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“All you have to do is hang on. Get back up and ride through the lean times now. It is part of your testimony. It is part of your rank. It is what I created you for and what you have qualified for. As you ride through this time, you will see the clouds part ahead and the sun begin to shine through. But that doesn’t really matter to My warriors. Come rain or shine, I am always shining in their hearts, and they keep going despite anything. This is when some of the greatest rewards are gained. When you keep on going anyway, that is the very moment that the greatest of rewards are hung upon you and when you enter the next realm of the spirit.”  (Tried and True! [#3665])

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All You Have to do Is

Hang On!

“It’s so hard, I know. You wish you could live in peace and joy, love and laughter, with warm sunny days. But as a faithful and wise Husband, I must forewarn you of the warfare and great storms that are coming, so that you will be able to rise above victorious. It is not My way to cause unnecessary hardship or put you through more boot camp tests than are necessary. But war is coming and we must fight together, and I have taught you how to prepare for the fight.”

(Choices and Consequences, Part 3)

July 10, 2022; Prophecy: I know it is a battle, and when a battle becomes long and protracted, it is even harder to keep the vision of what you are here for and even why you are here in the first place. Look back and see; there you came following the flags of David. Now look around and see where those flags are today. They are not visible; they have been furled and packed away in traveling trunks and taken back to the lands from whence they came. And here you stand with your motley bunch of kids eking out what would seem a bare spiritual existence. What is it all for? you ask. Over and over this question is played in your mind. On and on this protracted war of attrition continues with no seeming goal in sight.

Why don’t you go home?

Because you know that the war has been lost there too. You know that those that packed their trunks and suitcases and headed back to those cold, loveless and defeated lands have gone back to die …and many already have. So where does that leave you? How do you carry on now that all seems lost and hopeless? How could you be expected to carry on when all have left and forsaken their calling and plough?

Have you received your marching orders yet? Will you receive them in this life? Have you not read that this is a fight to the finish, to the death? I see your flag still standing. I see your team holding onto the staff of it; I see you believing where many have stopped. There is no other cause but David’s. There are no winners down here, not even Satan is winning –everyone knows it, but still they carry on regardless. Just do what everyone else is doing, beloved of God –carry on, for your cause is righteous and your cause does have meaning and purpose. Look in the Bible and you will see many men and women of God who fought on in spite of circumstances being hopeless. How and why did they do that? They carried on because they looked beyond this present life and saw eternity. Read Hebrews 11 and see what your brothers and sisters endured just to be called faithful. Look at the promises I have given my children who would pass through these days you are passing through. There are highlights, but in the end it says that the beast will overcome My church, and then the end will come. I have put you on this land (island) and given this farm into your hands during this time when the world as you know it is closing down. You have a purpose, and a good one. There are those out there that still watch and wait to see if you will carry on in spite of all the Devil does to stop you. Keep the faith is what I’m asking you to do. Keep the Words of David in your heart; keep using the keys and the new weapons entrusted to your care. This is your mission for now; this is your calling at this present time. I assure you that when the system collapses and there is no where to run but to Me, then you will see more and more running to the light of David. Then they will see that your faith has been on the Rock all along. When their system has been taken away from them, when they realize the pastors and priests have been lying to them, then they will come. At present many of them still cling to the world and its thin. flimsy promises of riches and support. But very soon when they come to realize that they have been following the Mark of the Beast into the trap called 666, then they will turn to the only light they will see in the darkness, your light, on the hill where I have put you. So build and they will come. Carry on in faith, and they will come to see you burn and some will want to burn with you. In the meantime, continue to fortify the defenses and stock up the troops ammo packs in preparation for the protracted battle ahead.

I will come very soon; that is My promise. I want to find you faithfully holding your post until that time. I love you and am holding your hand. Stand your ground. Keep the faith.

(A message to all true believers everywhere.)



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2 thoughts on “The Trying of Your Faith”
  1. Thank you dear Jesus, that we can depend on You no matter what.
    Our experience with You in this calling of living a spiritual life goes beyond our hearts by the power of Your Spirit, the (Blue Angels and spirit of David). “Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life” .Your words is our hope and all of our strength, for we know to live is You Christ, and to die is gain in Your perfect Love.
    Oh…. faithful King, please help strengthen our weaken bones, flesh and spirits in fight.

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