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A Sword, a Sword Is Sharpened

Ezekiel 21:7 And it shall be, when they say unto thee, Wherefore sighest thou? that thou shalt answer, For the tidings; because it cometh: and every heart shall melt, and all hands shall be feeble, and every spirit shall faint, and all knees shall be weak as water: behold, it cometh, and shall be brought to pass, saith the Lord GOD.

(Prophecy) Yes, My children, it cometh! Are you preparing, or will your heart melt because you became familiar with the time we are living in? Are you encumbered with your battles and trials, and like the foolish virgins, didn’t fill your lamps? Are you willing to give up your trinkets or perhaps your earthly dream and get your spiritual life in order? Will you regret and wish you only had? Instead of having to fudge it when it does come and quickly scramble for your sword, wherever it might be, make the choice now to give it your all and let Me breathe my breath into you and put flesh on your bones. Know that I have placed you where you are; so why not be the best instead of languishing for a different life. I have handed you treasures, and you toss them aside as if they were cheap costume jewelry! Yes, it costs! It costs, and it will kill you to give up what you think would be better and would satisfy your flesh and your feelings, but it is only in dying and being broken that you will understand the Word, know Me deeply and realize your calling. Whether you are a child, a teen or an adult…you must grow up!

The Lord then told me to go to Ezekiel 21 and see what the next verses say!

Ezekiel 21:8 Again the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,

21:9 Son of man, prophesy, and say, Thus saith the LORD; Say, A sword, a sword is sharpened, and also furbished:

21:10 It is sharpened to make a sore slaughter; it is furbished that it may glitter: should we then make mirth? it contemneth the rod of my son, as every tree.

21:11 And he hath given it to be furbished, that it may be handled: this sword is sharpened, and it is furbished, to give it into the hand of the slayer.

Trim you lamp

for the night is upon us!

Cut the Devil to the heart! Whack him! Smash him! Thrash him with the power that you have by wielding the sharp key of dedication! The more this key is used in your life, the sharper it will become for you, and you will cut the Enemy to the heart whenever he tempts you to fall back on your goals of staying clean for Me and separate from the world!


May 2022


Why is Putin in the Ukraine



May 2022


Our Man in Kiev



USED mudmen


“Life for Me, as a disciple, requires discipline. All your principles, all you believe in and all that you are training for revolves around a code of behavior. It means obeying rules and receiving punishments when you disobey. But it’s not just following the rules; it is so much more than that. It needs to be your way of life, your code of ethics, being motivated and having a desire to be willing, to want to move forward, to grow and to be open for Me or others to point out areas of needed improvement and correction when there are mistakes and wrong doing. Motivation needs to be there. Mostly a very deep closeness to Me needs to be there so I can have deep, open and honest communication with you. Your heart and spirit need to be open to Me so we can have a free-flowing, two-way relationship. You know you need Me, and you need Me to instruct you and lead you and guide you pretty much every step of the way. Many times it’s more than just some instructions; it’s opening your eyes to things you just haven’t been seeing and understanding. Usually hard stuff, probably because you were a bit off track and didn’t want to see them. Sometimes it comes in a flash of revelation, but other times, mostly, it is more of a slow dawning over time. Depends how surrendered you are. And then the next part after realizing or receiving what I’m trying to show you is enacting it. It’s the willingness to keep climbing the mountain. So My love, are you disciplined? Are you readily listening and motivated and encouraged to make perhaps painful steps? Yes, change is difficult, and it’s uncomfortable to be doing things differently than what you are used to. You could feel slighted; you could feel your heart hurting. It may not even seem fair. So what do you do then? When I bring along crises, they are for a purpose. There is a foothold there that I’m trying to get you to see, a discipline I want you to embrace so that you can take a step up higher. Look for the foothold, My love. Things don’t just happen for nothing. You can be learning and growing as much as you are willing to see and asking Me what that big rock in your way is. How are you supposed to tackle it to keep moving up the path? When your eyes are not open, when your spirit is closed and not sensitive to My touches, you get stuck on the rock and can’t move on. You are wallowing, My love, in that place. Wallowing means you don’t want to see. Wallowing means stubbornly hanging on to wrong attitudes and incorrect ways of seeing things. It means you don’t really even want to do what I’m asking you to do to get around that rock or move it out of the way. You feel you deserve to wallow a bit there in that place because what I am asking of you is just a bit too hard to do. It’s not something you’d personally choose and it might take some effort or it might be humbling and a blow to your pride. People might notice and what will they think? Or it may just be very difficult and painful on your heart and I might be asking you to lay something very dear to you on the altar of sacrifice.

