Jesus speaking in prophecy

Are you living by faith? Are you exercising the gifts of the Spirit that enable you to trust Me to supply your needs? Are you learning to walk on the water? Are you building up your faith muscles? The just shall live by faith.The just shall survive by faith!

I cant take away the difficulty of the path, but I can make your journey much easier. These enjoyable stops in My Word along the way will make the journey a joy, because youll have the strength to meet each challenge.

Faithful, consistent, quality time with Me is the key to everything else in life. Its the key to productivity. Its the key to wisdom. Its the key to having your works remain, rather than being destroyed by the first opposing storm (Mat.7:2427).

Its the key to My blessing. Its the key to leading a balanced life. Its the key to happiness. Its the key to loving and fruitful relationships with coworkers or loved ones. Its the key to everything good! Its a law of the spirit that when you put Me in first place, everything else falls into line. Its a promise Ive given over and over to My children throughout history: They that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing,andSeek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things will be added unto you(Psalm .34:10; Matthew 6:33).

The best way to acquire faith is to live by faithto be put into a situation where you must live and practice your faith. The best way to grow in My Word is to put it to the testto prove My Word!.”


Keys are our wilderness

“Embed the keys into your heart and mind, let them be your thoughts, make the keys a part of your very nature. The power of the keys must be flowing through every fiber of your being in order to do the miracles in the last days.”





Keeyp powering on

“Each specific key is like a little window into the spirit world. And even if you can’t see it or sense it, you are letting My power into your realm. My magic power comes in and does its work.  If you call on the key of healing, healing is taking place, if you call on the key of open doors, the doors are being opened. There is always action when you call on the keys. It might not always be exactly as you expected or in the way you are asking, but something is happening. All the power is building up. You are using the smaller keys in the smaller locks and eventually there will be an explosion of My awesome power

The key, My loves is to rise above the flesh. The flesh is so ever-present. It gets tired, it gets sick, it gets hungry, it suffers so many trials. The spirit of this world is so heavy and it drags you down. But you can rise above it all with the keys. You can keep your eyes on Me and have a touch of the Heavenlies with the keys. They are keys for opening. They open the spirit world to you. They are like the light that shows you the way when everything is pitch black.

They are like small little handles, you can hold them in your hand and in your mind, you can use them by calling on them. You can’t hold the whole Bible or all the Word in your hand or mind at once. But you can hold a key. And so I have given you these keys because they are a like a little access code. A little code or a little key can give you access to great power and riches.

When you use them, you are showing faith in My Words, you are showing faith in Me and what I have given you. And so the power flows, the light pierces the darkness, the miracles of supply happen, the healing power is given, the strength to endure is poured out all of this through these tiny little keys. They are like a password to an account. Those who have the password have access to all that is in the account, like those who have a password to a bitcoin account.

It’s because of your love and faith that you hold these keys. Like I have told you before, not anyone can use them. They only work for those who are My brides and those who love Me and have faith in the Words that I have given them. For you who love Me and serve Me, they are a link to all of My love for you and all the power I would work on your behalf. They are a gift I have put into the hands of My loving loyal bride. I know you will see the value and appreciate this gift I have given you, this key that I have put in your little hand. The more you use these keys, the more they become part of you. That keys sinks into your hand and becomes engraved there. Then whenever you raise your hand you are wielding key power. It’s like the key promise, they also become incorporated into your mind and then your thoughts become key powered swords that can cut the enemy and his lies to pieces. The keys can become part of every fiber of your spiritual being.” (Jesus Speaking)



Greater faith will come

“What am I trying to accomplish by giving you the spiritual weapons and training you in their use? Im giving you avenues to partake of strength, wisdom, insight, and anointing. Im giving you access to My mind. Im putting at your disposal all the spirit help youll ever need to win any battle you might come up against. Im giving you tools that will cleanse you and protect you from the negative influences of the world. Im giving you a way to rise above the problems and difficulties and to keep My perspective. Im giving you ways to strengthen your faith. Greater faith will come by using the keys. Call on the power of the keys and your faith will grow. Seeing the doors the keys unlock will help your faith to grow.”

“Build your faith by regularly spending time with Me in the bed of lovereading and meditating on My Word and applying it to your life, resting in Me and casting your cares on Me, and loving Me intimately as My bride, speaking words of love to Me and receiving My seeds, which are manifested later in the form of prophecy.”

“Those who get on board with the new weapons are those who allow Me to do the work through them. Those who refuse to fully embrace the new tactics of warfare are those who try to fight the war on their own, in their own strength, their own power, their own wisdom, and by their own works.”

Jesus Speaking

Theres power in the spoken word, for it becomes a testimony or declaration of faith. It has creative power, and it can push back the lies of the Enemy.


Return of the Keys

“Soak in the keys, bask in their power, and be cleansed from all that is of the world.”




Registration and Tribulation

The Year 2022 will see many, if not all, national puppet governments imposing mandatory vax on their people. Call it what you will; this long-planned and well-orchestrated international registration of the entire world’s citizenry is well documented in the book of Revelation.
As this internationally stimulated pogrom develops, any person/s resisting will be denigrated then denied basic government services. Persecution will come, and over time, dissenters will be made classless or exterminated. This is also well documented in the Book of Revelation as well as other apocryphal books.



Heaven and Hell Have Merged

And our Elerian have been loosed to set us free!

