The Final Key


Prophecy, August 24, 2023

Fear thou not, for I am with thee. Be not dismayed for I am your God. Fear not what man can do unto thee, but rather fear God who is going to put the destroyers of this earth into their own private hell. Does it not seem strange that where some of My COD are, that is where the enemy is fiercely attacking right at this time? Be not fearful, but believing. I am with thee to deliver thee. Trust not in the arm of man to save thee, for it is I who will do the saving. It is I who will save man from himself. Do not be as the heathen who trust in chariots and in horses, but trust in Me. Those that live by the sword will surely die by the sword. Rest and be still, My loves, for you are My brides and you hold the Words of the oracles of God. Yes, My loves, they that hold the Key of David hold the flame of Israel. This flame consists of all the Words given to man since time began. It also consists of all the prayers ever prayed upon the Earth since the days of Adam and Eve. This is the power that has been stored behind the veil, and those that hold the Key of David have complete access to this power. All the prayers of supply, protection, miracles, health –every single prayer that was ever received into My kingdom from the saints and angels– are behind the barrier, waiting for the Key holders to unleash their full power.  

  1. Your destiny is to be the ones who have the final key to turn the final lock. No angel in Heaven‚ no spirit being has this power. This is your destiny–you of the children of David. This is what I am counting on you to fulfill.
  2. The final key is made up of all your individual actions and decisions to activate My power in your lives, to believe My words, to use My words, to be obedient and to do your part to be a disciple. As each person does their part, they add their little piece to the giant puzzle, until the time is right and the power from Heaven is released to unlock your ultimate destiny and your full power.(Assembling the Final Key! [#3525])

All the promises I have ever uttered are stored behind the barrier. As a great and mighty dam wall, this barrier is holding back the flood tide that will wash the enemy from the face of the earth and down into the many holes that have been created by his termites as they burrowed up and under the societies of man.

Prophecy excerpt: I see a picture of the upper-most layer of earth, just beneath the surface, and it is entirely honeycombed with tunnels and burrows. All along this enormous, interlaced network of passageways are small grottos and caves and alcoves. It is a planet-wide, underground highway. At certain points and junctures. there are main arteries that lead up from lower chambers which are set deep in the Earth’s crust. These chambers are assembly points, but they are also used for distribution and dispatching. This subterranean superhighway is the secret reality behind the transportation systems we find on the surface. Another purpose of the Great Flood was to inundate the replication of this network, at surface level, during the early days of its construction. These two were being constructed simultaneously, one in the spiritual realm and one in the physical realm. The worldwide flood only delayed their scheme.

  1. You, the children of David‚ are the key bearers! Carry them proudly, loyally, and do whatever it takes by their power to overcome every obstacle, so that you might have the privilege of opening this lock. Many have sought this privilege, but it has been entrusted to you. You have been prepared, destined, and called to this mission. Complete your mission‚ finish the task, run the race, and receive the rewards that await you.(Assembling the Final Key! [#3525])

My Children of David have nothing to fear. It is Satan who has to fear, and in fear will he be tormented for one thousand years. It is in fear that he will be finally released at the end of time as we know it, to draw to him all those that follow him in the final rebellion.

Even if you die in faith, your personal part of the key will be fulfilled. So don’t worry or fear, but give all your life to Me. Burn brightly for Me every day so that you might interlock with the other pieces that have gone on before you to create this final key, for the final lock, for the final power. Don’t fail in your mission. I’m counting on you! 

