Where our Lover dwells

“Your bodies are like temples where My Spirit can dwell, and within your temple there exist various chambers. There is the chamber and sanctuary of praise, which then leads into the secret chamber of prayer. There is the treasured inner chamber reserved for My intimate brides, wherein lies our bed of love. Time spent in each chamber is a vital part of your spiritual growth and connection with Me. Each chamber is linked to the others, and your spirit is able to easily and quickly slip from one chamber to the next.”

Action Through Prayer–Part 5 #3414:66

‘You have My promise that I am totally in control as long as you stay in that inner chamber in your heart, that communion with Me at all times.”

Summit ’96 Letters!, The–Part 2 #3065:69

(Jesus praying to His Father:) May they rest assured that I am in perfect control, as long as they keep retreating to the inner chamber I place in their hearts, this holy of holies, this blessed place of prayer where they may commune with Me at all times and draw on Heaven’s greatest power.


“Those who are not loving Me intimately, I also call. I beg them to obey My Words, to follow after them, to include Me in their love life, to let Me into their inner chambers, to let Me be one with them, for I know that as long as they hold back, they will be without some of My blessings and power. As the days of the End draw closer, the strength that you gain from loving Me intimately will become more and more vital.”

How to Love Me More, Part 1 #3282:50

“What I have con­secrated tonight in our secret chambers will be broadcast across the nations in the days to come. Think not that it is a small thing, merely a token action, for so great and so marvelous will be the repercussions of this night! What I have done in the privacy and intimacy of our inner chamber will be noised abroad. All the world will know that you are Mine. There is no shadow of turning.”

Era of Action! Part 1, The #3288:209

The candle of the Lord searches the inward parts of the belly. My Spirit shall try the minds & hearts of men. Therefore stand fast & doubt not. Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God & His righteousness, & all these things shall be added unto you.

“Just as I have said that My Words are life‚ so the words of the Enemy are death. They are like a virus on your computer, small and vile. They enter in through the ears and quickly contaminate and pollute the inner chambers of your being.”

How to Be on Guard Against the Selvegion #3403:62

“I want secret time in the inner chambers with you, communing heart to heart with you‚ so that I can begin to soften those places that are getting hard and inflexible, so that I can knead those knots of tension out of your spiritual life and give you great peace and confidence.”

Quality Word Time, Part 3 #3568



fields of airyn

“The keys are a direct extension of
Me. They are living; they absorb My power, and are the conduit used to bring My power into the situation and to accomplish My will in it. Stand strong in the power of the keys, command them to work on your behalf, and they will accomplish that which they are sent to do.”



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