Prophecy bite

(Spirit helper speaking: ) Oh, how beautifully it unfolds, this flower of their life. One petal at a time, it opens up to reveal the lovely creation it is. You watered them with your tears, prayers, words, loving and nurturing. Now is the time it opens and others see what has been growing all this time.

The coloring of the flower came from your heart. The shape of the petals, from the experiences they had. The length of the stem, from the choices they made to do this or that. And what is in the center of this unfolding flower? You don’t really know yet. It’s still unfolding.

 (Spirit helper speaking 🙂 You can’t always predict where they will take the flame of light that you have entrusted into their hands; the flame being the truth that you have given to them. Sometimes it seems they veer off the pathway so far, and you can hardly see the flame they carry; so much so that you wonder if they still have a light at all guiding them. But you’ve done your part, and now you can trust the One who is overseeing the full game and knows where all the players are; to keep watch and to bring them around to the best place they are to be in.



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