  1. I saw a huge lock–resembling a combination lock–in a circular star with many points. I visually penetrated the barrier to see huge bars running through the entire barrier holding it together. I saw the lock turning only slightly, as if it were being moved into the right position to expose a circular-shaped keyhole or opening. I heard the giant clunk as each point of the star was locked into place. Then I saw out of the corner of the picture someone unlocking a smaller lock with a golden key. As they did this, the giant lock moved again, pounding into place with a heavy thump, almost as if it were on a countdown sequence.
  2. Then I saw a very beautiful sight. I saw a light blue key made of light. It was like a 3-D puzzle which wasn’t yet complete. I saw little different-shaped pieces rising from the Earth, which would click into place, interlocking with the existing pieces, completing part of the key. It was as if I was watching the world from the beginning of time. Each person the Lord had called to be a piece of this key, as they did their part and their mission was ended, their section of the key clicked into place.
  3. As it grew faster and faster, I saw more and more people on Earth praying, saying, “I claim the keys,” then praising for the victory. As the key segments rose from the Earth, I saw each piece locking into place to the faster and louder sound of the huge lock being turned. The pounding was so loud I could feel it in my chest. Then I saw, as it got closer to the end, that the key segments were rising faster and faster, till it was a blur of light rising from the Earth, pausing, then clicking into place, finishing the key.
  4. Then I heard a loud tolling of a bell, very regal, heavy, and powerful. In the background I heard machinery powering up, humming as the energy rose. The air began to crackle and snap with power as the key began to move toward the lock.
    I saw the huge barrier and lock again. Beneath it were standing thousands of microscopic people who were watching this huge key move toward the lock. The interesting thing about the key is that it wasn’t like a normal key in appearance, but rather it was shaped like a long cylinder with rounded ends, similar to a test tube.–An extremely complex and intricate key, and yet it was so large.
  5. It zoomed forward and slammed into the lock with a powerful thud. I heard the heavy bars in the barrier snap back one at a time as heavy thuds in sequence. Then the keyhole began to shine very brightly, and suddenly the barrier vanished and a massive stream of white gold poured out and covered the Earth! I saw it boiling, sizzling, and crackling around the globe. It was destructive to evil, but to us it was incredibly positive. I saw Family members getting empowered. They were filled with the power that was poured out. The feeling was very powerful when I looked into their eyes. It was almost as if they were no longer there, only the power that was fully possessing them.
  6. Then I saw miracles being performed all over the world–healing, protection, power streaming from their hands and mouths devouring the Enemy. And the words came to me to close this vision: “The final act!” (End of vision.)(Assembling the Final Key! [#3525])                                                                   Excerpt of prophecy: August 7, 2023…Rain from 3:22 to 3:23 Rain means a time of growth and blessing. This time between the book-burning and the final days is a time of fine-tuning, locking into My still small voice. It is a time of grafting for those who would live in the spirit. It was only one minute long, so will this time be short. Once the action begins, you will be on the run. Those earpieces must be grafted to your ear, as a part of your make-up. September to September, one year, one minute, one last chance to put that final edge on the tip of this spear of prophecy. It is more than stopping to hear from Me. It is non-stop hearing from Me, being grafted to the spirit world through the gift of prophecy. Your receiver must be plugged in and receiving all the time. Remind yourselves, My brides, that you are strangers and pilgrims on this earth. You have no certain resting place. Do not allow the enemy to lull you into a place where he can poison you with his gas of false security. Be sober, be vigilant, for the End draws near, and your enemy goeth about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Be alert to his movement, for he is stealthy. Do not listen with the ears of man, for the ears of man are hardened and waxed dull and his eyes are dim from too much slumber. Be aware by listening with the ears of the spirit, at all times. Be awake to the slightest rustle in the underbrush, for the dark lion has come out of his lair to seek his prey and make away many. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the Devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time. (Revelation 12:12)  Again I say unto you, do not fear him that can hurt the body, but rather fear Me, for I am love and in love do I protect My own. So remember My admonishment: you are on the run. The trouble has begun. I have a way of escape, whether it be physically or spiritually. You have the Key of David. You are the Key holders, and you hold all the power of the universe in your tiny hands.


  “Your security and protection is of utmost importance to Me, and as you call on the keys and exercise your faith, I am able to strengthen your spiritual defenses and empower your guardian angels.”


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