World Currents #72 1994

Computers, Vaccinations & the Mark of the Beast!

  1. This whole computer craze is the final result of Man picking the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil. It’s finally getting to its extremes & the Lord’s got to stop it soon. (Maria: I guess the AC is getting prepared to do something really major with it, right?) I’m sure they’re already doing something through these video games, virtual reality & TV! (Maria: I know people are influenced now, but the ultimate, the finale, will be to control people through it.) Of course!–With the computer chip in their forehead or their right hand!–The Mark of the Beast, which is designed to control everybody, except we who refuse to take it.
  2. Now they’re even able to sneak it in by vaccinations, so if you take vaccinations you’re not apt to know whether you’ve got a chip or not! Scientists are making the chips small enough to insert with a hypodermic needle, & at the same time they’re urging everybody to get inoculations! (Mama: In fact, they’re making it a crime in the U.S. not to get your children inoculated. They say it’s already that way in a lot of states, that they won’t let your children go to school without it & they can even arrest you if you refuse.) Vaccinations have been a threat for years! When Mother Eve & I were living mobile in the trailer, rather than have our kids vaccinated we’d move to some other school where they didn’t require it. But now governments are even requiring it.


“No man can buy or sell unless he has the mark, no man can buy or sell unless he has been vaccinated, both elements have the same fingerprint. Who told you that it had to be an actual microchip inserted into the skin of the forehead and hand?”



The keys have power over death itself.





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June 2021


Taking the mark is very simple


They will simply take away your liberties, and to get them back you will be required to take the vax.



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the mark and worship of the beast


A closer look at the Mark of the Beast and worship of the system it spawned from.



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The daily sacrifice



Destroy this temple and in three days I will build it again. Was Jesus talking about the 3rd temple?



November 2021


The vax and 666



When you can’t go to the bank for your shopping money without getting vaccinated, what will you call it then?


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