Acceptance takes so much yieldedness, so much laying down of yourself and what you want. It’s so hard and so sad. But it reaches a point where you have to decide, otherwise you get stuck in that place and you don’t move forward. It becomes self-pity. But self-pity is luxuriating in self. You are basking and reveling and rolling in a selfish mud puddle of ‘you’. It makes you feel lazy and relaxed and you don’t really feel much like making the effort to get up and out of that comfy warm, soothing mud. It rather irritates you, actually, that you have been exposed and are being asked to clean up your act. You have been rather enjoying yourself and feel you deserve to be in that mud. After all, you think you have done enough, given enough. You feel justified in being there. You have sacrificed so much. And you don’t really want to get out anyways. So My love, what will it be? You have to choose. Can you see that your growth has been held back with feeling sorry for yourself? You just don’t move forward. You feel you deserve better. Better than what I’ve put before you? Self-righteousness is so restricting, so blind. It’s such a dead end. Why have you had so many battles? Why do you seem to struggle so and be continually entangled in your battles? It’s blindness to accepting what I wish for you to do. You so stubbornly only see it your way and fly off the handle in your mind and take that path that your emotions take you down, based on your feelings, which many times are wrong, probably because you have been slighted. You feel hurt. Yes, hurts will come. But they could be sorted out if you were more open and yielded. Maybe you are wrong. Maybe you are right, but you just need to forgive and accept the apology –quickly and not hold onto the hurt…ammunition, right?

Will Tribulation begin this year 2022?

USED ammo

Don’t use it on your friends

use it on the enemy!

“You are basking and reveling and rolling in a selfish mud puddle of ‘you’. It makes you feel lazy and relaxed and you don’t really feel much like making the effort to get up and out of that comfy warm soothing mud.”


March 2022


Spiritual Warfare



April 2022


Explosions 1



USED Jesus weeps for lost church

will I find faith on earth at my return?



“They claim to be Mine-My wife-My Church- but the relationship is in name only. There is no other relationship. They have no other communion. They have no other intercourse and they bear no children. Therefore is this hypocrisy and not a marriage. This is pretense and not love.”

“Old Church New Church” MO Letter

“THE MEN WHOSE OPINIONS THOU LOVEST SHALL DESTROY THEE and the Beast whose honor thou favourest shall devour thee. For why dost thou not return unto Me, O thou backsliding daughter? Why dost thou not repent of thy spiritual whoredoms?” Old church new church Prophecy


“The standard of discipleship is defined in the Bible.”

For you who want a “deeper truth”, more depth than is being offered at your local church or fellowship. For you who “sense” there is more in My Word than meets the eye, but somehow it seems to be always just out of your reach, like there’s a barrier keeping you from attaining it. I say to you, dig deeper. Stretch your faith to believe. Do not be discouraged after the first and second attempt at trying to find it. I promise you there is something out there; in fact there is a whole universe of truth out there just waiting for the man or woman of faith to access them. The key is faith, faith to believe that I am not “way out there” withholding, but in fact right beside you, waiting to part the veil between our two worlds to reveal those truths that your soul hungers for. What holds My hand from releasing these treasures? Your faith does, for according to your faith it will be done unto you.

If you are tired of the prosperity preachers and their promises of riches on this earth, riches that you know very well will pass away leaving you spiritually penniless when you enter My Kingdom , then step out by faith and exercise this “old” but often unused truth, “ Come unto Me and learn of Me and I will give you the riches of My Kingdom.” I love you My bride, place your ear to My lips and listen to My whispers. The trinkets and entertainments of this world are designed to dull your spirits to the realities of My spirit.

Do you know the meaning of “entertainment”? Away from thinking! Yes the things of this world, that temporarily satisfy the flesh are designed to take your mind off the problems you face each day, they are also designed to take your mind off the things of the Spirit. They are designed to lead you away from the light of My Word and into a spiritual void; you have entered the world of the spiritually lazy. The demon of lethargy has you in his grip. You must break out, time is short.

Have you noticed though, that the entertainments of this world never satisfy? Take a look at what you fill your life with, and ask yourself how much it has really satisfied you. Your flesh is never satisfied, it is always eating, always demanding some new toy or trinket, the latest cell phone, another restaurant, that new car or addition to your already sated life. I assure you, your flesh will go on demanding until the day you pass from this life to meet Me at the door of your next life. You ask yourself sometimes, is this all there is to life? I am telling you this life is nothing but an empty shell without Me as your Companion. Again I say to you My beloved:


“THESE ARE THEY THAT LOVE ME. For who is My mother and who are My brethren and who are My sisters? They that do the will of My Father” Old Church New Church

“Many of My disciples through the centuries have forsaken the mantle of faith and lost that anointing of power. Yes, there have been some who have stood head and shoulders above their brethren, performing miracles and speaking to men’s hearts through the power of My Spirit, but it has been limited, as the church was largely buried in the traditions and rudiments of this world, as My children gradually began to depend more on carnal means, as they forgot Me and served the god of this world.” Jesus speaking.


