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18th September, 2022 

(Prophecy) You cannot know the joy until I am all you have. You cannot understand what surreal feelings I can give until you leave everything else behind. It will be a hindrance to you; you will be tempted to go back to it when you don’t find satisfaction in Me quickly enough, or it’s not as you expected, or when there are no feelings there. You don’t realize that you have been tainted by your other ‘lovers’ and you still rather think your gaudy jewelry is quite attractive. Your taste has been perverted, so it will take some time now to acquire the refined palette of My love. A wine taster must have a clean mouth and tongue to receive and appreciate the quality of the juice I have produced for him. Why settle for Bacchus’ dens and taverns of debauchery and sin, and drink in cheap sordid plonk? There is no joy there, My bride, only death as a drunken addict in the gutter. You thought you could drown your pain in distractions, but, My bride, you don’t fit in there; you don’t belong to that crowd. You are out of place there, and I destined you for much more than a raunchy, cheap, wine-swilling joint.  What does it offer you except good-for-nothing, time-wasting trash. Come out from among them and touch not this unclean thing! It is an abomination! “But it feels good” you say, “and it takes away the pain of what I don’t have; it soothes the hurts.” But it is husks, My love, and you know it! You think it is just for a time. and you don’t see that it’s doing any harm…You already know the end of that story. You say there is no joy in loving Me and having Me as your only one, but you are wrong. You are young and inexperienced, so if you would, give Me a chance and believe without seeing or believe without having feelings. It is your test, your quest, My Pilgrim!  Face the real reality and see that this world is a façade. Wake up, Christian! Mr. Worldly Wiseman is enticing you with his treasures and paving your way with imaginary riches of false hopes, and tinsel and tin, when you are destined to walk streets of gold wearing My signet ring that testifies of our Love and your mission accomplished. Our Covenant, My love, is that you are Mine and I am yours forever. You will have great joy for keeping on My way, as trying as it is. Unlock your cage of hopelessness with the Keys of faith and joy and call on your Elerian to bring you into My presence and set you free from these burdens that weigh you down. I long for you to have sweet moments with Me when you go deeper and find Me. Even if just now and then; you will grow to love it more and more and seek Me out hungrily more and more. Leave the carnal behind, for it has no place in our presence. If you are expecting fleshly satisfaction, you will be disappointed. Instead step through the veil and you can be filled with intoxicating highs that will make your head giddy!  

“Fly, My love doves, fly. Take up the wings of an eagle and fly with Me into the wilderness, and let us fellowship behind the veil of My promises. My Kingdom surrounds this world of man, just as My armies surrounded Dothan in the day that I came to save My prophet. If you cannot see, then ask for the Keys, and I will open your eyes to what the blind cannot see.”

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VIDEO–“An Elegy”

“Claim the keys of desperation so that when you prophesy you will be as a miner searching for hidden jewels. Claim the faith of the prospectors who must spend days, nights, and weeks digging, mining, and searching for that which they desire and need.”


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Submitted by Esteban

Jesus speaking:

“My child, I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power to love with an unwavering faith that will finish the race, the race to liberate your brothers and sisters. Neither have I given you these feelings of confusion, depression, uncertainty and doubts. Do not doubt the truthful and specific words that talk of your future and that of many other souls that I have entrusted you with. These words are not just a nice thing to have and read only when you stumble across them or when you feel like reading them, but these are the promises and plans that I have for all of you in the world. These are not just mere representations of a fictional reality made by man, but My words! Do you believe in My words? Do you believe that I am the Word of God? 

If so, put these words into practice yourself, here and now. As you claim the Blue Keys and hold Me accountable for the outcome, as you put your feet on them and go to the Judge and request that true justice be made, these words will be done! When you realize that you have this power and authority in your hands and go to the Bank of Heaven asking to get what is yours by right, and don’t leave My presence until you have got what you came for, then I will bless thee. Then is when you will see with your eyes what you believed by blind faith. 

So come to Me more times a day. Come more and more. Why are you afraid of not getting what I have asked you to request? Do you really believe in Me? 

Because if you do, then put your faith into action and not only in one thing but with everything in your life. If you believe that I can change everything, if you believe that the Blue Keys work, if you believe that the golden Key of David can open all doors, if you believe that it is your destiny to open the door of 2022 for these children of David and your loved ones, then open it by your obedience to the words that I give you through the old wine of David’s letters concerning your brothers and sisters and the New Wine that tells you in more detail how these things will come to pass. If you believe that there are some people that need to be together to finalize their keys, then call on the power of the keys. Call on the correct spirit helper, and use the new weapons that I’m giving My warriors of today’s Gideon’s band now! 

You’re not very many in number, but you hold within your hands a power and a knowledge that will change their minds and hearts, even the path of life of those whom I have chosen to be part of your band. They are your job, they are your children, and as such you are obligated to finish the good work that I have started in them. Please let Me phrase it again, We are obligated to fulfill their destiny by not leaving the job undone. I want all of My brides to get these words into their hearts. I want all of you to once and for all get the point and understand why I have given you all of these promises concerning you, your brothers and the world. 

