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Return of the Keys in the Last Hour

“Today, you, My chosen of the Endtime, have volumes of My written Word, both new and old, and you have My voice at your beck and call through prophecy. If you are to avail yourselves of greater use of the keys, you must focus only on this. You must act on this power and be instant followers and doers of the Words I have spoken. And by this I don’t mean in part, but all the way. If you want all the power, you must go all the way.” (Mysterious Keys, The – Part 3 [#3599-1])

Prophecy: “There is only one way. All doors have been shuttered, and all avenues of escape are barred. The enemy of your souls has all but sewn up this world in his straitjacket. The people of this world are being spoon fed, and those that are stubborn and won’t open their mouths are being fed by drip. The Keys were given to you, the Children of David, for many reasons, but the one Key that is much needed now is the Key of Escape, the Key to the Wilderness, or if you will, the Key of Revelation 12:6. This Key will keep you out of that straitjacket, but if you do not step out by faith now and start using this Key, then My hands are tied. I can help you a bit…sometimes… but it is truly, “According to your faith be it done unto you.” Listen, believe and obey. The Keys must become a part of your very being, you must put on My mind. They must be a part of your spiritual brain; the Keys must be you. You must be fully possessed with the Keys in order to do the miracles to pass through these last few hours before My return.”

“Now is not the time to plant and build for the future. This earth and man’s dominion over it has no future. His time has passed and is about to be swept away. Now is the time to go deeper into the den of God’s Word. Now is the time to gather your chicks and draw in under the wings of the Mother Hen. Now is the time to pray as you move even higher up the mountain. The lowlands will soon be awash. Some of you are still not high enough. At My command you’ve moved up higher, but it is still not high enough to avoid what is about to come upon the world of men. You think you have time. I say there is no time. Gather what you can and move to higher pastures. Don’t listen to the peace prophets or to those that say there are yet four months until harvest. They are blind leaders, and if you listen and follow, you will be swept away with them.”




     The Keys Are Our Wilderness


“The keys are alive. They speak. They move. They act. They have a life of their own, yet they cannot be brought to life within this realm without you. They need your touch to activate their power. So call on them, touch them, handle them, use them‚ learn about them, understand them. Then avail yourself of their power.” (Mysterious Keys, The – Part 3 [#3599-1])



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