a servant


“The world was created by Me, the Word of God, and this present world of man will end with Me, the Word of God. I have said that this wicked and adulterous generation will see no sign but the sign of Jonah. I have said through My prophet David that the sign of Jonah is My Word which I sent to warn the wicked in their wickedness. Yet they still seek after a sign. I am that sign. I am the Word. The Word is Me and those that follow Me will know when My return is imminent. I will speak to them through My living Word, My Word for today. Those that obey Me today, those that listen to My instruction, those whose ears are attuned to My still small voice will be those who will give the cry that the Bridegroom cometh. These are they that have their lamp full of new oil. These are they that have kept their lamps trimmed. They were not happy when their oil became old. They made their way quickly to the market place to buy new, fresh oil for their lamps. These ones do not look for signs in the sky. Their interest is in hearing My voice. They want only to hear from Me. They are like the profitable servant who waits by his Master’s table, standing by His elbow listening for His next instruction. They are not like the unprofitable servant who hears the first or second command, runs off to do his Master’s bidding, but then neglects to return for the next and the next and the next instruction. How can these ones be trusted to run the Master’s household? These ones will be in outer darkness when the Master returns. It is the ones who stand by the Master’s side who will hear when it is time to rise from the table. These are the ones who will be sent out to announce the coming of their Master. I am the Master of the house, and you are My brides, and it is My desire that you stand by My side, because if you stand by My side in the hard times when no one else will listen or heed My Word, then you can and will be trusted to stand by My side when My Kingdom comes.

Do not look for signs in sun or moon, or in the writings of men, those who know not the Master’s will but who are like the wave of the sea, driven and tossed about with every breath and doctrine. But be as My beloved brides who stand by My side day and night, who keep their lamps trimmed, receiving fresh every day from the spout of fresh oil that proceeds from the very fount of God. I honor those that honor My Word. Love Me; love My commandments. Go now, for the time of My coming approaches. Cry as one in the wilderness, cry as one on the housetop, cry on the blog, cry to those that pass by on the streets. The Word will spread and those that hear will hear and those that will scoff will scoff. But what is that to the servant? The servant’s will is the Master’s will. Go ye.”

“Call on the keys of revelation, believe that they will help you, and stand back and see My Words appear in your mind and heart. Then give them in faith. Do not analyze what you’re receiving, but know that the keys have activated the flow of My Words!”


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