Jesus with Mary and Martha

Jesus speaking:

“A Mary knows that there is work to do, but she knows when it is time to sit at the Master’s feet. Mary knew that she would be hosting big dinners for the rest of her life, but she sensed that this time of having Me sitting in her home was a special opportunity. And indeed it was.  Of course for you it is a bit different. You have that opportunity every day. Maybe that’s why you’ve become familiar with it, but each day is its own special opportunity. If you miss the jewels I have for you that day, you might never have another chance. There will never be that exact moment when your heart and mind are in that exact state or when you have a that certain need or when you have read a certain passage and it has opened your eyes to receive new truths. If you don’t take advantage each day to drink of Me, you will miss something, just like Mary would have missed something if she had been fussing about to fix a nice dinner. In your case like Martha, it’s pride. You want to put out a nice spread.

“And she had a sister called Mary, which also sat at Jesus’ feet, and heard his word.”


Gaining Ground

Faith and concentration-and all that you need to hear My message clearly-are yours through the keys of prophecy.

You want Jesus to see what you can do. then you also feel good about yourself. You are missing the point, not realizing that it’s not about what good thing you can do, but about what good things you can get from Me.  You have to be hungry. But you are in the flesh and sometimes you don’t even feel hungry. Your mind becomes dull  and you just coast along on the flesh and all the happenings. But you know you need it, just like a person who is sick and doesn’t feel hungry still knows that he has to eat. So you have to stir yourself up to suck, to suck from Me, to dig in My Word, to really draw from it. Then you will have that good thing, and it will not be taken away from you. You will meet Me in that quiet place in your heart and mind, and there you will receive what I have to give you, My seeds, My love, My keys and My power.”


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November 2021


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A step-by-step handbook on how to hear from God in prophecy.



May 2021


prophecies for the cOD #5

Media Word File

A compilation from the Words of David on faith –excellent, feeding reading.


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