November 4, 2023
Jesus speaking: Keep fighting, My dear one! Keep trying your best; keep surrendering your life and will over to Me. Everything is a fight. Nothing comes free, at least not those things that are actually worth something. and that’s what you’re living for, something worthwhile. You’re not living just to satisfy your flesh or make yourself happy. You’re living for the eternal Kingdom of God. That’s why you have to keep your heart and mind so clean. You can’t just go putting whatever you want in there or it might pollute your channel, and then you won’t hear the right instructions. And filling your mind with worldly trash doesn’t only come from partaking of worldly things like books, movies, and games. You can be sitting right there on your chair and be allowing the Devil to talk to you and take you off on some wonderful daydream. That is partaking of the world too. And it can cause extreme discontentment if you let yourself really get into it. So, don’t My love. Don’t let the Devil create this big fantasy in your head. Don’t let him fill you with his thoughts and words, his seeds. Remember, that is what it is like when you’re listening to the Devil: you are filling yourself with him. Yuck! Keep that in mind when you start taking a trip to the land of lovely thots. It’s his land and he controls what goes into you while you’re there. And oh how I burn with jealousy when you allow yourself to be taken advantage of in such a way, and because of the rules I’ve set up, there’s pretty much nothing I can do but pray and hope that you’ll come to your senses soon. I made those rules because I want a willing bride. I don’t want to be with someone who’s always daydreaming and wishing for something else or someone else. I’d just as soon let that person go and fill themselves with their longing. That’s how I feel when you let yourself daydream. It makes me feel unwanted, unneeded, and undesirable. So if you really do want to be My bride, My wife, one who loves Me and would do anything for Me, then think Godly thots; keep your mind tidy. And when you feel alone and sad, and you find yourself slipping away into the land of lovely thots, stop yourself, and just give Me a call. And I won’t delay a millisecond. I’ll be knocking on your door even before you’re finished calling. This, My love, is how you become one with Me; this is how you build our relationship; this is how I become more a part of your life. If you genuinely want Me, then you should be willing to do whatever you have to do to gain Me. You should be willing to climb any height, cross any distance, swim any ocean, span time and space just to reach Me. Am I that important to you? That you would do whatever it takes? Well, if you can’t quite feel all that love for Me yet, then just keep being faithful with what’s in front of you. Keep reading the Word and striving to do My will each day.
I am creating something in you; just be patient. Don’t try and rush things; be calm and wait for My instructions. And right now My instruction to you is, pray. Dive into the spirit, let yourself be carried all around the world, let your heart be touched with the feelings and infirmities of those you intercede for, let your voice ring out in heartfelt, desperate, emotional prayers for the lost and dying of this world. Do not hold back; do not let your flesh pull you down into the mud of self-pleasing. Step out of the physical, for if you focus too much on what’s around you, you won’t have the strength to fight in the spiritual. Your mind and heart will be dragged down into the mire, and you will be weakened. I love you baby! That’s why I give you all this instruction and guidance, because I really, really want you to make it. I really want you to be happy when you reach Heaven. I want you to regret as little as possible. So please, please keep fighting and keep being faithful even when it’s hard and you can’t seem to do what’s right.

Submitted by Josh




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“I want you to stay focused on what the endgame is and that is: the Mark of the Beast and a cashless banking system that will trap everyone in its clutches, all except those of My children who have learned to trust Me for everything. This is My goal for you and why I have given you the keys and why I ask that you love Me intimately and why I have taught you how to hear from Me in prophecy about everything –in order that when you and others are shut out of the beastly system, you will move into the Wilderness of the Spirit to live as Moses did.”

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