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“The love of money is the root of all evil. And the axe shall get laid to the root of this tree. If you want your life to be built up and rooted strongly, it needs to be “established in the faith”.

Have you noticed how fear and money go hand in hand—first you fear you won’t have enough, then you fear it will be taken; and when you are not living by faith and for faith, more often than not, it does get taken. It’s a funny game really, when money is your aim and focus, you always lose. If you horde it and hold on to it, never spending it, what good is it even having it? If you spend it, it’s gone. In the end when you leave this life, you leave it all, what did it profit you to gain the whole world and lose your own soul?

 If your soul is saved, yet you still work for the glory of being rich, and don’t share the wealth, you will have to learn tough lessons in the World to come. You didn’t invest that which was given to you as a steward.  The whole reason it was given was to enhance and build up the kingdom of God.

So let every cent you ever receive be seen not as a gift to you personally, but as a job to do for Me. Be a faithful servant and go and use that money for what it was given for. If you don’t know, then ask. Or if you asked for supply and I gave it, thank Me and use it for what you asked it for. Neither give place to the enemy. Remember it all belongs to Me, for you belong to Me, and everything I let you have is Mine and is to be used for what I have asked you to do.

It’s like if I give a basket of food to you, My servant, to take to a poor woman, but on your way you nibble it, throw some to a stray dog and put some in your pocket. That’s not being a faithful messenger or servant. When I ask the woman about how much she received and find out it was less than I gave, it will cost you. You’ll have to pay it back.

So is it if money is given to you, realize that every bit of it should be prayed about and used rightfully. But more important than faithfulness in material things is the time you spend, and what you spend your life doing. So be most of all faithful with your time.

If I want you to work for money because there are people there to reach and help, then do so with a pure heart, working for Me to gather the true riches, hardly thinking about the money game set up just to trap you into being too busy or too in debt to follow Me.

Keep your focus right, and don’t lose sight of the goal—Heaven, its rewards, and the souls that are meant to be there.”




The flag has been dropped

(Jesus) Many are called but few are chosen. We’re moving up now. The times of the past are gone; the times of comfort and relaxation are no more. We have entered the last leg of the race.

(Channel) I see many teams lining up. It seems to be a relay race.

(Jesus) My children of David have dropped their flag; they have forsaken My way, My calling to them. But I am again calling. I am calling all who will listen, all who will heed, all who wish to follow Me into this last lap. My teams are ready and will join you and help you to carry your team’s flag across the finish line.

(Channel I  see those who are about to start running the last lap drinking something.

(Jesus) These are the refreshments, My energy drinks of New Wine that give new power for these last days. If you wish to run with this team, you must drink it in. If you do not, you will not be able to keep up the pace. Even now, I am pouring out My new wine to every corner of the globe. Each team must partake of this feast, for by it, they will finish the race. I say to you who will run with My Children of David, drink this new wine that I give you, and partake of it alone. For only these, My words, will sustain you. I have prepared your vessels since the dawn of time. You have been fitted, molded, and shaped to receive this hot new outpouring of My words. Say not that you cannot take it, for it is yours to drink. This is the reason I made you. Look not to the other team. Drink not from that which I give them; for to you it is given to drink from My mouth.

Many are being called

“(Jesus) My children of David have dropped their flag; they have forsaken My way, My calling to them. But I am again calling.”



“The Lamp”

The Word, the Word, the Word, haven’t you heard that before? Yes the secret is the Word.





