Prophecy Reactions From a Young Teenager

Jesus Speaking: This Earth and your short life here is a testing ground, there are no two ways about it. There’s no way to come to Earth, learn what you need to learn, grow in the ways your spirit needs to grow, experience what you need to experience, and accomplish what you need to accomplish without this sore‚ painful testing. That’s the Earth life. That’s life experience on Earth, and that’s why what you learn during your life on Earth is so valuable–irreplaceable, really–because it’s so hard earned.

 Yes, you have the keys. You have the spiritual weapons. You have spirit helpers. You have so much knowledge of the supernatural realm and how it intersects and works with the physical realm. Those are wonderful hints, clues, shortcuts in some ways. But there are limits to how much I can deliver you from the difficulties without taking away your honor, your reward, your testimony, your privilege.

My loves, there’s no “secret answer” that I can give you that is going to see you through the tough times you’re experiencing now, or the ones you’re going to go through in the future. But what will see you through is faith–faith that never lets go, that never gives up.

You don’t have to feel like you have great faith. You don’t have to feel like a spiritual giant. All you have to do is stick it out, clinging to the anchor of My Word no matter what things look like around you, and eventually you will win the reward of the promise. (Faith, Now and Forever #3699)

Personal prophecy: That is the answer: My Word. Whenever you feel lost, whenever you feel alone, whenever you feel like I’m not fulfilling My promises, just go to My word, and if your channel doesn’t seem like its flowing so well, go to My Word. That is what I give you to help you through these dark days. There is your secret answer; that is your secret weapon. And I expect you to lean fully on it. I expect you to trust Me and know that what I say is the truth and take it and go with it. I’m serious, you know darling, when I say My Word is the only thing you’re going to be able to hold onto. I mean it, and I expect you to build up your faith now and really strengthen our relationship. Cause when everything comes crashing down, I’m really going to be the only thing you have left. But you’re doing really well already, all of you. Just keep fighting for Me!

Jesus Speaking: It’s tough and hard. I’m sorry. I know you struggle sometimes, and it seems like nothing makes sense. But if you compare your situation with the other missionaries and prophets of history, you will see that they didn’t have it any easier. They had their own trials and tests. They prayed desperately for the answers they felt they needed, and then patiently endured when the answers seemed to be so slow in coming–or didn’t come at all, from what they could see. They went through the fire just like you are going through the fire‚ and in some cases their fire was even hotter.

“It’s just that dying daily is so hard, takes so long, and sometimes you lose sight of the goal.

 But, My loves, you are doing it. You’re running the race. Your names are being inscribed in the heavenly halls of fame as you run and don’t give up.”


Stay By Me

“Why tire yourself by blowing the sails of your ship with your own breath? Call on Ellya and claim the keys, and she’ll help you learn to sail
uncharted seas and conquer new


I know what each person needs to bring out the best in them, to refine their faith, to make them pure gold. I don’t rejoice to see you in the fire, but I do rejoice when I see your faith stand the test–because then I know that you have gained the reward of the promise, you have endured, and the blessing and honor is yours for all eternity.

It’s hard to fight the battles day after day. They almost always seem small compared to the really great goals that are before you. You’d much rather be fighting for something that you see as glorious and magnificent. But you know, great and magnificent victories arise from battles of all sizes. And if you will step back, you’ll remember that yours is the most magnificent cause of all time. It’s worth living and dying for. (Faith, Now and Forever #3699)

Personal prophecy: The people of the world have to suffer a lot too. They get up early every day, go to work at the same job in the same place with the same people, get paid the same amount, until a promotion or such like. Living for Me there’s excitement, adventure, tests, and struggles, and best of all the most wonderful reward awaiting you at the end of your life. The worldlings can’t even comprehend the vastness of what I’m going to reward you, My faithful Brides with. And I do give you a lot of your heart’s desires while you’re on earth, not like I reserve everything for Heaven. I answer a lot of your prayers while you’re here. So, you just have to stay content. Look at Heaven whenever you’re starting to feel like you’re not getting what you deserve and remember that I am up Here and I see all that you go through and I will give all that you deserve when you get up Here. But just as I said so long ago, if you’re in this just for the reward at the end, you won’t make it through. You have to look to Me; you have to look to My love for you. Cause that invisible reward I say I have for you will look just like that, invisible. Only My love for you will seem tangible and real, and that is what I tell you to hold onto, My love and My love alone. 


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