mysterious keys


“You are the ones who will go through the Great Tribulation and endure the most difficult time the world has ever known. I have promised to care for My Own‚ and I have cared for My Own throughout the centuries. Does it not stand to reason that I would reserve the greatest power and the fullest understanding of My power for those who must go through the darkest days and the greatest persecutions and tribulations? The only way that you will be able to survive and endure and continue to fulfill My mission during the dark days ahead will be through the power of the keys.

I chose not to wait until the days of great darkness to give you this power, but to give it to you in advance, so that you could become familiar with it and comfortable with it, and gain an understanding of it. I know it is a great and mighty truth and a deep mystery, and it takes faith, time, and hearing from Me and receiving My words and explanations to understand it and live it.

(Natalia prays:) We, Natalia, Tola, and Tor, call on the power of the keys of the Kingdom! We thank You, our mighty Lord, that the keys and the Word are one. We lay our hands upon these, the children of David, Your faithful, Your brides, Your called-out ones in the Time of the End–these whom all the prophets of all ages look to; these who are little and weak, who are nothing in themselves, but who are everything in Your sight; these who are destined to fulfill Your sovereign will of establishing Your Kingdom on Earth! We lay hands upon these to whom You have given the keys of the Kingdom, these who are destined to defy Satan and his dark kingdom, these whom You will empower to defeat evil, these who are Your chosen ones of the Last Days.

You need to study My Word about the keys. That is the only way to truly understand them and grasp their power. You must study these Words, imbibe them, ask Me your questions, and regularly review what I have said. It would be helpful to memorize the key promises, and even some of what I have said concerning the keys. This will boost your faith and remind you of what the keys are for and what they can do and how to use them. (The Mysterious Keys Pt. 3 #3599-1)

My Children of David, My prophets of the End, you are facing the darkest days this world has ever experienced. The world and you along with it are about to experience the final days of man’s rule on earth. Fear not the things that must come upon the Earth. For I come with a fan in My hand, and I will fan the fires of tribulation. Man has turned his back on Me, his only salvation, and has instead trusted in the arm of the usurper. You have made the right choice; the world has made the wrong choice. The great falling away is complete. Now is the time of miracles, Key-powered miracles. (MB)

All the promises that I have given in the Words of David concerning the Keys wait for those faithful ones to activate them through their belief in the reality of the Keys. Even if the Keys have been sitting unused for years, they will still burst into life at your touch. (MB)

(Jesus speaking:) You must remember that you are entering times such as have never existed in history, so your spiritual armor must be more impenetrable and your weapons must be more powerful than at any other time in history. Your training in their use and strengthening of your spiritual muscles and skill in handling these weapons must be more than any of My fighters throughout history as well.” (Issues Pt. 16 #3450)


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