourself and your situation and on Me and the Keys and see how the Keys will buoy you up.” They will take you into the wilderness where My spirit will provide and nourish you. Yes, the tide is rising and rapidly now. The storm is upon us. Steady, My loves, steady. The enemy is very sure of himself now. He’s quite pleased with his progress and is pressing in for the kill. He smells blood and his hunting lust is upon him. Cock-sure and arrogant in his cruel hate for Me and Mine, he seeks to destroy, destroy love, the very greatest force in the Universe. You must be My beacons of My beckoning to the lost and broken. It will require death to yourself, My loves.  I have been putting you through your paces, and you have forsaken much for Me, My beautiful brides. More is coming up ahead on this ‘Last Days’ path. Much selflessness will be required, much love— the power of the great Law of Love. You all have been through the preparation time, and some of you have forsaken very much to become empty of yourselves, to rid the carnal and ‘self’ in your life. Oh, My loves, I see your ardor, your passion, your knarly- resolve, your new-bottle revolutionary spirits. Because I asked it of you, you laid aside many of your own wants and wishes and desires and dreams, sacrificing greatly to please Me. You love Me that much!!

Beautiful, beautiful love-doves! You inflame My heart; you drive Me crazy with love for you for what you are willing to give for Me. So, so utterly abandoning. I know; I see the pain it has caused you, and you are torn between what you know you should do and then dealing with the very strong pull of what your flesh cries out for. I see the pain, the forsakings, the loneliness, the heartache and heartbreaks. My heart swoons for you, My closest dears. What I won’t do for you now as we enter the blackest night. I will be light around you. Because you have given Me what is dearest to you, I will lead and guide and protect and provide through the storm. You know My ways now. You are well acquainted. You know that what I am telling you does not mean that it will be easy. You know My ways are not your ways, and that many times the way to victory and rising above and coming out as fine gold means you must go through the fire. So when you say yes to Me, I know you know that you aren’t asking for an easy time. But you trust. You trust that My way will lead you aright. And that’s what you want… only My way, even though it pains. My grace will be sufficient, My loves. I will be in you and all around you. I will be your strong tower that you will run into. In My love for you, I gift you with someone very close to Me, someone very special.  

“Let the sweet juices flow; let the scents and perfumes rise on the breeze and let’s dance, our spirits soaring through the air like two lovebirds courting and mating in an amazing aerial foreplay.”



Rub the key of prophecy in your hands until it’s hot and shiny, and as a result of your faith, I will open the veil of the spirit wide and the message you seek will be there.

I give you a new helper at this time to help you have a spirit of selflessness. She helped Me to do what I had to do, the bitter and the sweet –to suffer the bitter trials, to have the humility to be to mocked and scorned and die in seeming shame, yet to be continually anointed with her oils, to have a heart full of beautiful sweet-smelling love for mankind, which was My joy. I refused the wine with myrrh as I did not want to be rendered insensible but wanted to have all My senses, as part of the giving, the sacrifice. –kind of like the martyrs enduring for a better resurrection. I did it fully knowing what I was doing.  The spirit helper I give you is called ‘Myrrh’. She embodies the sweetness of humility, the perfume of denying oneself, the essence of laying down your life for others- the bittersweet that you are willing to do for Me as part of your dying to yourself in this earth life, the suffering and affliction to yield the peaceable fruits of righteousness, in order to be Me for others and to live the Royal Law of Love. I bring hardships into your life but also joy, the bittersweet experiences of your walk and life with Me, darling brides. Myrrh was used to anoint the body of those who had died as well as the bride being anointed with myrrh on her wedding day. She will teach you to have the grace to die to oneself. She is the anointing oil to continually consecrate you with the gift of selflessness, humility and love. She will empower you with submissiveness as a bride readying herself for her Husband, ready to do My bidding, to serve, and as a love slave, be willing to do anything I ask of you.

Myrrh was with Me at My birth and  at the cross in the wine, then My body was embalmed in its sweet aroma — at My beginning and at My end. So I am very familiar with the significance of Myrrh.  In My times, myrrh was more valuable than gold, so it is very symbolic that myrrh was presented at My birth indicating that I would die for the sins of the World. The love of God is more valuable; My dying for you is more valuable than all the gold, all the riches in this earthly life. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. And it is what Satan is trying to destroy. Will there be any who are willing to go through the bitterness, the suffering and affliction, the utter selflessness to stand in the End of days? Will you stand My brides? Will you ready your bridal bodies in anticipation for My soon coming with the oils of myrrh, rubbing them all over in this night season? Myrrh will anoint you with oil scented with the sweet smelling myrrh and frankincense, as the anointing oil of old, for you are The Ark of Testimony now, the Holy of Holies, the Temple where I dwell.”

Song of Solomon 3:6 Who is this that cometh out of the wilderness like pillars of smoke, perfumed with myrrh and frankincense, with all powders of the merchant?


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December 2021


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