behind enemy lines

IN THE SPIRIT OF GOD –submitted by Thomas

 I have a “wilderness walker” testimony to share with you.  About four days ago, the Lord took me in a dream (but I was actually there) to the war front, where the Russians and Ukrainians were in a facing each other in a town. Their guns and tanks were all pointed at each other a block or so apart. Beautiful old buildings lined streets that were as clean as can be. I was in full military combat uniform as a Ukrainian soldier. I was walking to and from each side talking to them about negotiating a back-out peace plan for both sides. As I walked between both armies, I was concerned about being shot, but not even an attempt happened.  Neither army wanted to blow themselves or their town to bits. The commander or general on the Russian side was all for the plan to back down,  but when I went back to the Ukrainian commander, he was growling like a Nazi mad dog, fully possessed by a death demon.  I went on the attack with the Keys and prayer and COMMANDED this thing to come out of him and it did!  He was wonderfully delivered.  He received the LORD and changed into a real sweet sheep. PTL!  He then let the peace happen. I woke up and I knew I had really been there. I told my wife, “Wow, I’ve had a few of these encounters lately.”  A day or so later, I saw in the news, that the Ukrainian army was pulling out of some area in Belarus.  I said, “Lord, is that where I was?”  “YES, because if there was no peace made, the Russians would not have let them live to fight them again.” WOW! What an answer.  “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the CHILDREN OF GOD.”  Yes, a Child of God was there. PG, a child of David. I WAS THERE. It was SO, so real.


Can a man be in two places at one time ? About 20 minutes into this video is Bruce Allen’s testimony about this. When I first saw this, I thought, “WOW, what a way to witness” and it encouraged my faith .


MODERN DAY MYSTICS IV Translation in the Spirit | Bruce Allen | Mama Jenkins |BrotherGrubb Padre Pio

Maybe this is how the Two Witnesses work in two places at once and why they can’t be killed.


Is the Heaven’s girl vision  (All the COD), a spiritual picture of the reality of the greater works that are starting to unfold in us? There is a good verse in Kings when Elijah is confronting Ahab and Jezebel and it is said about Elijah that “He comes and goes like the wind.”



“In praying a targeted prayer‚ you focus all your attention, all your mind, on that one person, that one situation, that one need, that one request. You take aim with your mind and your heart. All else fades into the background, and only that situation looms large before you, filling up the screen of your mind entirely. All your feeling, all your strength‚ all your desire, is channeled toward that one person or situation, and you claim My power to work the miracle. Your focus, your determination, moves My hand to act in a way that not only helps the situation, but is precisely what is needed, right on target. Targeted prayers bring targeted answers.”

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