prophecy bites

(Spirit helper speaking: ) Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. You have to be still to listen. What is “being still”? Not trying to do so much of this and that, in other words, having your plate, your mind, filled with your works, but instead allow it to be filled with… well, “filled” with a bit more of a void, a hunger, a little empty spot.

That’s how you can “love your neighbor” and not speak roughly, or in stressed-out ways.

You have to leave a bit more room for more—something more than yourself and your works or whatever it is that is filling your plate. You each have so many things to tend to, and the more you head into your day the more things flood your mind. This means there is little room left on your plate, on your schedule, in your time, mind or heart for someone else’s feelings, thoughts, ideas and needs.

But just do as that saying goes:  ‘Leave the dinner table not completely full for better digestion’. So do this with your mind and heart and time; leave a bit of room to think about someone else and what they might be feeling and needing. Always keep a spare bit of time to share with those “unexpected needs”. Keep something in reserve. It’s like being a little bit hungry all the time for something that someone else might need you to do, or need to say to you.

Are you so full with your own big plans and agendas that you can scarcely even say hello in the morning? You may, in an empty sort of way, but more often you start talking about your needs and troubles, or big to do’s. Is that all that fills your heart and time? Why not leave a little pocket of empty place that the Lord can fill with someone else’s heart and needs?

Go about your day thinking, “I wonder who or what will fill that bit of, ‘I’ve got spare to share with you’, part of me.” Look for it, and then when someone has something on their heart and they need you to have a few minutes to talk with them, or someone says, “Can you help for a moment please” or an unexpected note comes in that does need answering and you need to put your own work aside in order to pray about it and answer wisely—then you know that is what was meant to fill that bit of pocket room, or margin, you reserved for others.

Your day may be full and you might have done everything you could, and God bless you for that, but if it has only been filled with YOUR to do list. If your words were only about what filled your own heart and life, then to Jesus it’s really not a totally “full” day. It is only when you give and share of yourself with another, helping fill some of their needs, is it then a completed day, well lived.



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