Beacon on fire


I hear the wind call Your name…Jesus

It calls me back Home again…Heaven

It sparks up the fire, a flame that still burns…Holy Spirit

Oh it’s to You, I will always return…Jesus


Matthew 7:14
Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.


One step off, pick up that foot and put it back on the path.


Guard your precious treasure and realize that you can lose what you have if you don’t cherish it and hold to it desperately. Your gift of prophecy and connection to the Lord needs be kept safe and unblemished by the world, but the enemy doesn’t want that to happen and he’s always looking for ways in to muddy and fog up your mind and spirit. It’s a narrow path, and you have to be diligent to not allow anything in that would sully the waters and sever that cord between you and Jesus. He wants to speak to you, but if you corrupt your channel with worldliness and things of the world, you will miss out and you will feel a loss and experience a break in the Words that flow from His mouth. Are you willing for there to be a breach just so you can swim around in murky waters? Are you happy in those waters…Happy away from Jesus’ whispers and OK to be apart from Him through those dubious things that have been in your hands and running through your mind? This ought not to be so, my love. Guard what’s precious and you will remain close to His lips and know how to fight against these worldly attacks and temptations  of the enemy. (end)

 Are you content to follow Jesus afar off? Content to be a wanderer from your Father’s house? Can you contemplate suspended communion with Christ without alarm? Can you bear to have your Beloved walking contrary to you, because you walk contrary to him? Have your sins brought separation between you and your God, and is your heart at rest?

 O my beloved brother, let me affectionately and even tearfully warn you, for it is a grievous token of hardness of heart when we can live contentedly without the present enjoyment of the Savior’s face.  This is not something that can be generated from within yourselves. It has to come from My Spirit and be channeled through your spirits. Your spirits have to be fresh and clean, open, free from sin–not in the sense of being perfect, but in the sense of having regular cleansing in the spirit. You need a strong and healthy connection with Me in order to be the beacons of light that I have called you to be today, and even more so in the future. (Behold it Cometh compilation)

Prophecy, April, 2023

“…and whenceforth cometh that light O beacon? From within or from without? It would seem it comes from within. Yet you do not see the matter clearly. For it is the Light of Israel that has been placed in this open vessel. But for what purpose? Why, that too is obvious! It is to cast light upon the path ahead.  But what is the beacon’s part? It is the preserver of the Oracles of God. It is the vessel God hath chosen to carry the Light to its desired destination. And where is that destination?  Across yonder line and to the hand of the One who brought it into the world: the Torch Bearer, whose job it is to take it on.

Take heed now, O beacon, for ye enter the final leg, the darkest hour, when all other lights have gone out. Now hold it higher, that others may see. Hold now to your purpose. Fear not, for you do not walk alone. There are many that surround you in the darkness. They travel with you just beyond the veil of carnal reasoning, sight and sound.  

These ones will protect the Light as it makes its way across this final stretch.

The story of our Light is written. It was dropped before creation’s time but gathered again by Him who waits beyond the nearing ford. Carefully placed and nurtured, the oracle began its journey along the path of earthly care. In its infancy, the Light was snatched and spirited away by the one who dropped it far back beyond the mists of time. A game of sorts ensued; each side gaining control for a time, then losing it again as the Light moved ever onward toward the final crossing. Even the Torch Bearer Himself at one point played the game.

Now as the game, but in a truer sense the war, comes o’er the causeway, the two armies meet in pitched battle. The Oracles must pass over the approaching ford. Faith must endure and be brought through the City gate. Look in prayer at the given spiritual weapons, for they and those around you in the spirit realm, if trusted fully, will surely win the day.” (end of prophecy)

What care do you take to filter carnal thoughts and wisdom through My Spirit, without fail? You must filter what contact you have with the world through Me, without fail, if you are to stay pure and undefiled, ready and able to be conductors of My full power. I have spoken to you of this need to filter all things through My Words and Spirit; now it must be put into continual practice.

In order for Me to have full possession, you must not only give Me your mind, but you must clear your mind and thoughts of all that is not of Me, of all that is worldly or carnal. (Full Possession! [#3376])

  “The keys of the Kingdom given to the children of David will part the veil and release revelation, instruction, insight, knowledge, and understanding such as the world has never seen.”


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