Prophecy: Strangers and pilgrims

Jesus Speaking: “Your paths will be paved with thorny bushes…Yes, indeed, that is your way… you may want to feather your nest a little and make it a bit more plushy but the danger of that is …you start to get comfortable, you start to settle down. And somehow not just physically but spiritually too. You become just a little bit more satisfied, and in turn not quite so desperate. And when will you be satisfied? When you’ve gotten one “convenience’’, then you’ll want another and slowly but surely you become building dwellers… no longer tent dwellers, no longer pilgrims and strangers. Oh, it is so easy to want comforts and conveniences. And some I grant you, if I think it will help in a good way. Yes, if it is meant for you, it will come to you…by My hand. You can pray for something and…you know it well…I will have you to either wait or I’ll say no or it will be a yes. So, the important part is…by My hand, in My time, if at all. So My darlings, be careful what is in your heart. Is it murmurs I hear? Can you continue to trust Me for your situation…that I do all things well? It’s the learning to abound and abase and all to do with My timing and trusting Me for your situation. Yes, I know it can be tiring and you grow weary at times of the “dirt” of earthly life. But what if that is a stark reminder to you each morning you face a new day that you are not from here, you are here on a mission. Let the dirt greet you each day and tell yourself, I don’t belong here, and I am only here as Your ambassador, a simple traveler, a tent dweller, a Bedouin, to reach as many as I can in the time that I have. Yes, I do provide. Do you doubt that? Do you resent your conditions? Then think on your blessings and name them one by one and remind yourselves; what is it you really want! To love Me and serve Me with all your hearts. To say ‘’Lord, I want You that much”.

the secret place part 3

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“And when will you be satisfied? When you’ve gotten one “convenience’’, then you’ll want another and slowly but surely you become building dwellers.”



“Gaining Ground”

The bait is laid the trap is set and there is absolutely, only, one way, to escape it. The escape route is in plain sight. All you have to do is follow it.





Prophecy: Not rich in worldly goods

After Reading From Secrets With Jesus This Morning. # 9

Jesus speaking: “It was hard to see people struggling, always struggling to have enough to eat, or to have something warm to wear, or to keep their farm and land going so it wouldn’t be taken away to pay off debts. I so wanted everyone to be free, free at last from the chains of the monetary society. That’s why it says is so often in the Bible, not to ‘covet’, to have nothing to do with the wicked side of the money system; to not get greedy, or steal, or try to appear richer than others for pride and vain glory. I hated the way I saw the people short-changing in the market place, especially when it was in the Temple area. I knew that was wrong.

“I could see there were basically two kinds of people—those whose aim was to live in this carnal world thinking like carnal man and getting as much materially as they could. Even a poor person could have these tendencies, whether they had the money or the means to get any, or not. It’s an attitude of the heart. Then there is another kind of person, one like my mother, and other good people I knew. They loved God and longed to serve Him. They focused on what God wanted to give them, and what they could give back to Him in return. Though not rich in worldly goods, they seemed to have what they needed to get by, and were much more at peace. They had a trust in their heart.

“You cannot serve God and mammon” I said in one of my talks. It was one or other. But sad to say, money has taken over the better part of the world’s system today, and is in the ruling seat. Everyone is a slave in some way to the scourge of Satan disguised as wealth-to-get. I knew early on that I didn’t want anything to do with it. I pulled more and more away from living my life to get more. It was with great gusto that My Father allowed me to do the Temple cleansing that day in Jerusalem. I had kept my mouth, keeping quiet about it year after year. At last, when the time was right and it would show the right people the right sample of what displeased God, I was let loose to shake up the place.”

The Secret Place Part 2

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“Even a poor person could have these tendencies, whether they had the money or the means to get any, or not. It’s an attitude of the heart.”



“They Got The Money”

Money is the bait behind the trap of the economic mark of Revelation 13:16-18







prophecy: Revelation 13:3

Jesus speaking: Man has always worshiped the works of his own hands; he has grown especially proud and arrogant in these days leading up to the revelation of the final beast. The day of his miracles is at hand. He has the world firmly in his grip. I reveal My secrets to My servants the prophets. In the days of your father David, I led him to watch the news, and to analyze the events he watched on television. When it was time to reveal to him My deeper secrets, I would sometimes ply him with wine. Other times, it was in dreams and visions upon his bed that I would reveal the future to him.

