stop and listen


“If you love Me, keep My commandments, and one of My commandments is to listen to My voice, to hear from Me, to stop, look, and listen. I know it’s always a trial and a temptation to worry that you don’t have the time. That’s just the Enemy trying to stop you from hearing those little jewels that I’d like to pour out to you in prophecy. You do have the time. It only takes a moment. It doesn’t take long at all for you to release your hold on what you’re doing and stop and hear from Me–and go on, if that’s what I want you to do; or turn and make a change, if that’s what I want you to do. But unless you take that moment, those few seconds, the time of looking to Me, you won’t know which way to go–whether you should turn, or whether you should keep going ahead.

So stop and listen to Me. It’ll make a difference in your work, in your life, in your love, in your time, in everything you do. You’ll have faith and confidence that what I’m instructing you to do will work out. But when you get going on a certain road, and you head off full steam and you don’t check with Me if you should take any turns in the road, then you’re left to your own devices. And that may not always work out for the best. I may have another plan for you, another way, a slight change, a slight variation; or I may want to encourage you that you’re going the right way, to give you more faith for what you are doing. But I want to talk to you in prophecy; I want to be there with you, to accompany you. I want to be your Guide. I want to be your Mentor, your Counselor, the One Who helps you in each decision you make.

Yes, I want you to check with Me about every move you make. But sometimes it’s not only the moves and changes that I want you to check with Me on. I want you to check with Me on whether you move or not, whether you turn or not, whether you don’t make any changes, whether you keep going. I want you to check with Me on that, and hearing from Me in prophecy is simple. It won’t usually take long at all. Sometimes more complicated things will take a little longer, but in the long run, the answers you receive from Me will always work out and will be well worth the time you took to receive them. I’ll bless your yielding to listen to Me, your yielding to stop and ask Me to tell you in prophecy what’s best instead of going on in your own wisdom and understanding, your yielding to My love, knowing that I have the master plan. Your yielding is what I will bless–your yielding to go the way that I want you to go.

If you ask Me for help, if you ask Me for guidance, if you ask Me to lead you, I will. Please, please, please give Me time to lead you. Set aside your plans. Set aside what you’re doing for just a few moments to let Me lead you.

As always, love is the key. If you love Me, keep My commandments. Your loving Me, your wanting Me, your needing Me, is the key. Commit yourself to Me in the way the bride commits herself to her husband. Give yourself to Me. Let Me pour into you, pour through you, and lead you. Yield to Me moment by moment, step by step. Things will be far easier when you learn this special trick, this way of doing things: stopping and yielding and loving Me, praising Me, letting Me guide you and letting Me show you through prophecy.”

(Ask Me Everything, Part 1 #3270)


  “The keys of concentration empower you to reach far beyond your natural mind, and the keys of retention will open doors within your mind to be filled with what I know is most needed.”

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