“Discipleship is discipleship! I require the same of my brides today as I did of the first disciples.”Jesus Speaking


“Use the keys to unlock the secrets and the power within My Words. Many are the illusions and lies the Enemy will attempt to blind you with, but when you use these keys, you will come across mysteries and their answers in My Word that you never saw before.”

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“Fill your lamp and carry a vessel of oil. Don’t be like the foolish virgins who didn’t have oil when the Bridegroom came and were left behind in the dark. Sweetheart, the darkness is closing in really quickly now, and you’re really gonna want to have that lamp full and ready. Don’t be slack just because things in this part of the world are moving slowly and look peaceful; it’s not that way in the rest of the world. The beast is preparing to take his place and the Endtime is really starting. Now is not the time to fiddle your time away on time wasters. Now is not the time (not that there’s ever a time) to let your mind wander and go to the things of the flesh and world. Now is the time to fill up with the Word, to stock up your lamps and vessels and be as ready as you can for the Bridegroom. Behold the Bridegroom cometh, go ye out to meet him. You will not see your way through the days ahead if you don’t have a good supply of oil and key power to light your way”…submitted by a young person



Keys of rising above

“As you use and cherish the keys of longing and desire, you will always long for more of Me and My Spirit.”


“Matthew 25:1 Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom.  And five of them were wise, and five were foolish.”



April 2022


Tribulation Station



April 2022


Wrap Up The Christmas Monster


And snake oil



Last night I dreamt I was at a sideshow. The dream itself wasn’t so clear as I can’t remember many details. But there was this stage and there were many colorful lights and advertising and people were being invited behind the stage in groups. There was a door; I guess you had to pass through to get to where the owner and his sidekicks were. They were there selling tickets to a show or some potion. I can’t remember so clearly what they were selling, but it was obvious that they were con-men and the whole show was a setup. Anyway, in spite of the obvious fake, I was about to buy into the whole thing. However, when I asked the guy how much it was going to cost, he told me –if I remember correctly– $650. I was shocked at the cost and woke up.

I guess I had the dream around 2am, I’m not sure. I didn’t check the time, but I did start to ask the Lord about it, and He explained that the dream represented what was happening in the world regarding the vaccine. It is one big sideshow and the Devil and his people are selling snake oil to anyone who will swallow their lie. I was amazed at how blind the masses are, because in my dream, with the stage and back room, the lights and the advertising,  it was so obviously a con. I vaguely remember being told that if you drank the potion or watched the show, you would see amazing things –kind of like miracles, I guess.

Anyway, I started praying then and asking the Lord to raise the bones at whatever cost because so many people are buying into this great big fakery. It’s like everyone is in a dreamworld, and they can’t be woken but by an intervention from the Lord –just like He intervened in our lives.

I was especially burdened for the Children of David, because of all people, they should be seeing through the big lie. So I was praying for them quite desperately, and toward the end of the prayer, the figure 53% came into my thoughts. My next thought was about the number one third, because one third of all men will die during the tribulation period. I don’t know the exact number of people on earth today, but 53% is way over one third. I immediately heard Jesus say, “They are faking the numbers too, just to trick people into thinking that the show is selling out fast so they should buy into it quick.”

This morning when I woke up, I started to think about the $650 and why the Lord had given me that particular number. The only thought I had was about the Bible. Isaiah came to mind because it was the only book that I could think of that had at least that many chapters. I don’t think it is too difficult to see the similarities in Isaiah to my dream.

Prophecy: “Come out from among them My people; touch not the unclean thing and I will repay. I will be your provision and your mainstay during the dark days ahead. Have I not promised and have I not said that ye are a chosen people, a peculiar generation? –A generation called out of season for such a time as this. Yet here I find thee lying among the pots eating pottage; the abominable thing, selling off thy birthright as a cheap thing that you may lie with the world. This ought not so to be. Did I not say to go ye and preach the acceptable day of My coming to all the world? Did not I say that if you would not, then I would give your heritage to another?

Isaiah 65:2 I have spread out my hands all the day unto a rebellious people, which walketh in a way that was not good, after their own thoughts;

Prophecy continued: Get up out of your comfortable dwelling and behold those that preach in your place –those that hold not even a fraction of the knowledge thy Father David has given you, yet they preach against this evil empire, this make believe, this lie, the snake oil of Satan.

