“Hearing from Heaven, using the Keys, prayer, and using a new spiritual weapon all have to be learned. These things have to be repeated over and over again, and if you use as many methods as possible to implant these spiritual abilities in your being then the faster you will learn them.”

In this new day you must learn to wield this weapon of prayer in a new way. I’m upgrading your weapon of prayer by teaching you how to use it more effectively, to shoot better and hit the bull’s-eye of My will, knocking the Enemy for a loop. It’s like a new weapon because it’s going to be used like never before. In this time of the End, because the days grow evil and the fight is stronger than ever before, it is vital that you use your prayer weapon more effectively. Now you will have to pray more than ever before, more specifically and more fervently than you ever have, and because of this, the effects are going to be more powerful and noticed than they have been. (Action Through Prayer–Part 1 #3319)



I am with you as you launch the attack. This isn’t the battle where I retake the world and righteousness will at last cover the Earth. This isn’t when the Devil and his demonic minions are defeated for good. This is the battle for the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom to all the world for a witness before the End can come. This is the last rally, the last chance for people to decide for Me or against Me. This is the battle that will deal such a blow to Satan‚ which will let him know that his end is near. There are angels of provision, angels of witness, angels of miracles, angels of healing, spirit helpers of revelation, and mighty armies of devastation waiting to confront Satan and his minions in the spirit and on Earth. There is no hesitation in My warriors’ eyes. They too are trained and prepared and have waited long years for this day, this offensive.

The battlefield is set‚ the armies await, and the quiet before the storm pervades all. You look to Me, but there is no call from My lips to attack. There is no rallying cry to charge. I am silent. Why is this? Because, My loves, it is you‚ not I, that control this army of the spirit. You begin this charge. All that I have promised to do for you spiritually, I will do, if only you will command Me.

 Through the simple act of desperate prayer that holds Me to an accounting of the performance of My promises, you release these forces and you start the battle.

But My army goes nowhere without your command. You command these forces. Do you understand? We promise you so much, we hold so much power, and the only condition is that you pray and release us, that you believe that we are here and that we will work for you if only you will set us free. So much is not accomplished because of your unbelief, so strive to believe. Ask for My help to know beyond a doubt that there is spiritual power waiting to be released if you will just ask. Don’t grow weary or bored, but face this battle as the true-to-the-core spiritual soldier you were created to be. You’re not called to take up a sword or spear and face the foes in the flesh. You’re called to pray, to command the spiritual through your faith. Can you do it? Can you release this mighty army that will prepare the way for this offensive? Can you begin the battle? All Heaven waits on you. The angels look your way in expectant reverence, just waiting for the command from your lips.
 Don’t disappoint My forces. Don’t half-heartedly mumble words that you question or disbelieve. Know that we are here, and command us to the attack. Set the forces of Heaven and Earth in motion through your prayers. Let your prayers shake the foundations of Hell and open the gates of Heaven. Let it be said throughout every sphere of My creation that the children of David, as few in number as they were, sent up such a desperate cry for divine help that power was unleashed on that day such as has never been seen!
Let everyone everywhere know that you have done what you could. Leave no part of your heart not lifted to Me. Pour out everything in your soul. Give it everything you’ve got and hold nothing back. As you do this simple thing, I will do the rest. If you want to see power, if you want to see miracles, if you want to see the End, if you want to see My coming, then pray as you have never prayed before! Claim that My power will go forward. That is the only way that we will march on your behalf.
These are the rules and this is the game. We will act if only you will pray. If you want to see every promise of Mine fulfilled‚ then pray. Yes, you rest in Me. Yes, you depend on My power. Yes, you trust in My strong arm–but there is one simple thing that I ask of you, and that is your prayers. Give them now in the fullest, deepest measure you can muster. Let each warrior of David prove his mettle today. Let each one show Me that they belong in this army and that they belong on this battlefield through the depth and strength of your prayers.
If you are a disciple, show Me now! If you are a warrior, show Me now! Save nothing. Hold nothing in reserve. This is it. This is the moment. If you can succeed in mustering enough heart and soul in beseeching Me to work for you, then you will start the snowball of heavenly power that will be unstoppable. This is the time, the moment. If you win this battle of prayer, then you will coast to the very End on a wave of My power.
I don’t control the destiny of this planet–you do. You, few feeble ones, control the unwritten history of Earth through your prayers. Success or failure is not determined through your actions, but through your prayers. If you can fight in prayer like you have never fought before, and win and work and strive in prayer as you have never won or worked or striven before, then the answers will come. I will march to battle‚ and we will win. It comes down to this. It comes down to this moment. Launch the attack in prayer!” (Prayer Drive 2007 #3647)

Mystical Bible YouTube You Begin This Charge

“To be truly desperate also includes using your other weapons, like praise, the keys, spirit help, etc., because that’s fulfilling your end of the bargain by doing everything you possibly can, and using every conceivable weapon and support at your disposal, so that you completely exhaust what can be done by you in the natural, leaving only room for My spiritual power to take over and bring the answer.”


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