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“THERE IS NO POWER BUT OF GOD: THE POWERS THAT BE ARE ORDAINED OF GOD!” (Rom:13:1) For it is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit saith the Lord. Everyone that God has used throughout the history of the world, good or bad, has been anointed of God, with special charisma, gifts, or talents, and that divine spark of inspiration which ignites the fuse that explodes the bomb of their accomplishments, that special enduement of power from on High, that special insight, foresight, and divine Wisdom that causes them to stand head and shoulders above their brethren, to stand out in the crowd, that outstanding personality, that is gift of God! These chosen vessels fit for the Master’s use all have had it–all have had that divine supernatural fire of genius which burned like a flame, that dynamic force which spurred them on even in spite of themselves. They could not contain it! It is a power of God which is almost uncontrollable! You feel like you’ve just got to explode, to somehow fulfill your destiny, that there’s something important you’re supposed to do, and you’ve just got to find it–And when you do, you’re like an electric current that has suddenly found its ground–And you literally blow up with the shock. It’s like the tea kettle on the fire: If you can’t find an outlet for that steam, you’ll explode! It’s like lightning, looking for a place to strike! It’s like kinetic, static electricity which is built up and built up within you until you cannot contain, and the slightest touch brings a sudden jolt, a bolt from the blue! It’s like somebody has just thrown the switch, turned you on, and found an outlet for that tremendous power that God has pent-up within you!

SOMETIMES IT TAKES YEARS BEFORE THAT SMOLDERING, SMOKING FIRE BURST INTO A BLAZING INFERNO, a holocaust like the blasting off of a rocket or the explosion of an atom bomb or the sudden bursting, blazing glory of a shooting star! The power was there all the time, pent-up and smoldering–the kind that nearly tears a prophet apart if he doesn’t give his message!


BUT SUDDENLY SOMEBODY RELEASES THE VALVE–and there’s a terrible blast of that whistle or that foghorn of warning or that exploding message of Doom! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! It’s like an enormous shell finally finding its mark and exploding with earthshaking, thunderous fury, blowing away all the flimsy debris and the chaff of this world and leaving only that which is solid remaining! Such is the life of the prophets of God! Such is the life of all the men and women that God has mightily used throughout all time!

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“When your heart is heavy and you feel troubled, uneasy, or afraid, let the keys work for you and give
you peace, calm, faith and trust. Nothing is greater
than key power!”



the word the word the word


April 2022


God’s School of Submission



April 2022


40 Days and Kohoutek


Noticer of the little things

It’s good to pray at the start of the day to be a good looker and watcher, to see what is pointed out to you during the day—things that will make a difference and catch a problem before it becomes one. But if something gets by and a hurt occurs from something that you weren’t aware of, well praise the Lord for the maturity it does bring. Little hurts have a way of teaching. So these can be useful tools at times to get you to think more soberly.

But pray to be on the right channel, and more good can come and fewer accidents. For example, if we try to bring to your attention to pick up a nail on the ground, that’s easier for us than to have to constantly keep all your feet off of that nail all day, day after day. Just a little pick-up of something in a moment of being in tune, can make our job easier and your day safer too. Of course the Lord could just delete or transform that nail; that can happen too. But this is a lesson on praying to notice, so things can go as easy as possible, and faster progress in the right direction can be made today. (Spirit Helper speaking)


“Praying is humbling yourself before Me and others, and asking Me to do what you can’t do.”


the happy end

“When you’re living together, having all things in common, and activating the keys of unity, I will open doors for you and supply all of your needs.”





Jesus Speaking

Praying is humbling yourself before Me and others, and asking Me to do what you can’t do. It’s forgetting yourself and your own problems, battles, afflictions, and difficulties, and thinking about others. It’s saying, “I can’t, Lord, but You can!” and then watching Me do the impossible.

Praying is getting down on your hands and knees and beseeching Me. It’s thinking of nothing else but that person or situation you’re praying for. It’s focusing and hitting the target. Praying is a selfless act that immediately gives you bonuses in Heaven, and signs you up for extra blessings for the present and rewards for eternity.

Praying is fighting to defeat the Enemy and all of his demons who seek to attack, hinder and cause My brides harm. It’s also a vehicle for wielding and using the keys, for activating the greatest power in the universe, and creating a direct link between Heaven and Earth.

Praying is a sacrificial, tiring, and often thankless job, but not one prayer is ever wasted. Thank you, My loves, for giving your all to your greatest duty and calling, the one that will reap dividends forever.


“Praying is forsaking your pride, your carnality, and leaving the realm of the flesh behind.”


