Joan of Arc speaking:

“Hello my friend, I come standing strong beside you with my banner ready, giving you the courage needed to take your place in God’s Endtime army.  We are many, also lined up and waiting the command . We await the COD to become the soldiers needed  as the physical manifestation on Earth. We have multiplied our forces, many have come to this time all the way through history. We have waited to see this day, when the COD would take their place, with us of the ages by their side in full armor set in full array. We are each ready.  We are more than ready. We are like horses brimming and frothing at the mouth in the gate waiting to join the fray.  The battle before us is now seen charging over the hills. They surely are numerous, appearing to out-number the COD, but that is not what we see in the spirit.  Our line-up far outnumbers their hordes of demonic dogs darkening the field with stench and bloodied eyes.  They are weak and run on fear alone, knowing if they disobey their orders, their death will not be rewarded in hell. What a dismal victory; that alone weakens their ranks, their fear of knowing their destiny is only defeat forever.

So my dearest, know your cause; know the side you are on this day. Fight with all Heaven at your command. You have come from your sheltered lives into the endgame of cold, damp darkness, as did I. I had to see it to believe it, and I did.  I was young, but Jesus showed me the war as He has you.

You were young when He gave you dreams of Ottawa with the dogs barking and the barbed wire fences on white-washed Parliament Hill.  Those dreams have now been fulfilled before your eyes and ears.  Military rule has been shown to you as you dreamed it would.

This is the day of fulfillment and many have lined up as the millions who will sacrifice their lives for this senseless slaughter, which has put their people in grave danger and slavery now. Time has been expedited by them, and the action of this right-wing movement has given the enemy, their rulers of wickedness, reason  to hammer down on the insubordinate of their NWO regime.

The people of Canada have been stone dead for decades, drinking their beer and smoking their pot. Now without conscience of their own sins, their cause relinquished, they have no power to fight. Their enemy was not recognized when he first showed up generations ago. Now they pay the piper in this lost generation of wasted slaughter and protesting that was already lost from the beginning. It was misplaced and not discerning their true enemy.   The gateway had already been broken down, their defenses stripped and their livelihood battered by lawlessness.  They marched the funeral procession to their death, and the final hammer to freedom was lost on this frontier they call home-Canada.

Now is a time to be ready to follow, for there is war in their hearts.  Be ready. (End of prophecy)



“If Man makes the right choice & goes the right way, then the forces of Heaven are empowered to overcome the forces of evil. If Man makes the wrong decision & goes the wrong way, then according to the laws, or you might say the rules of the game, then the forces of evil are allowed to win, as they’re obviously doing now, as the World is on its way to Hell!”


You Begin This Charge

“There is no fear in the keys. Call on the keys and you will be freed from fear and liberated to do My will.”


See “The Spiritual Warfare Depends on Us”


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