Excerpt from Crystal Pyramid:

AVAK, THE WORLD-FAMED ORIENTAL MYSTIC, taught me that the original Creation that God created was destroyed by the Enemy when Satan rebelled against the Lord: The Devil was angry and tried to destroy it, and so created Chaos! But then God recreated things and brought order out of the Chaos the Enemy had created!

Clear Blue speaking:

“This is where the theory of evolution sprang from, the Devil trying to twist the truth…in the beginning there was chaos…not so…in the beginning Satan created chaos, and God has been trying to bring it back to perfection ever since. Satan was a very powerful being back then, and although he has lost much of his initial power, he still commands substantial authority within the creation of God. Just as you command a certain amount of power, a type of god, within your sphere of influence, so does he, but on a much grander scale. Once you begin to understand this principal –that yes your Creator has given you god-like power and wants to give you more, then you begin to see the utmost importance of learning to use that gift in love and for love. If you accept the fact that you are nothing in yourself and that the power or the light that is in you is His, then you will allow His light to absorb you more fully –until full possession is achieved. Free will and majesty of choice play a big role in this process. Although He created you, it still has to be done this way, because a soul/crystal that is forced against its will eventually turns back. The Devil knows this too and uses it to his advantage.

He is not looking for the same results as God is. He cares little if creation is destroyed in his attempt to reach his goal. You can see the same mentality in the vaccination program that is sweeping the world. If some or many die in the process, that is an acceptable price to pay to reach his objective. Those that follow his agenda have very little light in them. They have embraced the darkness and will perish with Satan at the end of days. Their agenda is very simple indeed; it is themselves. They are all-important. There is no love amongst the likes of these dark crystals; they are using each other to get what they want. Read the letter Black Stars. They are sucking everything they can into themselves.


“Space City is the ultimate in the material, and it is pyramidal! The pyramidal molecule is the smallest form of matter, and the Crystal Pyramid, Space City, is the greatest!.”


Revelation 22

Call on the keys as you take your last breaths, and My angels sent to escort you home to Me will appear to you, giving you comfort and assurance and freedom from any fear of the unknown as you leave the earthly realm and enter the world of My Spirit.

You see, the Keyes are helping you get back the power that was originally your birthright. Jesus wants to give it back. That is obvious through the price He paid, but He cannot do this whilst man remains in the same state he is in. Death on the cross was only the first step; man accepting that gift of love, out of free will, is the second step.

The happenings in the Garden of Eden are a perfect example of what I’m explaining here. Once Adam and Eve sinned, the power that was sitting right there in the middle of the garden had to be taken away. Why? because sin is about self, and self is the opposite of love. Only pure, unselfish, sacrificial love can be trusted with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree to Eternal Life –the two god-like powers that were going to be given to man at a measured pace as he learned to love the way God loves His creation. Satan hated that thought. He knew that if he gave the whole apple to the baby, it would choke itself and the plan of God would be foiled.  You must see the importance of the Children of David hanging on to the faith that has been planted in them. The Words of David are the Words of God which are the nutrients the young saplings need to grow into strong trees. Here it is again in sequence: The Bible, The Words of David, The Words of Maria, and then The New Wine, which is simply a continuance of feeding the crystal the light of God. It truly is a wonderful plan, but it must be adhered to if the crystal is to continue to grow. There is no other plan; man’s plan, the Devil’s plan, –well those plans are simply selfish rebellion to the Master plan. Only the Master plan can work, because the Master’s plan is all about bringing love and light into the world, and light creates life. The letter Lovelight is a wonderful letter to read on this subject.”


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