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When I read the letter today, Eritrea! — A Dead Horse? [#0333B], it seemed to me that it could be interpreted this time around as “raising of the bones” and “old Church vs. new Church” and old laws vs. new grace and love, and also letting the Word free to feed the army and revive it (like “Quickened Knights” vision /prophecy and our mission to get the Word out).

Here are just a few quotes, but the whole short letter/ dream seems very applicable now if you think of the country as “God’s Nation” and the country names as code names representing the new young army of the Lord that He is raising up. And once again, Dad is trying to get the Word around to feed and revive his army, the “mighty men of David,” and like in the dream Builders Beware, trying to make sure the Word isn’t taken away. In Bye bye birdie, City of Buried treasure, Copper Mine, Crystal stream, Rolled Gold, and on and on the Lord showed through dreams that we are to have and feed on and give away the Word, as well as keep it treasured and valued. It was Dad’s mission. The direct prophecies he received were mostly all about his mission to get out and speak out the Words of God to feed and quench the thirst of hearts. He is still doing this from the spirit world, just as we, Children of David should keep doing our job— taking the Word in ourselves, receiving fresh living waters of New Wine and then pouring it out.


I WAS TRYING TO REVIVE THIS OLD DEAD ARMY CAMP AND I WAS BRINGING ALL THESE ORPHANS HERE and I was going to try to feed them. I was really crying ’cause I didn’t know how I was going to feed them all. One boy said, “Well, nobody’s ever been able to make it work.–Nobody’s ever been able to do it.” And you said, “But they weren’t counting on God like you are!”

“The orphan Children of David, like the bedraggled Gideon’s band on its way back to Jesus, can only have the strength to win the battle by raising the banner of David, that banner under which they were called.”

Prophecy: “This is sad, My sweet, because every day that you allow to slip by you, you lose ground. You lose the strength of spirit that is being offered by these warriors of the faith. Joan is there with you, as well as mighty African warriors both male and female. I have sent many to aid and to minister to you when you tire of the fight, but instead your eyes drift to the things of this world, to the sirens of Satan and his cheap junk jewelry. You are captured by trinkets, plastic beads and mirrors of delusion, when all around you there are tremendous treasures of the spirit, riches untold, potions and gold magic and your destiny, your calling and crown. But you would not see these things. The enemy has duped you and befuddled you into thinking they are naught. Beg for the blinders and scales of Satan and this world to be ripped from your eyes. I plead with you. Your Husband and Lover is on His knees. How much lower do you want Me to go? I will go all the way to the floor for you, My precious queen to be. I went all the way to the cross for you. So, yes I will go all the way to the floor to gain your love. Is that what you want Me to do? Take My hand, sweet lover of Mine, and lift Me into your arms of love and give Me this day your heart. Come clean and confess all those dirty, secret sins that are besetting you and holding you down. They are smothering you and destroying you and killing your service and love for Me. I want and desire to see you set free from the cares of this life. I am waiting. I am imploring you; please make the decision to yield to Me and to those that surround you each day, giving their lives to you, My queen in waiting. She that forsakes not all that she has cannot be My disciple and cannot wear the crown that I have here beside Me on My throne.”

About a teenager: “No, you must not say that, my love. We are here. We are beside you, and we weep; therefore, you weep. We weep for those of our Family on earth that have turned away, for yes, it is a sad thing to turn one’s back upon our Lover and Savior. But dearest, we weep for joy also. We see the spirit of the Cathars in your young ones, those that gather each day around the table with you and listen and drink in the Words of David and the Words of those around you in the Spirit realm. The spirit of fire will fall upon them and upon you as has been promised many times in the past and through your own lips in the days of your reboot. You must not say, “We are not able; we do not have the love. The sacrifice is not in us. We are too selfish, and we lack the love of God to be as our Cathar brothers and sisters.” You must not speak those words, our love. You must not do this thing; you must speak and show and act in love and faith. You must live the Words of David; you must live the Words that pass through your mind and heart even now as you listen to us, your lovers and comrades. Joan is here, I and Hilda are here; we stand beside you. David, your son, is near and is constantly working on your little ones in order that they be ready for the high calling they have been given. To stand at the edge of time as one of David’s mighty men is a privilege given to very few in the history of man. We do not boast here; we do not paint imaginary pictures in the sky of your mind. We write these words on the table of your heart in the ink of the blood of the martyrs, all those that have gone before you, those who have given their lives unto the death. It is for all these that we come now to encourage you to fight on, to rally your band of Cathars in the realm of the flesh and fight on. Lift up the torch of revolution and fight on, beloved of God. The flag of David has been passed on to you and those like you that have heard and who will soon hear the cry to battle. It is a fight to the death, for the seed of the true church is the blood of the martyrs.

Listen to us, our love. Listen and draw deeply into the spirit of life, for here is where we dwell. We are life; the world around you is death. Live for life and for all those that have gone before you and for all those that are lost in the death of this world. We know that you don’t have enough love, neither did we, but our Savior and Lover did then, as He does now. Look up, look into your heart and live. Live and love for our Husband. Live and die for Him who lived, loved and died for us all.”

Prophecy: “Very soon you will see My plan begin to unfold. Time is almost up, and I must come out onto the field of play. I have My team as game-ready as possible. I have My Gideon’s band, but more will join as they see the players run onto the arena. They will jump from the grandstands as My conviction falls upon them. They will see where all of this is going and jump into My arms. I will be there on the field of play with you all. All those that are undecided now will decide then. All those that missed the final call (Reboot) will be pressed in spirit and at great personal cost make the jump into full time discipleship. I will mightily bless these ones for their leap of faith, but they will not be able to exercise the faith that you, My brides of the End will display. They will not be as fit spiritually. They will play the game with all that is in them, but they will not be My stars. That honor is given to those that honed their gifts before the big game started. Nevertheless, I will come in under them to lift them in their struggle to keep up with the fast-paced action of the final game for this season.”



In Sight of the Stadium

“Nothing on Earth or in Hell can withstand the power of the keys of the Kingdom, which you have access to at any time.”


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March 2022



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