You say, it is not yet time. I say, the harvest is white and there are not yet four months. I say the harvest is rotting in the field. At this point, I had a vision of the picture in a Hope TK where the farmer was kind of caught on the wrong foot and had to rush into the house and gather as many of the household as possible to reap the harvest before the big storm on the horizon hit.

Son of man, you cannot save anything by the strength of your own arm, for your arm and your plans and schemes will fail you. The world is quicksand, and it is spiraling out of control into the hands of Satan. The hour is past and we are not saved.”


“The keys of revolution can remind you each and every day that time is short, so you don’t fritter your time away on worldly time wasters that eat away at your faith.”


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March 2022


WEF and The False Prophet


Submitted by a young adult

“To desire something above Me is worldliness. To be dissatisfied with Me and My way, to be searching for happiness in other things –that is worldly and a sin. You can enjoy life. I am not against  you doing things that you like to do. I am not trying to only make your life one big forsaking, although it will be if you truly wish to follow Me all the way. Forsaking and breaking and letting go are all things that come with serving Me because you cannot serve two masters. It can sometimes take a lifetime or more for someone to realize that these pleasures of the flesh do not satisfy.

I can tell you right now there is complete and total satisfaction to be found in Me and My spirit.  You don’t need anything else. But it depends how far you go with Me;  if you give Me everything, I will give you peace and happiness in full measure because you’re not seeking it in anything but ME thus I can pour in full because you’re empty of everything else. But if you only give Me part and hold onto some pleasure that you feel you need, I cannot give you everything. I can only pour down in part. It’s about your heart and how much you’re willing to count everything else a loss to win Me. I don’t expect you to reach this place instantly; what I do expect is for you to keep trying, to keep leaving behind those things that begin to be important to you. Living on earth is not about enjoying the things of earth. It’s really about learning how you don’t need them. That’s My goal for you; I want you to truly see and feel that you don’t need them. But you say, “I do become attached to things, and I do love some certain freedoms ” but that’s the thing I want to show you, that you can live without them, you don’t need them. Yes, initially it will hurt to let them go, but that’s the kind of hurt that beautiful lilies grow out of. You can experience total satisfaction in Me if you would let go of the notion of needing certain things. You don’t need anything of this earth to be happy. I can fill your heart and give you life and love you’ve only dreamed of. Yes, darling, forsaking and breaking are part of your life. Don’t resent this; do not become angry because it costs to follow Me all the way. Do not say I am unmerciful, for it is My love that I give you opportunity to give of yourself to Me, that I might reward you in Heaven. I am far wiser than you. Do not look at My way with a doubtful mind but believe and act and you will see the fulfillment of My promise to be absolutely everything to you. I love you, and I understand your confusion and fears.

But you say “The grind of daily life sometimes becomes unbearable and then forsaking everything on top it makes life seem so horrible to say the least. Yes, it’s great when I am in the Word and with You, but then life and the day go on, and I feel like crying because everything is so hard to bear.”

That’s where your weapons of praise and rising above come in. That is where My ability to save and comfort and fulfill comes in. But you must humble yourself and forsake your misery and you must truly desire to rise above and forsake the things of earth. Little by little, beloved, do not look at it like you’re trying to attain something in the flesh. Every day when you feel like crumbling under the weight of the monotony of the daily routine, just look up to Me and praise Me. Let Me comfort you and show that you I can be enough and you don’t need tons of variety and excitement to be happy. In fact, those things won’t make you happy if you don’t have Me. And if it’s not My will for you to have those things but you go looking for them, I cannot allow you to find happiness in them. You are of Heaven, and I will not allow you to happy with the things of earth.


“To desire something above Me is worldliness. To be dissatisfied with Me and My way, to be searching for happiness in other things –that is worldly and a sin.”

So the key is in looking to Me and letting Me lift you above the grind of the mill. Discover Me in a whole new way. Let Me fill every empty and sad part of your life. Stop hiding those dark, little, empty corners from Me; they only make you sad and dissatisfied with life here. Come into My arms, and I promise to show you that you don’t have to be miserable when your life grinds on in the mill of the sameness. You’ve seen some of My wonderful joy enter your life through forsaking. Yes, it’s still painful and a drag sometimes, but really it’s very good and necessary for you to experience these things. I will come in more and more as you let go. I love you.

(end of personal prophecy)



Out Of Memphis

“Satan and his imps seek to clutter your mind with that which is carnal and worldly, to keep you from acquiring My full power. Yet through calling on the power of the keys you can blow away all of his distractions in an instant!”





February 2022



To My Elites





February 2022



We Are Jeremiahs