The snowball that will sweep the world

Jesus speaking: There it is My love, the first glimpse of the stadium. Have I not been faithful to warn you? Have I not been faithful to train you in preparation for this day? You were faithful to believe, and here you are on the avenue that leads up to the stadium. Just ahead through the trees, you catch sight of it. The last lap, the last battle between the forces of good and evil, is upon you.

The world, the church and even members of TFI –even those that fought beside you in past years, those that sat with you in class studying the same Endtime text that you studied, and those that preached the same message on the streets all over the world. –so many are caught on the wrong foot. The wild wind of God’s spirit  moved on, and they wist not that My spirit had left them.

I have not chosen the savvy of this world, the prudent nor the worldly-wise to run this race. No, My loves, I have chosen the weak and despised, the forgotten and those that know there is only one way through this dark tunnel to higher ground. The weapons are about to be enhanced one-hundred fold. Mark My Word.

I allowed you to read the Jordan letter to show you one thing: that the dominoes are falling. First to fall will be the countries most indebted to the AC’s. I told you many months ago what is coming to your country. I asked you to warn the people, which you have faithfully done. Many people in this country, in the days and years that remain, will remember, and at the end of days, will thank you for the heads-up. The Jordan letter was My red flag to you…this flag is a warning that the stadium is very close now. Your team, and there are others, are the front runners. You may not see those around you, but that is not important. Know they are there, and keep your eyes on the road ahead. Because you have been faithful to follow Me, I will be faithful to fulfill all My promises to you. With the keys, you will rise above, and with the voice of My spirit, I will guide and direct your every step.

“Those that take this thing for convenience’s sake are erring. They are compromising at a time in history when I am asking My children to swim strongly upstream.”



The keys will enable you to face reality. Call on the keys and I will clarify anything you ask Me, and you will rise above as never before in triumph by My Spirit.


Events are going to speed up now that the flag has fallen. 2022 will be a torrid year. I am putting  the finishing touches on My program of getting you prepared to leave the system behind. Pray for your brethren who believe they can weather this storm through their own good works and standing. They have sadly misjudged the times they are living in. Pray for them, for that is all you can do now. You have faithfully warned them. All that I have made available to you, I have made available to them. It is up to each person to choose their path. Staying any longer in the spiritual lowlands is certain death. The tunnel of My will is closing quickly. As the enemy’s flood of evil fills the only escape route to the upper pastures, those caught in the lowlands will find themselves facing a struggle for life itself. But not so with you, My loves; all that I have is now yours. All My power, all My spirit warriors, the Keys and all that I have promised is at your beck and call, for you are My chosen generation.

Audio Class on “Jordan the Red Flag”



The Mark and worship

Enter center stage: The Vax.  It arrives on the world scene as the curative Holy Grail that ALL people must take in order to divert a worldwide catastrophe…but is it?


The mark and worship

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