So I tell thee: many are called but very few stick to their calling until the end like Jeremiah, like Daniel, like Moses, like your David and many others. They didn’t give up until I gave them the answer. Look at Daniel and your David for instance, they didn’t stop praying until the battle was won. Are you going to be one of My winners in the spirit that doesn’t give up until I say it’s done, it’s finished? It will take great humility. It will take letting go of your pride and fear of the future, fear of what the crowd of unbelievers may say. It will take a very big forsaking of the nature of this world. It will take all of you. But just like it took all of Me to save you, in exchange the victory will be unmatched. I won the prize: you. 




My love, I love you and I promise that We will never forget these great victories. You will never forget how much you fought and how much you rejoiced when the victim was released. You will never forget when the two keys that were separated for a season were made ready and joined back together to make a grand finale. Please, My son, be not afraid of calling your brothers and sisters by name when prophesying or in prayer. Be not afraid of believing in specific answers to prayer. Be not afraid of opening the sky and parting the ocean and stopping the sun and the stars in their orbit. 

Because if Joshua had been afraid of failure, you would have never heard of these real realities of life. Walk not by fear but by faith in Me.” (End of message from Jesus)

Read: Joshua 10 KJV


In Sight of the Stadium

“The keys are your helpers. Whenever it’s a battle in the spirit to hear My voice, desperately pray and call on the strong and powerful keys of intercession and they will instantly come to help you and fight for you.”


“Some of you, when at My side in heaven, will cry because of not finishing many jobs that I gave you concerning others. I love thee and will forgive thee, but it would have been better to stay the course until the end, not only for you, but for the ones that really needed you, for the ones that were waiting on you to stay by their side and stick to the calling until the end.”








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Ezekiel 8:6

To see, or not to see, that is the question. This question or a variation of it is repeated 10 times in the remaining 13 verses of chapter 8 of Ezekiel.  It is not meant to be seeing as with the natural eyes, but rather people who are actively considering. Mankind was and is actively engaged in driving God out of their lives.  Worse yet, God’s children, His own flock, as in the past. are now bowing abjectly to graven images. You may be shocked to discover that images are placed in NanoCubes, a counterfeit Ten Commandments that are being injected into your body via the Jab. [Written by Celeste Solum]

Prophecy from MB:

“Idols are on every corner and in every shop too, idols of plastic, tin and glass, of tinsel and beautiful things. These are also a counterfeit of My Word that says to put no foreign god before the Lord thy God. It all starts in the mind, My children. That is where the real warfare is, and that is where you and all the world will be held accountable on the day of judgment. On that day I will press the playback button, and your mind will tell the story of your life, the choices you made and paths you took, but more importantly, what you allowed into the holy of holies of My temple– your heart. The door of My temple is broken and hanging; it is left ajar, the hinges rusty and dry. No angels stand there, for they have not been bidden to stand as temple guard. All abomination that passes by freely enters, for my guardians are bound to protect only those that call on My name.

The Devil and all his groveling demons and human slaves; those across the globe that shuffle and poke around like rats in their white lab coats –those who call themselves scientists but whom My Word calls fools, will be judged according to the works of their hands, as well as their dirty, corrupt minds, which are nothing but conduits for Satan’s poisonous input. These human lab rats are worse than the dumb rats they jab and poke during their endless experiments because they mix their poisonous brews and witches’ concoctions knowingly and with purpose. As for the poor dumb rats, they are like the poor, dumb humans who are being injected with these abominations that Celeste Solum speaks of. The dumb rats cannot be held responsible for what is being injected in them in secret. The blind, deaf and dumb masses of this world are trapped in their class cage within Satan’s matrix. They gave up their right to choose a long time ago. Many do not even know that there is a light; the darkness they see is the only light they comprehend. The people of the world have knowingly filled their hearts, My Holy temple, with the things and trinkets of this world. They have filled their minds with the ways of this world and follow after the rudiments of the material world. Every idle word, every corrupt and idle thought, every plastic idol will be a witness against the children of darkness in that great and mighty day.  

My children who “bow abjectly to the idols of this world” will be given many stripes –these that know My Word and do it not. These who call themselves teachers of My Word, who lead their flocks into the world and not into the light –by their fruits you will know them. These I do not know, and My Word says that they will be thrown into outer darkness. Many of these that call themselves pastors grope in darkness themselves. They are blind guides with a blind following. All will come to the light in that great and mighty day.” (End of prophecy)


“The dumb rats cannot be held responsible for what is being injected into them in secret. The blind, deaf and dumb masses of this world are trapped in their class cage within Satan’s matrix. They gave up their right to choose a long time ago. Many do not even know that there is a light; the darkness they see is the only light they comprehend.”

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VIDEO…Great Church Deception

“Claim the keys of courage to follow what I tell you, even when all your peers seem to be doing the opposite, and you will stand strong in My power and anointing.”



