“Keep this miraculous vision before your eyes and things won’t destabilize you as easily. When you are having a battle or something doesn’t work out or you are asked to forsake yet more, you won’t see it in such a negative way. You’ll keep your eyes on the truth, that this life is only for a time and very soon these things will be no more. Very soon you won’t be in the flesh and all that your flesh deems so important will be “no such thing anymore.” You will be completely a spiritual being and a new training will begin. Right now we, the warrior band, are, in one way or the other, passing through the training of the Earth life, whether through being your guide on Earth or by actually being there in flesh. But this is not the end of our purpose as a band. There’s so much more ahead of us. The Lord has a plan for us  –His special team of people who are willing to do anything for Him. Do you want to serve Jesus for as long as you exist? This is what this training is for. It doesn’t end once you reach Heaven.  Jesus needs His fighters trained, and Earth is the means He is using. Earth isn’t the only plan; there is so much yet to come. But it is so important that it determines what you will  spend eternity doing. Only those who pass this Earth test will be able to enter the next  level of training. Only those who give now will be able to receive ranking up Here. It’s so important that you give your very best now, because this test is only given once. People so often disregard the importance of this life and the decisions made, but these decisions determine a lot about your future in Eternity. Eternity is a long time. This time is so short, but it counts for a lot of training.

 It’s a major boost in the right direction for all those who pass their personal test. As for you, the Children of David/ Warrior Band, you have a lot to lose if you don’t make this life count but also a lot to gain if you give it your all.

 A lot is at stake here. It’s not just a little decision you are making when you decide not be a disciple. You are now accountable to follow through on your destiny. If you don’t, you’ll be so sorry. We, your close-knit team, will be sorry. Yes, there was a risk factor in our accepting this challenge. We all knew that there was a possibility that some of our band wouldn’t make it back victoriously. We knew that this Earth life was an extremely tough journey. We were all made to understand that this was the deal. We knew that in order for us to be the band that Jesus needed, we had to pass through this fire. We needed to go on in our training, and we needed to see our pieces broken at the feet of the Lamb. We were a strong team, undefeated. We were untouched by the feelings of loss and heartache. Yes, we loved Jesus; we loved Him with a great love. Each of us had already sworn our loyalty to Him when we were initiated into this band. Yet, our love needed to be proved, and we needed to be broken that He might use us more mightily. So He rent our band in twain, some remaining Here and others embarking on the mission called “Earth Life.” Every one of us would now experience what testing, trial, heartache, loss and even seeming defeat actually felt like. It has been a long time, a long battle, but very soon the Warrior Band members will return. We will all be together again. Some of us won’t have fulfilled what we were supposed to, and that is very heartbreaking. Those who didn’t pass won’t be able to resume membership and go on to greater training but will have to begin to unlearn all that they shouldn’t have learned on Earth. Then perhaps. depending on how ready they are, their past life will be slowly revealed to them. It was all in their decisions. They were presented with the choice multiple times. The Warrior Band are a special class of people, and although they are just like everyone else, they also do hear the Word in  their lifetime. If they’re from the Warrior Band, it is in their life’s plan that they will be presented many times in their journey with whether or not they will serve Jesus. It is their commission, and the Lord makes it apparent to them, but it’s all left to choice.

Sweet one, keep stepping forward, believing, because those who do return Home having fulfilled their destiny will have all of Eternity stretching out before them. They will be Jesus’ most intimates. They will be His Band that He will call upon and will trust because they have already proven their love for Him. Keep the vision of what is before you and do not lose your focus. You know what is at stake and what you stand to gain or lose. I love you.” (End of prophecy)

(Submitted by Brittney 21)

  “To effectively stand strong in My power and live the life of a revolutionary disciple, claim the keys of conviction, boldness, and My direction to guide you, as you walk the glorious path of My will that is lined with fulfillment and joys the world only dreams of.”

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