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“The Antichrist has already come into his kingdom peaceably. He has taken his place at the top of the world –not by force but by stealth and subterfuge– working behind the scenes for many years. Just as your Father David predicted, so has he done. The scripture said that he would work deceitfully and mischievously for many days. There is much your eyes do not see about this man, but as the scripture points out: they that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits, but it also says: “And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days.”. This scripture has been fulfilled in the falling away of those who once held the Words of David in high esteem. The Words of God stated: that as Jeremiah warned Jerusalem, there would be a prophet that would come in the last days to warn the world of a great king that would ascend from the northern parts and sit as the last ruler over the kingdoms of man. That prophet is the David spoken of in Ezekiel 34 and in 37. In preaching the Words of David, his children instructed many, but in turning their hearts away from the prophet, they left the path. They passed through the flame and were captured by the ways of the world and spoiled. However, as was pointed out in Ezekiel 37 and 38 and Daniel 11, a purifying was needed in order that the remnant be made white even to the Time of the End. That End is here now and that purging and purifying is almost complete. A mistake many are making is they try to categorize what they read or have learnt from others about Endtime scripture. They are seeing world events as an ordered set of events. It is somewhat like a student coming out of school with so much book knowledge and upon entering the real world, finding the work place not as simple as 1+1. The Endtime prophet warned that things may not be as they seem. He said, “What if?”, in an attempt to break through the walls of dogmatism that students and teachers tend to. This is natural, because it is easier this way. That is what humans like. They like to be told “Step here, step there. Do this, do that.” Jesus warned of this trait when He gave His wine skin parable. David also warned of this peculiarity in his exhortation on Old Bottles.

Now is the time of the End, and in these days, the spirit is wild and windy. It is not a time for old bottles, but a time for young, fresh revolutionaries.

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To stay abreast of Endtime events, you must be listening to the wild wind of God. Scripture must be fulfilled, but God’s ways, more often than not, run contrary to the thoughts and ways of man. His ways are not past finding out. Just go deeper into His spirit, for Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

Picture yourself watching a chess game between two masters. You, of course, cannot see into their minds, but if you could, just imagine what you would see; moves and countermoves often many plays ahead of the actual move. Using the gift of prophecy can give you an edge over the other spectators –in that you, through the Keys, have access to the mind of God, and in so doing you are also given access to the mind of His opponent. God may not show you all His moves, but He will show you some of His secrets because you are one of His prophets of the End. Just stay open to His channel now, and you will see some amazing moves by the Master of masters. Don’t be concerned if some of His moves seem almost contradictory. He does this sometimes as a ploy to fool the enemy, but watch out; the enemy also uses ploys and red herrings in a vain attempt to fool his opponent, which of course, often fool those spectators trying to follow his strategy.

Double guessing the players is also a mistake many people make. You may think you know what a particular scripture says and means, but then up ahead, you discover that there were veiled meanings hidden deeper within the scripture itself, only to be revealed at the time the play was executed. There are even times when a move was made and no one noticed it, like for example, the signing of the covenant, and how the Antichrist was working his way into the minds and hearts of the little people using flattery and deceit.


Those “bigger” people, who knew what was going on and who tried to warn the people, were moved out of the way. They had an unfortunate accident or were given a more lucrative position, just as the people of God that knew what was coming were moved out of the way in order to try their hearts and faith.  

Are you ready to move with the game now? Do you have your gift of prophecy out, well-oiled and honed to a razor edge? Is your heart, but more importantly, your mind, open to the intricacies of the game? Are you listening to the spirit every step of the way? It is already dark. The night as fallen, so only the light of the Keys will give you the depth of sight needed to traverse the path ahead. Here, hold my hand; I am your guardian from across the veil. I know the way because I am following the One who created you, me and the game itself.”

(Spirit Helper speaking)

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“The keys of revelation part the veil between your world and Mine, and in our times of intimate communion I will reveal to you My secrets.”

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  1. I received some things from the Lord last night . Is it possible to send them to you , brethren ? I’m not really sure how to do this as this blog thing is very new for me . I feel it’s very relevant but also know you have others who the Lord is using . I have been using my gift of prophecy and praying , plus learning .

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