Fields of airyn

“God will give grace, glory, endurance, faith and power. No good thing will He withhold from them who hold the keys of the Kingdom in their hands.”





blog bites

“Now is the time of the whispers, and all My troops that have taken the call seriously are using this method. This is the method of communication from now on; it has been for a while, but it is now in earnest. Forms of earthly communication will become more and more difficult and in some ways impossible. This may not be an easy saying for some, but I cannot strive with the double-minded endlessly. As I’ve said before, Satan saw the fall of the COD as his golden opportunity, as his signal to strike what he thought to be his most deadly blow to My plan at that time. Now he is locked, loaded and ready to go, and will not, cannot turn from the inevitable end –all-out war.

This is the time when My troops must be where they have been called to be, to fill the places that have been kept open for them. If they are not ready or if they are hesitant, then they must remain where they are and there fight with the resources they have at hand. If you are called to be a commander of a small guerilla band or if you only have one or two people to oversee, make sure you do it with My earpiece in your ear listening intently to My every instruction. All My troops both spiritual and physical are now behind enemy lines.” (Jesus speaking)


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Registration and Tribulation

The Year 2022 will see many, if not all, national puppet governments imposing mandatory vax on their people. Call it what you will; this long-planned and well-orchestrated international registration of the entire world’s citizenry is well documented in the book of Revelation.
As this internationally stimulated pogrom develops, any person/s resisting will be denigrated then denied basic government services. Persecution will come, and over time, dissenters will be made classless or exterminated. This is also well documented in the Book of Revelation as well as other apocryphal books.



Heaven and Hell Have Merged

And our Elerian have been loosed to set us free!

Are you a Disciple? (An Elerian speaking)

We are not dilly dallying now; we are pushing hard. We are stirring the pot, for the day is well spent. The fires of conviction have been heated seven times hotter, and we are throwing the hay and stubble and dross of past mistakes into the furnace of God’s will to ensure the flame burns away all excuses and reasoning. This is also part of the job of an Elerian, we are staff sergeants; so line up now, empty those duffel bags and let’s see what is superfluous and unnecessary. Those duffel bags have to be lightweight. They must not weigh you down, so out with all the extra baggage and into the fire it goes.

Old mind-sets are some of the heaviest; they can take up a lot of unnecessary room. Some are so big it’s hard to get them out of the rucksack. All you have to do is pour in the new wine, my loves; Break that mind-set, if the wine skin busts in the process, so be it; let it bust. We can sew it up again with the thread of freedom of spirit. That thread, let me tell you, is unbreakable.

Your father David was good at telling it the way it is. Well this class is of the same medicine. As you know, it was delivered to you by his faithful scribe. Well, it is always good to remember; he that preaches the gospel is expected to live of the gospel. And that has not changed in 2,000 years either. So everyone must take their medicine if they want to ride on our backs. We aren’t timid fairground ponies. No sir, we are range riding stallions. We gallop the river of life; we surf the vast harmonics of the spiritual realm and to stay on our backs you have to be naked in spirit –never a dull moment when mounting the freedom steeds. So trim down those duffel bags, because you never know, you may just have to ditch them too if the going gets really rough. Who knows, but we may have to all disappear across the veil once in a while, in a quick dash, to escape the hands of the Fowler.

“The world is numbered; the chip is in place. Every item and person have some type of registration. Hell has merged with the earth. We have entered the last days”

Elerian Angel


You Begin The Charge

“When you claim the power of the keys, My light, love, energy, and force become a part of your very being.”





This is discipleship

Whether first or second generation, each person must decide if they want to be a disciple.If you make this choice, that means you must be willing to live the life of a discipleforsaking all, following Me daily, going into all the world to preach the Gospel, sharing all your worldly possessions, and being separate from and having no part of the evil worldly System. Each disciple of Mine must decide who he will love the most. If you are My disciple, you must be willing to keep Me in first place in your lifeand what that means is, My wish is your command.

What I’m looking for is a strong band of disciples, those who are dropped out and fully dedicated to the point that they’ve lost themselves in Me. You might think this is a very ordinary and general answer, but it’s the most radical commission on Earth! It’s the most costly profession, and the one with the fewest applicants. There are so few people in this whole world who are willing to love Me more than anythingmore than their husbands, wives, children, lands, possessions or reputations

“You will come across some tremendous challenges and spiritual attacks and battles; that I promise you. And things in the world, and the atmosphere around the world, will only get darker and worse with time. So it’s not that things will get easier; they won’t. The battles will be more violent and bloodier in spirit. So get ready.”



David’s Mighty Men

“If you feel you’re too old or your bad habits are too deeply ingrained to change at this point in life, just let go and let Me do it through the keys.”