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Reposted from March 19, 2022


“Believe in the prophet; believe his words. The Words that he hath spoken unto his children are spirit and life to all those that receive them as clear pure waters from the most High God. Hear ye the Words of David, for they were given to this last generation as an ensign to all nations. This secret covenant has been signed, sealed and broken, as your Endtime prophet declared many years ago. You wait for events that have already transpired. It is late, and gross darkness is upon the world. Look around you, for the abomination of desolation is within the hearts of man. Satan has polluted the sanctuary of strength; the temple has been defiled. Full worship of the Beast is well on its way as scripture after scripture meets its mate in final fulfillment. Satan has no allies; he shares his seat of power with no one. Man is his enemy, an object that must be destroyed, and all are puppets in his hand. His lust is for souls; he only wants souls. His only desire is to fill his kingdom with the souls of men, to utterly destroy and to make away with every vestige of what is good, true and godly.

Come out from the worldly ways and thoughts of the men of this world. Follow the voice and spirit of God through your gift of prophecy, and you will hear secrets from the mouth of God. Do not dip your ladle into the tainted waters of this world and sip from the wells of the wisdom of men, for this is foolishness to Me, and their words are an enemy to the truth. Do not despise the Words of the prophet, for in them you will find the jewels and secrets and leads that you seek. You have the index to the Words of David. Study to show yourself a workman, and with a believing heart and an open mind, hear the Words of The Prophet, for your heritage and destiny lie within the pages of the books and scrolls of David, your king.

With great respect and reverence, you search the scriptures for truth and a light within the Endtime tunnel. This pleases Me, yet I have one thing against you; you neglect to search diligently and to remember the scripture that leads to the Words of David. He was chosen by Me to be a leader and a captain to the people. His Words are My Words, and they will set you on the path that you seek. Read Ezekiel 34, then 36, and you will see where you joined My path, and then where you left My path. Then follow the path of the dry bones in Ezekiel 37, and you will see that they lead you once again to My commander David. Have you lost your way? Then drink deeply once again from the cisterns of David, for they are meat indeed, and they are drink indeed. Despise not the day of your beginning; remember the days of your youth.

This is not the time to fly by the seat of your pants, trusting in your own “gut feelings.” The wisdom of man is foolishness to Me. Look around you and see how lost your brethren are, how they grope in the darkness that has fallen on this Endtime world. They look for a savior, but in all the wrong places. It has been said that even the very elect, and let Me add this phrase, by their own reasoning, stand to be deceived.

The scripture is clear enough, but the mistake many are making is that they have left out an important ingredient to finding their way through the darkness; they have despised the Words and wisdom I gave unto My prophet David. Take heed, My children; for in looking back and trying to find your “own way,” your path will be set in disarray.

It is far later than you think. My Word is a light to your path; but there are too many shadows and delusions on the path before your feet. Lift your lamp higher. The shadows that the enemy is casting on your way will vanish, and you will see clearly. Your confidence in the Words I have given David will grow as the enemy recedes.”


“You are in the driver’s seat, and the spiritual warfare is raging, yet so much that happens here in the spiritual realm is dependent on your prayers and how expertly you wield the power of the Keys.”

VIDEO “The Lamp”

“The keys of conviction will wash away all the flimsy justifications the Enemy would try to tempt you with, so you can keep your spiritual guard up and be awake and aware of the spiritual warfare.”



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A Sword, a Sword Is Sharpened

Ezekiel 21:7 And it shall be, when they say unto thee, Wherefore sighest thou? that thou shalt answer, For the tidings; because it cometh: and every heart shall melt, and all hands shall be feeble, and every spirit shall faint, and all knees shall be weak as water: behold, it cometh, and shall be brought to pass, saith the Lord GOD.

(Prophecy) Yes, My children, it cometh! Are you preparing, or will your heart melt because you became familiar with the time we are living in? Are you encumbered with your battles and trials, and like the foolish virgins, didn’t fill your lamps? Are you willing to give up your trinkets or perhaps your earthly dream and get your spiritual life in order? Will you regret and wish you only had? Instead of having to fudge it when it does come and quickly scramble for your sword, wherever it might be, make the choice now to give it your all and let Me breathe my breath into you and put flesh on your bones. Know that I have placed you where you are; so why not be the best instead of languishing for a different life. I have handed you treasures, and you toss them aside as if they were cheap costume jewelry! Yes, it costs! It costs, and it will kill you to give up what you think would be better and would satisfy your flesh and your feelings, but it is only in dying and being broken that you will understand the Word, know Me deeply and realize your calling. Whether you are a child, a teen or an adult…you must grow up!

The Lord then told me to go to Ezekiel 21 and see what the next verses say!

Ezekiel 21:8 Again the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,

21:9 Son of man, prophesy, and say, Thus saith the LORD; Say, A sword, a sword is sharpened, and also furbished:

21:10 It is sharpened to make a sore slaughter; it is furbished that it may glitter: should we then make mirth? it contemneth the rod of my son, as every tree.

21:11 And he hath given it to be furbished, that it may be handled: this sword is sharpened, and it is furbished, to give it into the hand of the slayer.

Trim you lamp

for the night is upon us!

Cut the Devil to the heart! Whack him! Smash him! Thrash him with the power that you have by wielding the sharp key of dedication! The more this key is used in your life, the sharper it will become for you, and you will cut the Enemy to the heart whenever he tempts you to fall back on your goals of staying clean for Me and separate from the world!


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