asking Jesus everything


Whenever you ask Me to speak to you, you must receive the first thing that comes as from Me. When you ask Me to speak in prophecy, I will respond–either with a verse which I bring back to your remembrance, or with a sentence or two, or with even just a few words. All that is My voice of prophecy. Yes, there are other ways to know My will, but those you should see as prompts, as reminders that you’re supposed to ask Me to speak in prophecy. That way you can know for sure that you’re getting it right. So when you receive a check, you have an impression, or you feel that I’m wanting to whisper in your ear, stop and ask Me to speak to you in prophecy, and then whatever I give you will be My voice of prophecy answering you. When you ask for bread, I will not give you a stone.

You really can’t be so stuck on your preplanned agenda if you want to follow where I lead. You have to leave yourself open to My checks which call you to bring a question before Me and receive My answers. Whenever you face a decision, a crossroads, that’s the time to ask Me. Whenever you receive a check in your heart, that’s the time to ask Me. Whenever things start to go differently than you thought they would, that’s the time to ask Me. Even when things are going just as planned, if you face a decision, ask Me!

Practice hearing from Me in prophecy throughout the day for little things as they come up, and then you’ll be well-practiced and in the habit when I have to tell you something. That’s one way you can be sure you’re living every day to the full and really making it count. If you’re following Me, then you know that you’re doing just what I want you to and when. Even if you don’t ask Me about every single thing, I often work behind the scenes to fulfill My purpose–such as, for example, getting you to bump into a particular person who needs your witness that day. However, when you’re asking Me about things and getting My leading and confirmation, you’ll not only be fulfilling My plan and purpose, but you yourself will see and know how I’m working. You’ll see more miracles every day, and you’ll better understand the working of My Spirit. When you pray about a potential plan and then I adjust it somewhat, and you go with what I show you–and because of it you meet a special sheep, or have a real breakthrough with one of your children, or discover a great new idea or method for something–then you’ll be able to fully rejoice in the miracle I did by speaking to you and guiding you; you’ll see the blessing for your faithfulness to obey.

It will bring the whole spiritual realm closer to you, and help you be more firmly connected to Me. This will keep developing and developing, until hearing from Me and communicating with Me will be as natural as breathing. It’ll be something that you do constantly, automatically, without having to remind yourself and prod yourself into doing it.

It takes time to form these good habits, but once you do, you’ll never regret it. You’ll see its fruits, and you’ll realize that My way is the best way. You might be able to muddle through, or even do fairly well in some decisions, by using your common sense. If you’re prayerful and pray at each step, you’ll do even better. But by tuning in to Me and getting My guidance or confirmation in prophecy on every plan or decision, little or big, you’re bringing the full power of My Spirit into your life, and it will change you and others around you. (Ask Me Everything, Part 3 #3272)

  “In humility and desperation, call on the keys of change, regeneration and deliverance to make you a new man-one who loves Me and My Word above all, and who is an embodiment of the new weapons and moves of My Spirit.”


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