Are you a Disciple? (An Elerian speaking)

We are not dilly dallying now; we are pushing hard. We are stirring the pot, for the day is well spent. The fires of conviction have been heated seven times hotter, and we are throwing the hay and stubble and dross of past mistakes into the furnace of God’s will to ensure the flame burns away all excuses and reasoning. This is also part of the job of an Elerian, we are staff sergeants; so line up now, empty those duffel bags and let’s see what is superfluous and unnecessary. Those duffel bags have to be lightweight. They must not weigh you down, so out with all the extra baggage and into the fire it goes.

Old mind-sets are some of the heaviest; they can take up a lot of unnecessary room. Some are so big it’s hard to get them out of the rucksack. All you have to do is pour in the new wine, my loves; Break that mind-set, if the wine skin busts in the process, so be it; let it bust. We can sew it up again with the thread of freedom of spirit. That thread, let me tell you, is unbreakable.

Your father David was good at telling it the way it is. Well this class is of the same medicine. As you know, it was delivered to you by his faithful scribe. Well, it is always good to remember; he that preaches the gospel is expected to live of the gospel. And that has not changed in 2,000 years either. So everyone must take their medicine if they want to ride on our backs. We aren’t timid fairground ponies. No sir, we are range riding stallions. We gallop the river of life; we surf the vast harmonics of the spiritual realm and to stay on our backs you have to be naked in spirit –never a dull moment when mounting the freedom steeds. So trim down those duffel bags, because you never know, you may just have to ditch them too if the going gets really rough. Who knows, but we may have to all disappear across the veil once in a while, in a quick dash, to escape the hands of the Fowler.

“The world is numbered; the chip is in place. Every item and person have some type of registration. Hell has merged with the earth. We have entered the last days”

Elerian Angel


You Begin The Charge

“When you claim the power of the keys, My light, love, energy, and force become a part of your very being.”





Submitted by kaye

(Note: ) It was interesting, that the day after receiving the message about the “Green angels” telling that “man lives not by bread alone but by the Word of God”, l got an audio from MB where they tell of someone who is learning how we don’t really need food. I have found the same: that I am not hungry and do not need food as long as I have the Word intake strong and fresh from Heaven.

(Question: ) Anything to say on this “not actually needing food”? That is, that You Lord can make it not be a need when it suits You, or You can let it be a need when it suits You. Seeing as it shows us Your love and care, can boost our emotions, bring families together for fellowship, and provide a way to witness. It’s a means for people to be blessed by sharing with God’s children; it can even be a means of discipline, as in times of famine. But when people think and really do feel they have to have something in their stomach at all costs, they can do some ugly and odd things, like we read about in the Bible during times of a siege. People reached very low living levels. People were starving, yet Elisha was living there too hearing from the Lord, and he seemed to be getting by just fine. He was in no hurry to get food nor was he dying it seemed.

What are Your thoughts on it, since it’s a real thing right now with many going without food, and options for buying it seems could be limited too, with new regulations, etc.?

For Jesus’ answer download full pdf below

What to do when or if there is a food shortage?



Return of the keys

There is no stopping the man of faith who holds the keys firmly in his hands. He sees miracles because he believes and receives My power.”





It Can Happen 2022

It Can Happen This Year 1992” is a series of talks David Berg gave in the last part of 1991. In hindsight, it does seem very likely that those letters, although written then, were actually in preparation for what is coming in 2022.

This incredible series of prophetic letters is coming to life today, almost 30 years into the future. Our original study of these letters was done last year in June; but a few days ago, Jesus reminded me of our reaction to those letters. So over the past few days, we have been revisiting the prophecies we received to see if more light can be shed on what may be just around the corner.

To get you started, in case you haven’t yet read the 7-part series, I have included the introduction, which is now one year old.

“It didn’t come as any great revelation. In fact, I stumbled onto it when flipping through the yellow DB 11. I came to page 71: It Could Happen this Year—1992. I am writing this small introduction on Day 7 of a series of classes that developed out of this initial discovery. (Take note of the DB book’s number 11, because as this interesting revelation develops, the number 11 crops up more often.) What is more interesting is that behind each number that we’re shown, there’s some significant event or similarity pertaining to the time we are living in right now. Now I’ve never been that interested in numerology, but seeing as this whole revelation seems to be directed by numbers, I’m of a different mind now. In fact, the importance of numbers in this study was corroborated in a prophecy I received on the second or third day of this journey; read on, and you will see.

All the same, this is not about following numbers; it’s about following prophecy.

Nevertheless, it is obvious the Lord is using numbers as signposts along this very fascinating path. After reading the heading of the letter mentioned on page 71 of DB 11 and perhaps half a dozen paragraphs in that letter, the Lord opened my eyes to the fact that there was something very significant about 1992 in relation to right now, this year- 2020. I was directed to go to the Infostore and look up the letter, and there I discovered that there was a series of four letters. However, my attention was drawn to a letter that was placed two letters above the series in question and that letter was called “It Can Happen Now,” and rather absent-mindedly I opened it with the thought passing through my mind that it was part of the series. “It Can Happen This Year—1992”. Isn’t the Lord is funny…”

If you are interested in reading more, please go to the link supplied below.

“Like someone who receives a dentist’s injection of Novocain, the world, but especially the church, has been numbed to what is happening around them; so numb in fact, that they have very little idea of why it’s happening and why they can’t go back to life the way it used to be.”



Revelation 12

“Through the keys of the Kingdom you will change, be recreated, mount up with wings as an eagle, and soar to great victories and progress.”