Jesus speaking about new wine and prophecy



“And it will not be a review of the basics, but you will chart new territory in the revelations that I give and that are destined to be published! You will cover new ground in the spirit, for I will reveal to you secrets that have been given to none other.I will challenge all My channels to stretch their faith! They can come to Me to hear what the future holds for them, as you have. That is a test of faith, but all those who come to Me with empty vessels will not only be filled to overflowing with what I want to give, but they will also find the size of their vessel increased from taking that simple step of faith.”

Personal prophecy:

Jesus: Do you want to grow? Do you want your prophecy channel to continue to get better and more precise and accurate? Then I challenge you to ask more questions, hard questions that seem to be out of your reach, questions of the future and what is to specifically come, questions on the Keys and what more they can do. Find out what their intricacies are and what secrets they hold. Faith cometh by hearing the Word of God: the living, breathing, brand new Word of the New Wine fresh from Heaven. I know you all have questions, so come to Me, for these promises are for you, My dears. I am drawn by the vacuum you create when you desire to delve deeper into Me and My secrets. I then want to show you new things; I want to fill that desire.

(Azoria, spirit helper:) No door is impenetrable; no way is impassable to you Key Wielders. The Keys are there, right there in your hands to help you open any door, solve any mystery, discover any truth and know the times and seasons that are to come to pass. The Lord of Heaven is ready, ready to pour down His seeds upon you all! But faith is required. Don’t think to yourself that the gift of prophecy is only truly given to some of the Lord’s Brides, that only some can receive great revelations and unravel deep spiritual mysteries. The Keys are not selective. They unlock anyone who asks in faith and sucks in persistence





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