With you, I have asked that you put away these old methods of communication. I have given you New Wine, new spiritual weapons to use in your fight with Satan. I have asked you to dive deeply into My Word. I have asked that you trust implicitly in the gifts I have given you. The gift of hearing from Me daily, and recording that still small voice you hear in your inner ear. I have asked that you trust your channel to the spirit world and in the helpers that surround you night and day. I have asked you to put away the news of the AC’s, and the opinions of men, even of those within My old guard. This has taken great faith; yet I say; I wish to take you further, I wish to take you deeper into the spirit world. To get the deeper things of My spirit, you must leave the veil behind and not be in such haste to come back from My world into your own. Trust is what I am asking. I need you to believe what you hear from this side of the veil, to follow the Words that you hear and go deeper, listening more intently and asking more questions. You don’t have to fear being trapped here in this realm and becoming like Enoch, of no earthly good; for I say, the deeper you go, the more earthly good you become.

I revealed to your David only part of what this verse means…in short; the reemergence of the old Roman Empire in the days of the final beast. Now allow Me to reveal more; Corona is a tool he uses to help him bring about the fulfillment of this vision I gave John. His empire will be of the strength of (iron) Rome, a total dictatorship, and yet mixed with clay, democracies. The corona tool is being used to bring those clay governments under the iron rule of the last Caesar. For he will indeed give them back their life if they embrace this dictum, but if not, they will surely die by captivity and by spoil and by fire…(firing squad?) many days.

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A Deadly wound healed

“With you, I have asked that you put away these old methods of communication. I have given you New Wine, new spiritual weapons to use in your fight with Satan.”



 “Revelation 13:3”

“And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast”





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Not an hair of your head

REV.7:10 And cried with a loud voice, saying, Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb.
REV.7:11 And all the angels stood round about the throne, and about the elders and the four beasts, and fell before the throne on their faces, and worshiped God,
REV.7:12 Saying, Amen: Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honor, and power, and might, be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen.

“Beloved, though times get intense, there will not an hair of your head perish. You will not be singed nor harmed, for you are kept in the sacred hands of our Lord. But you have to be separate and touch not the unclean thing in order to be preserved and kept. The ranks are thinning by the day as more and more troops are being tossed aside by their own carnal desires. They are running away from the battle field due to neglect of their weapon of choice, the hot and living Word of their Creator. If you are unarmed then you are unprotected, and if unprotected then you best do as a rabbit and run for cover, or hide in a hole, or bunch up in some corner. But being out in the middle of the intense battle field is a scary thing for those who are unarmed.

Media and the world are taking the place of daily infilling of God’s hot and alive Word fresh from the throne of God.

The Bible is a starting clue to move you into the learner’s seat to imbibe and take in the alive Word.
The less you take in of the world, the less plagues you are going to get, because plagues—or painful troubles, illness and hardship, will find their match in the souls that have those elements in them. Like magnets to metal, so will the troubles click on to those with the metals of the world
embedded in their beings.
Keep detoxing and being cleansed by the Word. Just like the clay was on the blind mans eyes and like clay is often used to remove bad metals from a person’s body, so will the Word that was made flesh—Jesus Christ—brings detoxing and cleansing (like Adam was made from the clay soil, and Jesus is the new Adam). So when the metal detecting forces come to purge and try and expunge the evil in a person’s soul, it will be like the death angel that passes over and harm does not come, for you are
cleansed with the Lamb’s blood, and cleaned with the Word of God given by the Lamb of God. (Take communion, ask God’s blood to run in your veins, literally and spiritually) (Prophecy)

Be sealed, be safe, touch not the unclean thing.


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Revelation 7:10-12


The ranks are thinning day by day as more and more troops are being tossed aside by their own carnal desires.



They are running away from the battle field due to neglect of their weapon of choice, the hot and living Word of their Creator.





Based on “It Can Happen This Year…1992”